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Opportunities knock for latest Komolong

Kusuga is the latest member of the family to make the step up to the national team, following in the studmarks of his older brothers Alwin and Felix before him.
“My older brothers were always playing a lot of football so I just thought I’d try and copy them really. That’s how I got into it,” says the youngster.
But while his brothers are famed for their outfield abilities with Alwin taking charge of the midfield, and Felix lining up as a central defender, Madang-based Kusuga has opted for a different path – goalkeeper.
While he is yet to make his debut here in Samoa at the OFC U-17 Championship, he’s looking forward to it should it happen.
“I think once I make it on the field it will be a lot of pressure on me. I’ve never played this kind of game before and I’m not really sure how I’ll handle it, but it will be good.”
The future is looking bright for this young gloveman who will take up a scholarship at Westlake Boys’ High School in Auckland, New Zealand.
“I’ve got a scholarship for a year. Wynton Rufer [Papua New Guinea national team coach] helped me out a lot on this one,” the 16-year-old says.
“He talked to the people over there, they brought me over for a trial and they liked the way I play so I’ll be going there.”
While excited, there is also an element of apprehensiveness about the new adventure, which is to be expected.
“I haven’t been alone for as long as I have with this camp,” he explains.
“I’ve usually been at home with my mum so it’s all new to me.”
On top of that, his first visit to New Zealand was for the trial so he’s pleased to have older brother Felix, who’s attending King’s College in Auckland, to lean on.
“I’m expecting it will be cool, lots of different cultures and a different way of life.”
Komolong can definitely expect a different way of life than he’s used to but he’s relishing the opportunity for a different education both academically, and in football.
“I’d like to get as far as I can with my football and going to New Zealand is a good chance to get exposed and see where that takes me.”

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