Tonga 5-2 Vanuatu

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See below for the play-by-play action.
Starting line-ups:
Tonga: 1. Lupe LIKILIKI (GK) (c), 2. Sofia FILO, 3. Buccilea ONGOLEA, 4. Eseta VI, 5. Laite SI’I MANU, 6. Mele SOAKAI, 8. Salome VA’ENUKU, 9. Kiana MU’AMOHOLEVA, 10. Piuingi FEKE, 12. Koni VUNGAMOEAHI, 19. Sala VEAMATAHAU
Coach: Lui MUAVESI (TGA)
Vanuatu: 1. Olivia DAVID (GK), 3. Audrey GEORGE, 4. Sergine POIDA, 5. Jeanine ALATOA, 6. Elodie SAMUEL (c), 8. Sylvie GIDEON, 9. Fina ANGELO, 11. Serah THOMPSON, 12. Leisale SOLOMON, 17. Joella AVOCK, 18. Fiona NATOU
Coach: Florian SAM (VAN)
Match Officials:
Referee: Anna-Marie KEIGHLEY (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Glen LOCHRIE (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Jovita QILAMASALA (SOL)
4th Official: Nelson SOGO (SOL)
The match kicks off.
3′ Tonga go on the attack early down the right but Vanuatu manage to clear the ball away
6′ Another great chance for the home side as Piuinga Feke bursts through between the two central defenders and tries to chip the goalkeeper but Olivia David just gets her fingertips to it
8′ Joella Avock makes a nice run down the left for Vanuatu but is caught offside when she tries to get a return ball from Sylvie Gideon
10′ A gilt-edged chance for Tonga’s Piuinga Feke as she breaks clear from the defense with time and space but hits her shot straight at the goalkeeper
12′ Tonga win their first corner of the match but Vanuatu manage to clear the ball
14′ Joella Avock tries to run on to a through-ball but Tonga goalkeeper Lupe Likiliki just gets to the ball first
18′ Vanuatu’s Serah Thompson shoots from 20 yards but the ball sails well high
20′ Joella Avock hits a curling shot just over bar for Vanuatu
22′ Tongan midfielder Salome Va’enuku has a clear sight on goal down the right but shoots wide
23′ YELLOW CARD: Vanuatu’s Sergine Poida receives a yellow card for unsporting behaviour
25′ Va’enuku has an easier chance from straight out in front but hits her shot straight at Olivia David who claims it on the second attempt
30′ Piuingi Feke shoots the ball over the crossbar from a tight angle
31′ The best chance of the game for Vanuatu but Joella Avock scoops the cross high with just the goalkeeper to beat
31′ GOAL!!! Tonga 1 Vanuatu 0: Piuingi Feke finally hits the back of the net after another one-on-one opportunity
36′ Serah Thompson tries to lob the ball over an oncoming Lupe Likilike from 30 yards but just misses the target
42′ GOAL!!! Tonga 2 Vanuatu 0: Salome Va’enuku beats Vanuatu’s offside trap and slots the ball past Olivia David into the bottom corner
The first half comes to an end.
The second half kicks off.
46′ An early corner for Vanuatu. Leisale Solomon takes but can’t clear the first line of defense
47′ GOAL!!! Tonga 3 Vanuatu 0: Yet another one-on-one opportunity for Piuinga Feke who side foots the ball past Olivia David to grab her second goal
54′ Vanuatu captain Elodie Samuel has a shot from 20 yards but can’t get any power behind it
56′ GOAL!!! Tonga 4 Vanuatu 0: Kiana Mu’amoholeva scores Tonga’s fourth
61′ GOAL!!! Tonga 5 Vanuatu 0: Piuinga Feke completes her hat-trick
62′ GOAL!!! Tonga 5 Vanuatu 1: Serah Thompson pulls one back for Vanuatu
67′ SUBSTITUTION: Piuinga Feke is replaced by her sister Wendy Feke
68′ SUBSTITUTION: Vanuatu make a double subsitution with Junane Ishmael replacing Serah Thompson and Josina Maleb replacing Fiona Natou
74′ Vanuatu are caught offside
78′ Tonga are keeping possession well and slowing down the pace of the match
83′ There is a break in play as Tongan striker Salome Va’enuku is treated for an injury
84′ SUBSTITUTION: Mu’amoholeva is replaced by Vea Funaki for Tonga
89′ Substitute Vea Funaki makes a strong run down the right but her eventual cross is cut out
90 +3 GOAL!!! Tonga 5 Vanuatu 2: Joella Avock is in a good position at the back post to tap in Elodie Samuel’s cross
The final whistle sounds.

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