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Vanuatu: 1. Seloni IARUEL (GK), 2.Brian KALTACK, 3. Kevin SHEM, 4. Jason THOMAS, 6. Ignace YAMACK, 9. Bill NICHOLLS, 10. Dominique FRED, 14. Bong KALO, 15. Daniel NATOU, 18. Fenedy MASAUVAKALO, 19. Kensi TANGIS,
Substitutes: 5. Jacques WANEMUT, 7. Samuel KALOROS, 8. Remy KALSARAP, 11.Raoul COULON, 12. Zicka MANUHI, 13. Nemani ROQARA, 16. Tony KALTACK, 23. Don MANSALE, 21. Kaloran FIRIAM (GK), 20. Chikau MANSALE (GK)

Coach: Moise POIDA
Solomon Islands: 1. Phillip MANGO (GK), 2. Haddis AENGARI, 5. Freddie KINI, 9. Benjamin TOTORI, 10. Judd MOLEA, 11. Micah LEA’ALAFA, 12. Charlie OTAINAO, 15. Jerry DONGA, 17.Nelson SALE, 18. Henry FA’ARODO, 19. Gibson DAUDAU, 22. Joses NAWO
Substitutes: 3. Bata FURAI, 4. Fred FAKARI, 6. Allen PETER, 7. Dennis IFUNAOA, 8. Paul WALE, 13. James NAKA, 14. Moffat KILIFA, 16. Gagame FENI, 20. Samson KOTI (GK) ,
Coach: Moses TOATA
90+5′ FULL TIME: SOL 1-0 VAN
90+4′ Solomon Islands Moffat Kilifa with a swift counter on the left flank but his shot sails wide across the face of goal
90+3′ Vanuatu’s Bong Kalo with a long range free kick but his strike is well wide
90+2′ Solomon Islands Jerry Donga receives medical treatment and leaves the field temporarily
90+1′ Solomon Islands with a dangerous attack but the assistant referee raises his flag for offside
90′ Fourth official indicates 4 minutes of added time
88′ YELLOW CARD Solomon Islands goalkeeper Samson Koti receives a yellow card for time wasting

84′ SUB VAN Daniel Natou is replacedd by Vanuatu’s Raoul Coulon
84′ Vanuatu’s Daniel Natou hits the cross bar with a stinging free kick
83′SUB SOL Solomon Island’s Gibson Daudau replaced by Gagame Feni
82′SUB SOL Solomon Islands goalkeeper Phillip Mango is replaced by Samson Koti
81′ Solomon Islands goalkeeper Phillip Mango is down on the ground again he needs to be stretchered off.
80′ YELLOW CARD Solomon Islands Nelson Salereceives a yellow card
80′ Solomon Islands Gibson Daudau with a foul throw
79′ Solomon Islands Henry Fa’arodo needs medical attention and he leaves the field temporarily
78′ YELLOW CARD Vanuatu’s Nemani Roqara receives a yellow card
77′ Vanuatu pressing high searching for an equaliser
74′ Solomon Island’s goalkeeper Phillip Mango needs medical attention but he is back on his feet
73′ Vanuatu’s Fenedy Masauvakalo releases Nemani Roqara on the right flank but the assistant referee raises his flag for offside
70′ YELLOW CARD Solomon Islands Micah Lea’alafa receives a yellow card
69′ Solomon Islands’ Benjamin Totori goes close at the other end, his shot from inside the box looks to be hitting for the target before an acrobatic diving save by Seloni Iaruel
67′ Vanuatu’s Fenedy Masauvakalo goes close with the free kick, his strike passes the wall and just misses the top left corner
66′ Free kick for Vanuatu in a dangerous area, 25 metres out slightly to the left grom the centre
64′ YELLOW CARD Vanuatu’s Daniel Natou receives a yellow card
61′ Solomon Island’s Jerry Donga with a run on the right flank but his shot goes wide across the face of the goal
60′ Vanuatu’s Bong Kalo delivers another corner, this time from the right side, his effort clipping the top of the crossbar
59′ the referee gives a verbal warning to Solomon Island’s Henry Fa’arodo following a foul on Bong Kalo
57′ Both sides are guilty giving away possession
54′ At the other end, Solomon Island’s Micah Lea’alafa rifles over the bar from 20 metres out
52′ Vanuatu’s Bong Kalo forces a save from Solomon Island’s goalkeeper Phillip Mango with a dangerous inswinging corner from the left
50′ Vanuatu pushing forward but the final passes are lacking
49′ SUB Vanuatu’s Bill Nicholls is replaced by Nemani Roqara
47′ Solomon Islands with early pressure with Benjamin Totori and Gibson Daudau both in action in front of goal
46′ Solomon Islands Jerry Donga and Benjamin Totori get the second half underway
45′ Fourth official indicates 1 minute of added time
44′ YELLOW CARD Solomon Island’s Henry Fa’arodo receives a yellow card
43′ Vanuatu’s Brian Kaltack with a fee kick from the left but his effort goes out of play without finding anybody
40′ Neither side are able ot control the ball for long periods as some mistakes creep into the game
37′ Vanuatu’s Bong Kalo with another attempt on goal but his low strike misses the left post
36′ Vanuatu’s Fenedy Masauvakalo curling free kick from the edge of the box just misses the top left corner
35′ Indirect free kick for Vanuatu after Solomon Island’s goalkeeper Phillip Mango carries the ball out of his penalty area
34′ Vanuatu are trying to get back in the game but unable to penetrate the Solomons defence
31′ Solomons look comfortable after tghe early onslaught, stroking the ball around, building from the back
29′ Solomon Island’s Micah Lea’alafa with a shot on goal from the edge of the box but his low strike goes wide of the left post
28′ The Solomons midfielders look more settled, keepeing possession in the middle of the park
25′ Solomon Islands Gibson Daudau on the counter but his cross from the ledt is scooped up by Seloni Iaruel ahead of the arriving Benjamin Totori
24′ Vanuatu’s Fenedy Masauvakalo with a run but his final pass to Vanuatu’s Bill Nicholls is short
23′ Vanuatu’s Ignace Yamack makes a run on the left flank but his cross is dealt with by the Solomons defenders
19′ GOAL SOL 1-0 VAN Solomon Islands take the lead against the run of play courtesy of Jerry Donga, who chips over goalkeeper Seloni Iaruel in a one-on-one situation inside the box

17′ Vanuatu’s Jason Thomas with a crucial block to stifle a rare Solomon Islands counter
13′ Vanuatu in total control of posession and territory to put the Solomons under sustained pressure in front of their own goal
11′ Vanuatu’s Bill Nicholls with the best chance of the game so far but his effort straight in front of goal, inside the box is saved brilliantly by goalkeeper Phillip Mango
10′ Vanuatu’s Kensi Tangis with a curling long range effort whick passes the diving Solomon Island’s goalkeeper Phillip Mango before going wide
8′ Vanuatu’s Daniel Natou with a shot from the edge of the box but his attempt sails above the crossbar
6′ Vanuatu’s Kensi Tangis beats the oddside trap before Gibson Daudau’s last gasp interception to save his side
5′ Solomon Island’s Joses Nawo with a crucial block to deny Kensi Tangis a shot from the dge of the box
3′ Vanuatu pressing high, forcing the Solomon players to play in their own half
2′ Solomons with early possession at the back
1′ Vanuatu captain Fenedy Masauvakalo and Kensi Tangis kick off the game
1′ We are underway in Port Moresby with the second Group B clash at the 2016 OFC Nations Cup between Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands

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