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Samoa: 21. Jecky TOMA (GK), 2. Siatuvai IONATANA, 3. Mariecamilla AH KI, 4. Veteronnica TAFITO, 5. Sophia AVEAU, 8. Shalom FISO (C), 9. Talaisea MULITALO, 11. Madeleen AH KI, 12. Melesete AIA, 13. Kalia KAPISI, 14. Angela VON HEIDERBRANDT
Substitutes: 1. Adriann ESENE (GK), 6. Rosie SCHUSTER, 7. Austiner TAUALAPINI, 10. Sivanila PEREIRA, 15. Vineta FALEAANA, 16. Conzuella VATU, 17. Mata TALIU, 18. Alisha NAOLAVOA, 19. Mole SAOFAIGA
Injured: 20. Atonina TANUVASA
Coach: Nadia MALIFA (SAM)
Tonga: 21. Mele AKOLO (GK), 2. Sosefina HAVEA, 3. Manu LATU, 4. Heilala MOALA,6. Ana POLOVILI, 7. Carmel UHILA, 8. Seini LUTU, 9. Meleseini TUFUI (C), 10. Mele KAFA, 11. Alexandra FIFITA, 17. Losa TUAPAUU
Substitutes: 1. Luseane VIVILI (GK), 5. Kalolaine TALIAULI, 12. Monika LEFAI, 13. Virginia TUIPULOTU, 14. Ofa FISI, 16. Taipaleti VAI, 18. Patricia LIKILIKI, 19. Siunipa TALASINGA, 22. Adrienne TAHITUA (GK)
Coach: Christian KOANETI (TGA)
Referee: Robinson BANGA (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Terry PIRI (COK)
Assistant Referee 2: Hilmon SESE (VAN)
Fourth Official: Tupou PATIA (COK)
90’+4′ AKOLO makes the save
90’+3′ Carmel UHILA takes a knock to the face in a challenge and Samoa has a free kick
90’+2′ KAFA is onside but TOMA is high enough out of her area to boot clear
90’+1′ Samoa with a free kick in range but it’s lifted just over the target
90′ Three minutes additional time
89′ Tonga have three for three up front but TUIPULOTU overshoots the mark and the flag goes up
88′ AKOLO dives in to save off the foot of AIA once again
87′ KAFA takes a chance from just outside the area but TOMA catches
86′ SUB TGA Sosefina HAVEA is replaced by Patricia LIKILIKI
85′ GOAL!!! SAM 1-4 TGA Ana POLOVILI converts from the spot
83′ Tonga’s LUTU goes down in the box and the referee points to the spot
81′ AKOLO reads well as she comes out to grab off the foot of AIA
80′ SUB SAM: Sivanila PEREIRA is replaced by Alisha NAOLAVOA
77′ AKOLO out to the edge of the area as Madeleen AH KI chases down a long ball
76′ Great defending from Samoa as they apply pressure to every pass
74′ Samoa pressuring the final third but AKOLO is covering well
71′ TUIPULOTU does well to bring the ball into the Samoa area but she cuts in for a waiting TOMA to collect
70′ AKOLO lofts the ball upfield but it drops favourably for PEREIRA who sends AVEAU through for a shot
69′ Lazy challenge from Sivaila PEREIRA on the half-way mark
67′SUB TGA Double change for Tonga as Losa TUAPAUU and Alexandra FIFITA are replaced by Taipaleti VAI and Viginia TUIPULOTU respectively
67′ Ball is in on goal for AIA but she can’t get a good first touch
66′ Almost a glaring error from AKOLO but she manages to hit the ball with her shins for a corner
65′ Tonga look to be tiring as the gap between the midfield and attackers slowly increases
63′ KAFA breaks but despite getting herself close to goal doesn’t have enough power behind her shot
62′ Samoa with time as Tonga drops to defend deep but MOALA intercepts the pass
60′ KAPISI takes the free kick but Tonga block well to deny
59′ YELLOW CARD Sosefina HAVEA is cautioned for Tonga
56′SUB SAM: Talaisea MULITALO is replaced by Sivanila PEREIRA
55′GOAL!!! SAM 1-3 TGA Mele KAFA scores for Tonga
52′ LUTU receives a chip over the Samoa defence, she cuts inside the defender takes one more touch and shoots just inches over the cross bar
51′ Chest height shot from distance but TOMA claims
50′ Great hussle from Heilala MOALA who plays on for FIFITA but her shot isn’t powerful enough to trouble
49′ AKOLO brings down a decent effort from Samoa
48′ YELLOW CARD Veteronnica TAFITO is cautioned for Samoa
46′ KAFA breaks 1v1 with the keeper but a weak shot is easily smothered by TOMA
46′ Tonga gets us restarted for the second period
HALF TIME: Samoa 1-2 Tonga
45’+1′ GOAL!!! SAM 1-2 TGA Sophia AVEAU draws the keeper off her line and shoots low around AKOLO
44′ GOAL!!! SAM 0-2 TGA Seini LUTU finds the back of the net for Tonga
42′ Great save from AKOLO who races across the face of the goal to push the ball wide
41′ Shalom FISO blasts the ball and KAFA takes it in the face from close range but shakes it off
40′ Samoa press forward thanks to a great combination from AH KI and AIA
39′ Foul from LUTU on AH KI and TAFITO smashes it upfield
36′ LUTU plays across to Manu LATU who smashes a shot that blows off-target
35′ Great ball from LUTU who sees FIFITA coming in from the left but the latter is caught offside
34′ Ana POLOVILI moves through the midfield and lays off for KAFA who is caught offside
33′ TAFITO mis-hits and the ball spirals out for a throw
32′ Kalia KAPISI blasts a free kick in front of the Tonga goal but it’s pumped straight back out
29′ A bit heavy from HAVEA on Melesete AIA and she concedes a free kick and a talking to from the referee
28′ Poor final pass from Tonga allows FISO to counter attack
26′ Great tussle between Madeleen AH KI and TUAPAUU with the Tonga winning but she touches too far ahead
24′ LUTU drives a free kick low and hard at the near post and a diving TOMA pushes clear for a corner
23′ GOAL!!! Samoa 0-1 Tonga Seini LUTU carries into the box and crosses back for Alexandra FIFITA to tap in
22′ A slight shove from KAFA into the back of Siatuvai IONATANA sees Samoa regain possession
18′ Mariecamilla AH KI with an intercept to halt Tonga’s attack and send her teammates on the counter
18′ LUTU goes for goal but the effort drops for TOMA to scoop
17′ Tonga win a free kick just inside Samoa’s half and they push numbers forward
15′ Sophia AVEAU dribbles around her marker and shoots but AKOLO captures
13′ LUTU tries to put Losa TUAPAUU through but her pass takes a deflection allowing Veteronnica TAFITO to cut in
12′ Nailbiting moment for Tonga as keeper AKOLO steps on the ball to halt it but she recovers well
11′ A low drive from Samoa is scooped up by AKOLO
9′ LUTU needs options but Shalom FISO intercepts the pass
8′ Seini LUTU plays KAFA 1v1 with the keeper who has left her line, it just needs a chip but the striker shoots low allowing TOMA to push wide
7′ Ball in the Tonga box off a corner and it’s close to crossing the line but AKOLO manages to push it out
5′ A long range shot from Sosefina HAVEA but TOMA covers her goal mouth well
4′ Mele KAFA attempts to chip keeper Jecky TOMA but the wind lifts the ball over the goal
3′ Tonga keeper Mele AKOLO is called into action early as she makes a save on a loose ball
2′ Samoa pressing forward into Tonga’s final third but it’s out for a goal kick
1′ Samoa kick things off against Tonga

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