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Utulei Youth FC: 1. Jonathan FAAVAE (GK), 2. Neemia KALEOPA, 4. Gun KANG, 6. Kaleopa SILIGI, 7. Ryan SAMUELU, 8. Malu FAAVAE, 9. Kome TOMASI, 10. Elama FAATONU, 11. Tala FAALAVAAU, 14. Tea SIATUU, 16. Paul COLLINS
Substitutes: 13. Peter HARRINGTON (GK), 5. Pita SINAPATI, 12. Ueli TUALAULELEI, 15. Pesamino VICTOR, 17. Iopu KALEOPA
Injured: 3. Palauni TAPUSOA
Coach: Ututoa INO (ASA)
Kiwi FC: 1. James McPEAKE (GK), 3. James SUTCLIFFE, 4. Jarrell SALE, 5. Lewis FRANCIS, 7. Martin PACKER, 9. Barry LEWIS, 10. Jamie MASON, 11. Sam BLACKBURN, 12. Mike SAOFAIGA, 13. Lionel TAYLOR, 15. Tomas MOSQUERA
Substitutes: 21. Ethan TLISAIA (GK), 6. Lafi IOANE, 8. Tamoto FENIKA, 14. Albert BELL, 16. Penitito TUMUA, 17. Charles BELL
Injured: 17. Benson HUNT
Coach: Martin TAMASESE (SAM)
Referee: Anna-Marie KEIGHLEY (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Sarah Walker (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Mark WHITEHEAD (NZL)
Fourth Official: Robinson BANGA (VAN)
FULL TIME: Kiwi FC open their campaign with a 6-2 victory over Utulei Youth FC
90+4′ Clumsy tackle on halfway ends in a Kiwi FC free kick
90+1′ GOAL!!! 2-6 UTUvKIW MOSQUERA pounces on a dropped ball from FAAVAE and dribbles it into the net
90+1′ Four minutes of additional time to be added
88′ McPEAKE jumps high to palm a would-be goal over the bar following a Utulei free kick
87′ Utulei awarded a free kick after a clumsy Kiwi FC challenge
85′ A couple of good blocks at the back from Kiwi close down a promising Utulei attack
82′ SUB KIW: FRANCIS off and Tamoto FENIKA on
80′ Play is paused while an injured Kiwi player is helped
77′ GOAL!!! 2-5 UTUvKIW PACKER gets his second with another quality finish under pressure
76′ GOAL!!! 2-4 UTUvKIW Utulei hit straight back with a shot off the post from TOMASI
75′ GOAL!!! 1-4 UTUvKIW Nice one-two on the left wing creates an overlap and PACKER finishes with a dinking shot
73′ Top-class 1-on-1 save from FAAVAE after MASON gets through
70′ Kiwi free kick from just outside the box is blasted high over the bar
67′ Big stoppage in play while another Utulei player is attended to
65′ Comfortable take for McPEAKE off a Utulei shot
63′ SUB KIW: SOAFAIGA out and Lafi IOANE in
62′ Play is paused while an injured Utulei player is helped
60′ Kiwi earn a corner kick after their earlier free kick was blocked out by a defender
58′ Good effort from Kaleopa SILIGI on a free kick from 20 yards, but just up over the bar
56′ YELLOW CARD: Albert BELL is booked for a push off the ball
54′ Kome TOMASI pulls the trigger from range, but McPEAKE is up to collect
53′ Kiwi FC struggling to replicate their passing game which served them so well in the first half
51′ MASON gets into space, but his through ball is too heavy
49′ Kiwi goal kick after the Utulei attack breaks down
47′ Utulei enjoying some possession to start the half
46′ Back underway here between Kiwi FC and Utulei Youth FC
HALF TIME: Kiwi FC lead Utulei Youth FC 3-1
45+1′ Two minutes of additional time to be added
42′ YELLOW CARD: Lewis FRANCIS is booked for a bad sliding challenge just on halfway
40′ GOAL!!! 1-3 UTUvKIW MOSQUERA hits from close range and collects a deflection into the back of the net
38′ SUB KIW: Jarrell SALE off and Albert BELL on
36′ McPEAKE tips the ball into his own post and somehow denies a Utulei goal
34′ GOAL!!! 1-2 UTUvKIW MOSQUERA nails the penalty to take the lead
33′ Kiwi awarded a penalty after a hand ball in the box
32′ GOAL!!! 1-1 UTUvKIW Mike SAOFAIGA hits a powerful effort from the right of the goal giving FAAVAE no chance
30′ Great double save from FAAVAE prevents a certain Kiwi goal
28′ Great tackle at the back from SIATU’U shuts down the Kiwi attack
26′ FAAVAE off his line quick to take a 50/50 ball
25′ Neither team able to hold the ball for long right now
24′ Kiwi advance up field with a quick free kick
22′ Mike SOAFAIGA through on goal, but his last touch lets him down
20′ Tea SIATU’U shoots, but James McPEAKE claims comfortably for Kiwi
19′ Last-ditch block saves a goal for Utulei
17′ All the ball with Kiwi right now as Utulei struggle to close down the passing game
16′ Kiwi have a throw deep in attacking territory after some patient build-up
14′ MASON shoots from range for Kiwi, but Jonathan FAAVAE is out to collect
13′ Sam BLACKBURN curls the free kick in, but it’s just wide
12′ Kiwi given a free kick from just outside the box
10′ Tomas MOSQUERA carries into the box, but his shot is away to the right
8′ GOAL!!! 1-0 UTUvKIW Paul COLLINS beats the keeper to the ball and finishses nicely
7′ Great chance for Jamie MASON, he turns and shoots but it’s just to the right of the post
5′ Late cleareance from Ryan SAMUELU stops a good chance for Kiwi
5′ Martin PACKER puts the ball in, but it’s too deep and out for a Utulei goal kick
4′ Free kick for Kiwi after a hit off the ball
3′ End-to-end stuff to open the match, some early chances for both sides
1′ We are underway here at the CIFA Academy

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