DC SKBC wins Division 1 Cup

Kang notched a PK to put SKBC up 1-0 and then later beat goalie KB Mariota on a 1-on-1 for a 2-0, first half lead.
The Jets scored on a PK themselves but that came with less than two minutes to play and it was not enough time to score an equalizer to keep the cup.
In other games it was Taputimu Youth 2, Pago B 0; Utulei Youth 6, Black Roses 0 and Pago A 6, Lion Heart 1.
With only two rounds remaining the standings have shifted a bit with the Jets falling from second place to No. 4 while SKBC and Pago A moved up a spot each, occupying the No. 2 and No. 3 spots, respectively.
Taputimu is still sitting at No. 1 by a point over SKBC and by three over defending champs Pago Youth A.
Round 6 games will be played over two days next week (Sept. 24 & 25) while the final round of the competition will be held on Sept. 28.
On Sept. 24 Pago A takes on Utulei Youth while Black Roses face off against Lion Heart.
Taputimu challenges SKBC for the cup on Sept. 25 while the Jets take on Pago B.
Below are the current standings after Round 5 of the men’s Division 1, 2013 FFAS National League.
No. 1 Taputimu Youth (4-1-0)
No. 2 FC SKBC (4-0-1)
No. 3 Pago Youth A (3-1-1)
No. 4 Tafuna Jets (3-1-1)
No. 5 Utulei Youth (2-0-3)
No. 6 Black Roses (1-1-3)
No. 7 Lion Heart (1-0-4)
No. 8 Pago Youth B (0-5)

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