FC Gaitcha 5-2 AS Pirae

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A convincing win then for Gaitcha, and back to the drawing board for Pirae. More to follow.
90′ It’s cleared off the line by the Gaitcha defence!
90′ The defenders left Kai all alone, he cuts inside and shoots but it’s a save by Firiapu. Seconds later Kai is at it again, but his shot is blocked.
90′ It’s almost an assist with his first touch as Pawawi fakes left then goes right and fires it across for Kai.
90′ Another sub as Wajoka limps off to be replaced by Yvanick Pawawi.
89′ Substitution as Christian Luewadria is on for Emile Bearune.
88′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA 5-2 AS PIRAE! Roonui Tinirauarii has some consolation for the Tahitians, tapping home the rebound.
87′ Kai has another sight on goal and he shoots straight at the goalkeeper.
85′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA 5-1 AS PIRAE! This time he doesn’t pass! Bertrand Kai breaks free, makes room and fires into the net. A comprehensive win for Gaitcha coming up.
84′ Close! Emile Bearune has to score, but finds a way to miss! Again it was Kai left all alone at the top, he squares it to Bearune and he fires wide!
83′ Drawilo appeals for a penalty, but nothing given by the referee.
82′ Close! Kai should have done better, he controlled the cross well and brought it down, but blazed over the bar.
79′ Yellow card for Pirae’s Dahlluin.
76′ Kai tries to control a ball of the top but his first touch is heavy.
75′ Pirae have it in the back of the net but play is called back for a previous foul. Meanwhile, a Gaitcha defender is injured in the penalty area.
73′ Close! The free kick by Taiarui is back off the bar, from the ensuing scramble it’s wide open for Tinirauarii but Ulile makes a brilliant reflex save!
72′ A lengthy break here – it isn’t clear what the caution was for but Gaitcha are down to ten and Pirae have twenty minutes to make their advantage count.
70′ RED CARD it’s a second yellow for Dokunengo and he is off!
69′ Free kick for Pirae in a dangerous area. Two Tahitian players down to receive tratement, while a scuffle breaks out near the Gaitcha penalty area.
66′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA 4-1 AS PIRAE! Jean Christ Wajoka has a tap in, it’s a square pass from Kai after he was played in behind the last man. Very unselfish by Kai, who could have taken the shot on himself. Surely the points are safe now.
66′ Substitution for Pirae with Raimana Dahlluin coming on for Effrain Araneda.
65′ Ball in by Vincent Simon, the goalkeeper fumbles it and there’s a chance for Pirae but the flag is raised against the attacker.
63′ A step over by the Gaitcha winger, he beats his man but can’t get the cross in before the ball crosses the goal line.
63′ A free kick from long range by Gaitcha, it’s on target but Firiapu defends it well.
61′ Lovely first time ball from Drawilo to Kai, who looks for the top corner but can’t connect.
60′ A bit of a quiet spell at Govind Park, neither side able to fashion any clear chances.
55′ Gaitcha have responded well to the concession and are looking the more promising at the moment.
54′ Kai tees up Wajoka but he fires into the side netting.
53′ Bertrand Kai heads wide after a great cross in from the right.
52′ Patrick Drawilo looks to the heavens after firing well wide.
51′ And they’re almost in again as Tinirauarii gets in behind the defender but his touch is too heavy. Goal kick.
49′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA 3-1 AS PIRAE! Marc Vaki pokes home after a scramble in the area and Pirae have the early goal they desperately needed.
47′ Jean Christ Wajoka drives the ball into a sea of bodies and it rebounds to safety.
46′ Bertrand Kai kicks off and we are back in action at Govind Park.
Two substitutions for Pirae at the break, with Edson Lemaire and Roonui Tinirauarii making their way onto the park. Just waiting for Gaitcha to re-emerge and the second spell can get underway.
A brilliant half by the New Caledonians; they’ve wiped away their negative goal difference and have caught Pirae off-guard. It’s a huge test now for Sam Garcia’s side, they need to at least draw the game if they’re to catch Ba at the top of Group A.
45 +1′ Marc Vaki chests down and shoots on the half-volley but it’s high and wide.
45 +1′ One minute of added time in Ba.
45′ Jay Warren is in behind but it’s a magnificent tackle to deny him by Wakanumune.
44′ Bertrand Kai tries to add to the lead, skipping around a couple of defenders but his shot lacks the venom to test the goalkeeper.
43′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA 3-0 AS PIRAE! It just gets better for the New Caledonians! Substitute Patrick Drawilo lifts a cross in, the goalkeeper comes too far and it sails over his head into the net. Three nil before the break!
41′ Shot on the right foot by Georges Bearune, it’s over the bar.
39′ Wonderful tackle by Dokunengo to deny the Pirae winger a sight on goal.
38′ Tainui Lehartel tries to loft a ball in between the goalkeeper and last man but it dribbles out for a goal kick.
37′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA 2-0 AS PIRAE! And what a goal by Jean Christ Wajoka! He runs thirty metres with the ball, beats two Pirae defenders and scores inside the near post.
36′ Substitution. Patrick Drawilo will come on for Bako.
33′ Fell fortuitously for Tehau and he pokes it over the bar.
32′ And it looks as though that will be Bako’s night – he is being led to the bench and another Gaitcha player is warming up.
28′ In fact it’s a leg injury for Bako – he is helped off the field to receive further treatment.
28′ Marius Bako is down with what appears to be a head injury. A chance for both sides to rehydrate.
27′ Warren causing headaches down the left, he makes space for Taiarui to shoot but it’s blocked on the edge of the penalty box.
26′ Shouts for a hand ball by Kayara – he was the last man there!
25′ A couple of Gaitcha players slipping on the surface, but Warren can’t profit as his first touch lets him down.
24′ GOAL! FC GAITCHA 1-0 AS PIRAE! Bako’s free kick is cleared only as far as Dokunengo, he lifts in a delightful ball for Loic Wakanumune to head home. 1-0 to Gaitcha!
24′ Another dangerous ball in by Bako, it’s uncomfortably cleared to safety.
23′ A quarter of the game gone and Gaitcha beginning to grow into the match. Pirae reduced to scraps in the last ten minutes.
23′ Marius Bako curls a free kick over the wall but Firiapu is up well to punch it to safety.
21′ Chipped over the top for Tehau to run onto, he collides with his marker and both fall down. Play on.
20′ Warren and Marc Vaki combine to make a shot for captain Heimanu Taiarui, but it’s straight at Ulile.
19′ Lovely lay off by Araneda for Tehau, who tries to knock it round the last man but just doesn’t have the pace. Half-shouts for a penalty.
18′ It’s a dangerous ball in, Firiapu isn’t sure whether to stay or come and it’s cleared away awkwardly.
18′ Emile Bearune uses his body well to get free of the defender, he’s hauled down and it’s a free kick to Gaitcha.
17′ And Kai is shown a yellow card for a late challenge on his man.
16′ Bertrand Kai is up to his usual tricks, playing off the shoulder of the last man and making a nuisance of himself for the Pirae defenders.
16′ Emile Bearune drops the shoulder and shoots but it’s well wide.
14′ Great ball in by Warren and it’s inches away from the head of Tehau. At the other end, Saiko’s shot is deflected straight at Firiapu.
13′ A bit of a scrappy start to the match; both sides exchanging long balls.
9′ A disappointing free kick by Roy Kayara – it’s high and wide.
7′ From the ensuing corner Pirae go close again, a shot from 12 yards cleared off the line.6′ Close! It’s nodded down toward Jay Warren, who heads toward goal and the keeper deflects it onto the crossbar!
4′ Long ball for Bertrand Kai but it’s away from the striker and into the arms of the goalkeeper.
1′ The ball rolls past the goalkeeper and into the net but play is called back for a foul by Teaonui Tehau.
Kick-off and we are underway in Ba.
A must-win for both sides if they’re to make a run at the semi-finals following Ba’s win over Lupe earlier this evening. Despite a downpour earlier in the day the pitch held up well for the first game.
The two sides are making their way out onto the field, kick-off shortly.
FC Gaitcha
Team list:
16. Mickael ULILE (GK), 2. Jeremie DOKUNENGO, 4. Loic WAKANUMUNE, 5. Jean-Paul READ, 6. Cedric SANSOT, 7. Emile BEARUNE, 10. Marius BAKO (C), 11. Bertrand KAI, 12. Jean-Christ WAJOKA, 13. Georges BEARUNE, 14. Jedidha SAIKO
Substitutes: 1. Rocky NYIKEINE, 24. Auguste WIWANE (GK), 3. Leopold MAKALU, 8. Patrick DIAIKE, 9. Albert KAQEA, 15. Patrick DRAWILO, 17. Jean-Louis TOTO, 18. David BEARUNE, 19. Christian LUEWADRIA, 20. Jim OUKA, 21. Yvanick PAWAWI, 22. Gerald QAEZE, 23. Pierre NYIKEINE
Coach: Kevin COMA (FRA)
AS Pirae
Team list:
32. Patrice FIRIAPU (GK), 2. Nicolas VALLAR, 3. Vincent SIMON, 4. Heimanu TAIARUI (C), 13. Roy KAYARA, 14. Heiarii TAVANAE, 15. Tainui LEHARTEL, 16. Efrain ARANEDA, 17. Marc VAKI, 20. Jay WARREN, 21. Teaonui TEHAU,
Substitutes: 5. Edson LEMAIRE, 10. Tearii LABASTE, 11. Roonui TINIRAUARII, 12. Raimana DHALLUIN, 18. Ariihau TERIITAU
Coach: Sam GARCIA (TAH)
Referee: Robinson BANGA (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Stephen Kole SENIGA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Mahit CHILIA (VAN)
Fourth Official: Nicholas WALDRON (NZL)

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