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McPeake stands up for Kiwi

The New Zealand-based stopper was instrumental in the 2-1 victory over Tupapa Maraerenga FC on Match Day 2, saving an early penalty and producing a number of quality saves in open play throughout the match.
The penalty save in the 36th minute was particularly crucial, changing the momentum of a match which up until that point had been dominated by host side Tupapa.
“It’s a little bit hit and miss with penalties, but you make an educated guess,” McPeake explains.
“He had a funny run up and I pushed off to my right and managed to get two hands to it.
“Luck went on my side today, maybe another day it would have gone their way.
“It’s a bit tough when penalties happen, but the pressure is really on the shooter to finish in those situations.
“I have saved a few in my time, you don’t get many but I am big unit, I take up a lot of the goal so that helps as well.”
The victory over Tupapa – who prior to the match held the competition lead – means Samoa club champions Kiwi FC need only a draw from their clash with Veitongo FC of Tonga tomorrow to win the 2016 OFC Champions League Preliminary and qualify through to the group stages of the competition proper.
Kiwi elected to bring in a number of New Zealand based players for the tournament in Rarotonga, Cook Islands and McPeake says it has been an enjoyable experience for all involved.
“This is my first time playing for Kiwi and I am really loving it,” McPeake says.
“I am really happy with the way the boys have fitted in and we are all getting along really well.”
If Kiwi FC do make it through to the OFC Champions League they will fill the final spot in the competition, lining up in Group C alongside Nadi FC from Fiji, AS Magenta of New Caledonia and Tahiti’s AS Tefana.

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