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Veitongo FC: 1. Brady LAUTI (GK), 4. Oliveti VAI, 6. Ilalio LEAKONA, 7. Inoke VAIHU, 9. Lafaele MOALA, 11. Hemaloto POLOVILI, 12. Hatana PAONGO, 14. Halapua FALEPAPALANGI, 18. Siosaia FAUPULA, 19. Kilifi UELE, 20. Sinilau TAUFA (GK)
Substitutes: 2. Sione UHATAHI, 3. Fakamalinga SEMISI, 5. Sosefo LELEA, 8. Kamalie PAPANI, 10. Tupou UHATAHI, 13. Soane FAUPULA, 15. Viliami TONGAMANA, 16. Anthony LIKILIKI, 17. Silakivai MAILE
Tupapa Maraerenga FC: 1. Sacha NATHU (GK), 2. Mii JOSEPH, 3. Ben HUNT, 4. Anthony SAMUELA,, 7. Grover HARMON, 8. Rhys RUKA, 9. Paavo MUSTONEN, 10. Campbel BEST, 11. Jared COLLIGAN, 12. Harlem SIMIONA, 16. Ishak MOHAMMED
Substitutes: 20. Murray WILSON (GK), 5. John KARIKA, 6. Twin TIRO, 13. Edward BROGAN, 14. Zahid ALI, 15. Sunai JOSEPH, 17. Edmond OKIRUA, 18. Mel MATAKANO, 19. James NAND

Coach: Delaney Yaqona (FIJ)
Referee: Avereii JACQUES (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Himon SESE (VAN)
Assistant Referee 2: Bernard MUTUKERA (SOL)
Fourth Official: Nelson SOGO (SOL)
FULL TIME: Tupapa Maraerenga FC beat Veitongo FC 7-0
90+3′ UELE blasts a shot from range, but it’s wide and too high
90+1′ GOAL!!! 0-7 VEIvTUP Twin TIRO beats LAUTI to the ball and chips the ball up over the Veitongo keeper
90+1′ Four minutes of added time
87′ YELLOW CARD: Veitonga’s UHATAHi is booked for pushing off the ball
86′ POLOVILI unleashes a rocket from outside the box and forces a diving save from NATHU
84′ SUB TUP: The injured BEST leaves the game and Zahid ALI comes on
82′ Tupapa have a man down and play has paused
79′ Spectacular diving tackle from last man Ishak MOHAMMED stops a Veitongo goal
77′ Play bogged down in the middle of the park for the time being, with Tupapa in control of possession
76′ Good cleareance from UHATAHI stops a building Tupapa attack
74′ COLLIGAN up above his marker but he heads wide of goal
70′ GOAL!!! 0-6 VEIvTUP SIMIONA in with a good finish
70′ SUB VEI: Sosaia FAUPULA off and Soane FAUPULA on
70′ Free kick for Tupapa after SIMIONA is taken down just outside the box
67′ Good chance after BEST breaks down the left, but Sione UHATAHi cleans up with a good tackle
66′ UELE hits a free kick towards goal, but NATHU is out to collect
64′ SUB TUP: Mii JOSEPH out and Sunai JOSEPH in
62′ Free kick for Tupapa after HARMON is dragged down just outside the box
60′ GOAL!!! 0-5 VEIvTUP COLLIGAN connects with the ball after a goal-mouth scramble and adds Tupapa’s fifth
58′ Kilifi UELE blasts a free kick through the wall, but Sacha NATHU falls on it safely
55′ Play resumes
54′ Long stoppage here with a Veitongo player down with a shoulder injury
52′ SUB VEI: Tupou UHATAHI in and Oliveti VAI out
51′ Free kick for Veitongo after a Tupapa foul on the ball
49′ Play resumes after a stoppage to help an injured Veitongo player
46′ SUB TUP: Kamaliele PAPANI on and Halapua FALEPAPALANGI
46′ Back underway here in Rarotonga
HALF TIME: Tupapa Maraerenga FC lead Veitongo FC 4-0
44′ No additional time to be added
44′ Another offside called on COLLIGAN
42′ GOAL!!! 0-4 VEIvTUP Nice cross from SIMIONA finds the feet of COLLIGAN who finishes well at the back post
40′ Veitongo get the ball forward but then foul and give Tupapa an easy road out
38′ Free kick for Veitongo after COLLIGAN is called back for offside
37′ Tupapa moving the ball from side to side right now with ease
35′ A powerful free kick from Ben HUNT has LAUTI beaten, but it pings off the post and back into play
35′ Tupapa have a free kick from 30 yards
34′ LAUTI out to claim a floating shot from Rhys RUKA
31′ GOAL!!! 0-3 VEIvTUP SIMIONA arrives late the back post and taps the ball into an open net
30′ YELLOW CARD: Mii JOESPH booked for a challenge just outside the box
29′ SIMIONA overshoots his through ball and Veitongo have a free kick
26′ Grover HARMON wrestles free of his marker and shoots, but LAUTI saves
25′ Brave save from Veitongo keeper Brady LAUTI
24′ Tupapa dominating possession but struggling to put the finishing touches on up front
21′ Veitongo trying to play the ball out from the back, but Tupapa are scrambling well
19′ The Tupapa attack breaks down and it’s a Veitongo free kick
17′ Oliveti VAI in with a late block to close down a promising Tupapa attack
16′ Lafaele MOALA breaks through the defence but has hit shot saved well by a diving Sacha NATHU
15′ Tupapa march down field with a couple of long throws
13′ GOAL!!! 0-2 VEIvTUP COLLIGAN converts from the penalty spot for the second time in five minutes
12′ Another Tupapa penalty after SIMIONA is chopped down in the box
10′ Veitongo finally get some ball in the attacking third, but Tupapa are up to the job
7′ GOAL!!! 0-1 VEIvTUP Jared COLLIGAN calmly slots the penalty
7′ Tupapa awarded a penalty after a Veitongo defender hand ball in the box
6′ Veitongo struggling to deal with the Tupapa pace so far
4′ Harlem SIMIONA with plenty of early touches for Tupapa out on the left flank
3′ Tupapa with plenty of ball in the attacking half early on
1′ We are underway here in Rarotonga

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