Samoa 1 – 0 American Samoa

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Starting line-ups:
Samoa: 22. Masi TOETU (GK), 2. Andrew SETEFANO, 3. Charles BELL (c), 4. Vaalii FAALOGO, 5. Silao MALO, 7. Jarrell SALE, 10. Luki GOSCHE, 13. Lionel TAYLOR, 17. Desmond FA’AIUASO, 18. Jared CURTIS, 19. Shaun EASTHOPE
Substitutes: 1. Jordan VON HEIDERBRANDT, 6. Albert BELL, 8. Penitito TUMUA, 9. Max Tom HOEFLICH, 11. To’o GOSCHE, 12. Mike SAOFAIGA FOAI, 14. Joseph HOEFLICH, 16. Sapati UMUTAUA, 20. Peni KITIONA, 21. Ethan ELISAIA
Coach: Tunoa LUI [SAM]
American Samoa: 1. Nicky SALAPU (GK), 2. Jr AMISONE (c), 3. Uasi HELETA, 4. Daru TAUMUA, 5. Tala LUVU, 9. Ramin OTT, 13. Rambo TAPUI, 16. Johnny SAELUA, 18. Justin MANA’O, 19. Rawlston MASANIA’I, 20. Shalom LUANI
Substitutes: 6. Roy LUANI, 7. D’Angelo HERRERA, 8. Casper KURESA, 10. Kid BARTLEY, 11. Diamond OTT, 12. Terrence SINAPATI, 13. Rambo TAPUI, 14. Charlie UHRLE, 15. Gene NEEMIA, 17. Natia NATIA, 21. Suani UELESE, 22. Fitiuta MAIAVA, 23. Chin Fu TAASE (GK)
Coach: Thomas RONGEN (NED)
Referee: Peter O’LEARY [NZL]
Assistant referee 1: Jan HENDRIK-HINTZ [NZL]
Assistant referee 2: Ravinesh KUMAR [FIJ]
Fourth official: Averii JACQUES [TAH]
The match kicks off
1′ The rain is staying away for the moment but there are plenty of dark clouds around and the pitch is still quite soggy from the earlier downpours
3′ Samoa have had the ball in these opening seconds and have stroked it around at the back
4′ American Samoa press forward for the first time but don’t create an opportunity
4′ Samoa almost have the first chance when Desmond Fa’aiuaso tries to get on the end of a loose ball but can’t gather it to shoot
6′ Fa’aiuaso nearly gets in on goal again but American Samoa defender Rawlston Masania’i makes a good tackle and the offside flag is raised anyway
8′ Shalom Luani bursts forward for American Samoa but loses possession before he can threaten the goal
9′ YELLOW CARD: Daru Taumua is cautioned for American Samoa
10′ Jared Curtis swings the resulting free kick into the American Samoa box but goalkeeper Nicky Salapu gathers under pressure
10′ Lionel Taylor hits a well-struck effort at goal but Salapu saves well
12′ Shaun Easthope tries his luck this time but Salapu beats his shot away
14′ Fa’aiuaso goes down in the box but referee Peter O’Leary waves play on
15′ Samoa have a free kick in a dangerous position but Fa’aiuaso blasts it into the American Samoa wall
17′ Justin Mana’o nearly gets on the end of a pass on the edge of the Samoa box but goalkeeper Masi Toetu beats him to it
18′ Silao Malo sees his shot partially blocked by a Mana’o lunge and Salapu claims the ball
21′ Salapu fumbles a Malo cross from the left but gathers at the second attempt
24′ Samoa have dominated the early stages but are yet to make their possession count
26′ A goalmouth scramble takes place in the American Samoa box following a corner but Samoa captain Charles Bell has his effort blocked
27′ Ramin Ott has room to shoot from distance for American Samoa but the strike is charged down
28′ Samoa claim Tala Luvu has handled a Curtis cross in the box but O’Leary turns down their appeals for a penalty
32′ Uasi Heleta is injured for American Samoa and play is held up whil he receives treatment
33′ SUBSTITUTION: Heleta is replaced by Suani Uelese for American Samoa
34′ Ott almost has a chance to shoot for American Samoa but Vaalii Faalogo comes across to nip the ball off his toes
36′ Malo is released down the right for Samoa but Masania’i defends well to deny him a strike at goal
37′ Salapu does well to palm away a deep Malo cross
38′ The American Samoa goalkeeper is in the action again to save an Andrew Setefano header at his near post
39′ Tapui has an effort at goal for American Samoa but his shot lacks enough power to trouble goalkeeper Toetu
40′ Fa’aiuaso thinks he is away for Samoa but the offside flag is raised
43′ YELLOW CARD: Easthope is cautioned for Samoa
44′ Salapu pulls off a great save from a Malo shot
45′ Salapu makes an even better save to tip a spectacular shot from the same player over the bar
45′ + 1′ Taylor gets in behind the American Samoa defence but Samoa are again denied by the offside flag
The first half comes to an end
The second half kicks off
46′ Luani nearly gets in on goal for American Samoa but is called back for offside
48′ Andrew Setefano heads a Fa’aiuaso corner wide of the American Samoa goal
51′ YELLOW CARD: Jr Amisone is cautioned for American Samoa
55′ SUBSTITUTION: Tapui is replaced by Diamond Ott for American Samoa
58′ Samoa are still enjoying most of the play but the American Samoa defence is holding firm
59′ Malo shoots from distance for Samoa but Salapu makes another good save
60′ Fa’aiuaso hits an effort from a tight angle but can’t make a good enough connection to worry Salapu
64′ The ball breaks to Taylor on the edge of the box after a Samoa corner but his volley is blocked
66′ Easthope has a crack from distance but again the ball can’t find its way through the wall of American Samoa players
67′ Fa’aiuaso has Samoa’s best chance of the half but heads Jarrell Sale’s cross wide
68′ Malo becomes the latest player to shoot from long range but Salapu makes a regulation save
70′ Fa’aiuaso gets on the end of a Curtis pass and shoots but again can’t get enough power and Salapu saves
72′ Tala Luvu goes down for American Samoa and has to leave the field to receive treatment
73′ SUBSTITUTION: Luvu is replaced by Charlie Uhrle for American Samoa
74′ Salapu makes yet another great save from a well-struck Malo shot
77′ Salapu leaves his line to save at the feet of Luki Gosche
78′ American Samoa have a rare chance at the other end through substitute Diamond Ott but Toetu pushes the ball out for a corner
79′ Substitute Uhrle shoots from long range for American Samoa but the ball bounces just wide
81′ American Samoa have the chance of the game when Diamond Ott goes one-on-one with Moetu but his shot hits the post and rolls to safety
84′ SUBSTITUTION: Luki Gosche is replaced by Joseph Hoeflick for Samoa
88′ American Samoa have a free kick in a promising position but Mana’o lofts it too far and it goes out for a goal kick
90′ Three minutes of injury time will be played
90′ Diamond Ott breaks clear and shoots for Samoa but Moetu saves
90′ GOAL!!! Samoa 1 – American Samoa 0: Samoa finally score when Malo slips the ball home after a counter attack
90′ + 1′ SUBSTITUTION: Curtis is replaced by Penititio Tumua for Samoa
90′ + 2′ SUBSTITUTION: The injured Malo is replaced by Mike Saofaiga Foai for Samoa
The final whistle is blown

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