Tade’s balancing act

The 28-year-old striker gave up his legal studies in Argentina to move to New Zealand following a working holiday in 2010.
One year on, he celebrated his first regional crown and his maiden appearance at the FIFA Club World Cup with the Navy Blues.
The South American hasn’t looked back since adding four more regional titles and four further FIFA Club World Cup campaigns to his resume.
The experienced forward believes the right balance between hard work and free-time is the key to longevity at the top.
“Training, focus and work are the most important but you also have to know how to relax. You must take your mind off football sometimes,” he says.
“I like playing cards and chess. In the dressing room I have a very, very old rivalry with Angel Berlanga.
“When we play chess or cards we hate each other. I can’t say who is better, I don’t want to brag, so let’s just leave it at that,” he laughs.
Auckland City has a sizable Spanish speaking contingent which includes defender Berlanga, goalkeeper Diego Rivas and coach Ramon Tribulietx.
Tade says it’s nice to have some familiarity and they enjoy communicating in their native tongue.
However, he believes when it comes to football they need to use a common language.
“At the end of the day we are in an English speaking country and we have to speak English for everyone to understand the tactics and the game plan,” he says.
“Outside the dressing room it’s different, when we get together away from football it’s fun using Spanish.”
Fiercely proud of his culture and traditions he enjoys sharing that with his teammates to create a special bond.
“We are a close knit bunch and we have parties with Spanish feasts and Argentinian barbecues where we play music and drink Argentinian tea called ‘mate’.
It’s like a big family, we like to hang out and enjoy our time together. Everyone is welcome, all the boys their partners and their family.”

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