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Tahiti: 1. Teva DUROT (GK), 2. Matana BEA, 4. Tamanui TURIHONO, 8. Utiera PUKOKI, 10. Teivarii KAIHA
Substitutes: 3. Steeve WONG, 5. Manea RATEAU, 6. Alexis TOOFA, 7. Gabriel KAVERA (C), 9. Anderson TINO, 11. Tane TAVE, 12. Smith TINO, 13. Heimana FAARAHIA, 14. Paul PITO (GK)
Coach: Jacob TUTAVAE (TAH)
New Caledonia: 1. Ronan EUZEN (GK) (C), 2. Mainon KAOUWI,5. Ivann POUROUORO, 8. Loic CAUNES, 11. Jess POUARAIROUA
Substitutes: 3. Jean Michel Denis POADAE, 4. Christ Roland PEI, 6. Maurice HAMU, 7. Ludovic BOIT, 9. Franck GELLENONCOURT, 10. Malik PAULET, 12. Marcel PABOU, 13. Jone Ridge UE, 16. Arnaud LLAMBRICH (GK)
Coach: William BRET (FRA)
Referee 1: Rex KAMUSU (SOL)
Referee 2: Darius TURNER (AUS)
Third Official: Jainut DEAN (FIJ)
Timekeeper: Kamedra NAIDU (FIJ)
FULL-TIME: Tahiti 2-1 New Caledonia
0’10 Tahiti have a corner
0’19’ They try something but lose the ball – Tahiti try and hit the open net but they’re off-target
0’22’ Foul on GELLENCOURT and New Caledonia with a dree kick that could see them tie this up
1’10’ Smith TINO plays long upfield after LLAMBRICH leaves his goal open, but POUARAIROUA heads it away
1’37’ Two great saves from New Caledoniakeeper Arnaud LLAMBRICH
2’10’ Power play is in action for Tahiti
2’54’ GELLENCOURT counter but TAVE wins back, PAULET then puts out
3’19’ PUKOKI shoots and EUZEN is down injured after the two collide
4’26’ S. TINO steals and plays across to an arriving KAIHA who slides in but just wide
4’34’ Time out for New Caledonia
6’25’ GELLENCOURT has a pop but sends over
7’42’ DUROT spills the low drive from POUARAIROUA but KAOUWI can’t finish
7’45’ PUKOKI brings the ball across the court then lets fly but he’s sent his effort off-target
8’21’ New Caledonia trying to build something here but TINO steals and counters
9’01’ Anderson TINO has a go but sends wide
9’43’ YELLOW CARD NCL Jess POUARAIROUA picks up a caution
9’57’ Hustle from S. TINO can’t be faulted as he defends with precision and counters rapidly
11’02’ PAULET runs on goal from the right, he could shoot, but opts to pass and Tahiti intercept
11’20 EUZEN fumbles the shot from KAIHA but scrambles well
12’12’ GOAL!!! TAH 2-1 NCL Tane TAVE converts off the play from the free kick to regain their lead
12’21’ S. TINO is downed and Tahiti have a free kick
13’02’ GOAL!! TAH 1-1 NCL Jean Michel Denis POADAE doesn’t miss this time as he nails home the cross
13’32’ Excellent individual effort from POADAE but his finishing is not so hot
14’46’ KAVERA wins off POUROUORO but has just toe-poked it to CAUNES
15’50 DUROT forced from safety as he comes to clear
16’53’ GELLENCOURT can’t connect with BOIT and Tahiti are back in possession
18’26’ TURIHONO moves across the court quick to close down POADAE
19’00’ KAOUWI has Tamanui TURIHONO on his back as he tries to play BOIT
20’00’ Back underway and Tahiti win a free kick early on
HALF-TIME: Tahiti 1-0 New Caledonia
0’18’ GELLENCOURT gets the ball and plays in to Christ Roland PEI who sees his effort just touched out by DUROT
0’43’ YELLOW CARD Mainon KAOUWI is cautioned for New Caledonia
1’29’ Free kick for Tahiti is played back and forth across the goal but it’s blocked when they take the shot
2’13’ Tahiti going for the power play as the half time break approaches trying to increase that lead
2’45’ KAOUWI tries to nip around Steeve Wong but the Tahitian is too quick
3’14’ KAIHA falls over the ball before conceding a free kick after taking down Jean Michel Denis POADAE
3’57’ Great work up from New Caledonia but the simplest of errors sees Tahiti back in control
5’11’ POUROUORO breaks but knows immediately he’s touched too hard as BEA slides between him and the ball
5’40’ Referee Darius TURNER gives Utiera PUKOKI a verbal warning and play restarts
6’39’ PAULET plays on for Franck GELLENCOURT who can’t quite get a clean shot off as BEA puts in a hearty tackle
7’18 S. TINO picks up a knock in a challenge that wins Tahiti a free kick
7’52’ BOIT steals from KAVERA but he wins it back and shoots
9’12’ Pressure is back on from Tahiti but KAVERA’s shot is smothered by CAUNES
10’27’ Quickly carried to the other end and Mainon KAOUWI shoots but it’s saved by DUROT
10’35’ Tahiti come back hard and fast but KAIHA’s chest down is off target
11’24’ Pressure from POUROUORO forces Tahiti deep
12’48’ BOIT has a shot but it takes a deflection after a well timed challenge
13’36’ EUZEN picks up off the foot of Manea RATEAU in a scramble in front of the goal mouth
14’16’ Double blocks from Teva DUROT to twice deny New Caledonia before PAULET flashes another shot over
14’52’ The effort is smashed well over by Jess POUARAIROUA
14’58’ TAVE takes out Ivann POUROUORO who hobbles off as New Caledonia prepares for a free kick
15’43’ Loic CAUNES breaks but can’t get off a clean shot under pressure from Tane TAVE
16’14’ Diving save from EUZEN to push away but Tahiti still with the ball
16’28’ Great decision making from captain Gaby KAVERA to hold possession as Smith TINO quickly does his laces
17’36’ Malik PAULET plays on for Ludovic BOIT who shoots outside the post
18’31’ Matana BEA has a go as Tahiti enjoy the majority of the ball so far, but it’s sent over the cross bar
19’21’ GOAL!!! TAH 1-0 NCL Teivarii KAIHA smashes a free kick past Ronan EUZEN to open the scoring
20’00’ Underway at Vodafone Arena with Tahiti making early attacking inroads

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