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HONIARA – Honiara residents and football fans are bracing for yet another international festival this weekend when champion Papua New Guinea club – Hekari Souths United FC play two friendly matches against the Solomon Island Olympic side and Marist at Lawson Tama.

The club management requested two friendly matches  be played in Honiara to thank club members who have been with the club throughout the season and may not feature in the O’League and give players much needed match time ahead of their debut appearance in the regions club competition.

Hekari Souths United FC joined the Top six for the 2008 & 2009 O’League season after Nauti FC of Tuvalu withdrew from travelling to Port Moresby for the elimination match. 

Hekari boast the services of about six local players and they are all expected to feature for the club during their tour to Honiara. They include Abraham Iniga, Jack Samani, Benjamin Mela, Jacob Pekau, Brian Feni and Joachim Waroi. They will be part of a 20 strong team and four officials who would be making the weekend soccer outing in Honiara.

The club has been training for the last two months and are expected to give Solympics and Marist a good run.

Tour sponsor, John Kapi Natto said his club has been training for the last two months without having a friendly match.

“Our team has been training for the last two months and without having a friendly match it will not do our boys good, therefore, I decided to organize these two friendly matches for the club,” he added.

“We are planning for another two friendly matches in September or October 2008 so that our players are fully prepared when the O League season commence,” he added.

He said their line-up will remain similar with the exception of the late inclusion of Brian Feni of Uncles FC and Joachim Waroi of Marist FC.

“Our two players, Kema Jack and David Muta are currently playing with Sunshine Coast FC in Brisbane and cannot make it to Honiara, but they will join us when we play the friendly match against Solomon Islands on the 20th September 2008 in Port Moresby in preparation for the O League. Our other signings will join our club in the beginning of October 2008.”

Apart from the local players Hekari would bring with them a couple of PNG representative players in the form of Eric Komeng, Andrew Lepani, Abraham Enoch, Gure Gabina (Goal Keeper), Brian Tuhiana, Cyril Muta, Koriak Upaiga (U23) Fabian Bagi (U23) Michael Foster and others not mentioned.

The likely team to travel to Honiara are; Gure Gabina, Cyril Muta, Brian Tuhiana, Jacob Pekau, Koriak Upaiga, Benjamin Mela, Eric Komeng, Brian Feni, Jack Samani, Joachim Waroi and Andrew Lepani. Reserves, Abraham Enoch, Fabian Bagi, Lawrence Moses, Hamson Daniel, Daniel Banaba, Brian Nakim, Tagaia Watson, Tasola Niebo and another player to be a named.

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