Solomon Islands 0-10 New Zealand

See below for the play-by-play action at North Harbour Stadium in Auckland.
The starting line-ups are as follow:
Solomon Islands: 1. Alice PATRICK (GK), 3. Joana ALICK, 4. Ella VAKATO, 5. Cathy AIHUNU, 6. Janise ONIKA, 9. Elizabeth MALAU, 13. Mary MAEFITI, 14. Merina PHILP JOE, 15. Veronica TOLIVAKA (Captain), 16. Joy TIMO, 18. Sally SAENI.
Coach: Luke EROI [SOL]
New Zealand: Chloe-May GEURTS (GK), 2. Rachel HEAD, 3. Tessa McPHERSON, 4. Olivia CHANCE, 6. Evie MILLYN, 7. Holly PATTERSON, 8. Kate LOYE, 9. Hannah CARLSEN, 10. Hannah WONG, 14. Katie BOWEN (Captain), 17. Sivitha BOYCE.
3′ Kate Loye shoots but misses the target.
7′ Olivia Chance heads but misses the target.
9′ Olivia Chance’s free kick is cleared away by a Solomon Islands defender on the goal line.
13′ GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 0-1 New Zealand Kate Loye scores with a shot inside the box.
20′ Corner kick for New Zealand, Kate Loye’s header misses the target.
21′ Olivia Chance is alone on the left hand side of the box and shoots but the goalkeeper saves.
23′ Sivitha Boyce shoots outside of the box but the ball is saved by the goalkeeper.
25′ Free kick for New Zealand, Holly Patterson’s shot misses the target.
30′ GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 0-2 New Zealand From 25 yards, Katie Bowen’s screamer doesn’t give the goalkeeper a chance.
33′ Solomon Islands play 10 due to a player injury.
35′ Substitution Solomon Islands: Cathy Aihunu out, Veronica Wapuhanta in. Solomon Islands play 11 again.
40′ The referee whistles an offside for New Zealand.
43′ Kate Loye’s shot hits the cross bar and the defence clear the ball.
45′ GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 0-3 New Zealand Hannah Wong scores with a shot inside the box.
46′ GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 0-4 New Zealand Olivia Chance scores.
48′ The referee brings the first half to an end.
The second half kicks off.
50′ GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 0-5 New Zealand Hannah Wong scores with a shot inside the box.
55′ Substitution New Zealand: Kate Loye out, Brittany Dudley-Smith in.
56′ GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 0-6 New Zealand Olivia Chance scores her second with a shot outside the box.
59′ Substitution Solomon Islands: Sally Saeni out, Mirriam Oneasi in.
64′ Yellow card Joy Timo for Solomon Islands
68′ Substitution Solomon Islands: Corina Hasi in, Joy Timo out.
70′ GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 0-7 New Zealand Sivitha Boyce scores with a shot outside of the box.
70′ Substitution New Zealand: Olivia Chance out, Ashleigh Ward in.
77′ Offside for New Zealand.`
77′ GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 0-8 New Zealand Holly Patterson scores.
78′ GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 0-9 NEW Zealand Brittany Dudley-Smith scores.
81′ Substitution New Zealand: Kate Carlton in, Hannah Carlsen out.
87′ GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 0-10 New Zealand Brittany Dudley-Smith scores a double with a shot inside the box.
89′ Yellow card Corina Hasi is cautioned.
90′ The final whistle sounds.
All results and schedule, click here.

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