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Tahiti : 1. Mikael ROCHE (GK), 2. Taumihau TIATIA, 6. Henri CAROINE, 9. Tauhiti KECK, 10. Teaonui TEHAU, 13. Steevy CHONG HUE, 15. HEIMANO BOUREBARE, 17. Tamatoa TETAUIRA, 19. Vincent SIMON, 20, Alvin TEHAU, 22. Nicolas VALLAR(C)
SUBS:16. Bruno TETUANUI (GK), 4. Ricky AITAMAI, 5. Rainui AROITA, 7. Temarii TINORUA, 8. Tauatua LUCAS, 11. Jay WARREN, 12. Mauarii TEHINA, 14. Matatia PAAMA, 18. Tefai FAEHAU, 21. Fred TISSO
Coach: Ludovic Graugnard
Samoa: 1. Faalavelave MATAGI (GK), 2. John HALL, 4. Filipo BURETA, 6. Ryan MARTIN, 7. Andrew MOBBERLEY, 10. Desmond FAAIUASO (C), 12. Mike SAOFAIGA, 13. Lionel TAYLOR, 16. Marcus ALIMONTI, 18. Henry PUPI, 19. Lapa TONI,
SUBS: 22. Charlie TAPELU (GK), 3. Kaipo TAGALOA, 9. Paulo SCANLAN, 15. Luki GOSCHE, 17. Joseph TYRELL, 20. Silao MALO, 21. Samualu MALO,
Coach: Scott EASTHOPE
90+4′YELLOW CARDTahiti’s Tauatua Lucas receives a yellow card
90+2′ YELLOW CARDTahiti’s Tamatoa Tetauira receives a yellow card
90+1′ Tahiti’s Steevy Chong Hue rifles a shot over the crossbar
90′ Fourth official indicates minutes of added time
90′ Samoa’s Andrew Mobberley with the ball inside Tahiti’s box before a last gasp intervention by Tamatoa Tetauira
88′ Samoa’s Joseph Tyrell with a crucial clearence inside the penalty box
86′ Matagi is back on his feet as play resumes but he is still clutching his left shoulder
85′ Matagi is still down, receiving medical attention
83′ YELLOW CARD Tahiti’s Fred Tissot receives a yellow card after colliding with Samoa’s goalkeeper Faalavelave Matagi
82′ Samoa’s Andrew Mobberley falls over inside the Tahitian penalty box, the referee waives play on
78′ Tissot with another shot but his strike is blocked by the Samoan defence inside the box
76′ Fred Tissot with another chance but he heads above the crossbar following a cross from Temarii Tinorua
75′ Tahiti’s forces a good save from goalkeeper Faalavelave Matagi with a stinging shot from inside the box
75′ SUB Marcus Alimonti is replaced by Samoa’s Paulo Scanlan
75′ Samoa’s Marcus Alimonti is strechered off the field
73′ Tahiti’s Fred Tissot hits the crossbar with a rifling shot from inside the box
71′ SUB Samoa’s Ryan Martin is replaced by Joseph Tyrell
69′ SUBTahiti’s Henri Caroine is replaced by Temarii Tinorua
68′ SUBSamoa’s Lapa Toni is replaced Samualu Malo
65′ Tahiti’s Heimano Bourebare’s drives his shot over the crossbar from the edge iof the box
62′ Samoa’s Lapa Toni needs medical attention and he temporarily leaves the field
61′ Samoa’s Andrew Mobberley forces a save from goalkeeper Mikael Roche following a swift Samoan counter on the right
60′ Tahiti’s Fred Tissot wins a corner for Tahiti after his shot is blocked
59′ The tempo has slowed considerably with Tahiti content with keeping possession
56′ Tahiti patiently passing the ball around in midfield area
53′ Tahiti’s Steevy Chong Hue’s strike from the edge of the box sails over the crossbar
51′ Samoa under sustained pressure in front of their goal
50′ Tahiti’s Alvin Tehau with an attempt on goal from the edge of the box, his effort is blocked by Desmond Faaiuaso
48′ Samoa’s Henry Pupi makes a run on the left but the incoming cross is picked up ahead of him by goalkeeper Mikael Roche inside his box
47′ Tahiti’s Nicolas Vallar with a free kick after the re-start but he hits the wall from 18 metres out
46′ SUB Tahiti’s Tauhiti Keck is replaced by Fred Tissot
46′ SUB Tahiti’s Teaonui Tehau is replaced by Tauatua Lucas
45+1 HALF TIME : TAH 4-0 SAM
45′ fourth official indicates 1 minute of added time
43′ Tahiti’s Steevy Chong Hue shakes off two defenders with a quick run on the left but the ball trickles over the goalline before he sends in his cross
41′ Samoa’s Ryan Martin with a crucial interception to block Alvin Tehau’s cross inside the box

38′ GOAL! TAH 4-0 SAM Tahiti’s Alvin Tehau with a cool finish following a pass by Teaonui Tehau, who laid the ball off with his back to the goal
36′ Samoa’s Andrew Mobberley with some fancy footwork but can’t break through the Tahitian defence
34′ Tahiti’s Alvin Tehau heads just above the crossbar following cross from the left by Vincent Simon
32′ Tahiti’s Vincent Simon with a run on the left flank before hitting the sidenet from close range
31′ Free kick for Samoa Lapa Toni long cross sails out of play
29′ YELLOW CARD Samoa’s Filipo Bureta receives a yellow card for foul on Teaonui Tehau
27′ Samoa earns a corner after Tahiti’s Tamatoa Tetauira clears the ball
25′ Tahiti’s Alvin Tehau heads home from the following free kick but he is flagged offside
23′ YELLOW CARD Samoa’s Ryan Martinreceives a yellow card for a heavy tackle on Vincent Simon, who needs medical treatment on the side
20′ Tahiti’s Steevy Chong Hue shoots from the left but his effort sails across the face of the goal
19′ Free kick to Samoa, Andrew Mobberley sends a cross in from the left but the ball is collected by the Tahiti keeper.
17′ Tahiti in total control passing the ball around with good speed, the Samoan players are chasing shadows
15′ GOAL! TAH 3-0 SAM Steevy Chong Hue makes it 3-0 inside 15 minutes with a rifling shot into the top corner from inside the box
13′ Tahiti’s Steevy Chong Hue with a strong run on the left flank but he loses his balance inside the box
11′ Tahiti’s Tauhiti Keck tries a long range looping shot that forces a save from Matagi who tips the ball onto the crossbar
10′ Tahiti’s Heimano Bourebare registers a shot on target with a low drive from the edge of the box atright at the keeper
8′ Samoa on the counter before a crucial interception by Tahiti’s captain Nicolas Vallar
5′ GOAL! TAH 2-0 SAM Tahiti’s Teaonui Tehau grabs his second after heading home from a corner delivered from the right by Tauhiti Keck
2′ GOAL! TAH 1-0 SAM Tahiti’s Teaonui Tehau is at the end of a long cross before his shot from inside the box trickles past Samoa’s goalkeeper Faalavelave Matagi
2′ Tahiti patiently building from the back
1′ Samoa captain Desmond Faaiuasob and Andrew Mobberley kick off proceeding
1′ We are underway in the second Group B clash between Tahiti and Samoa