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Toa Aito trump Les Cagous

Les Cagous went into the game on the back of a resounding 4-0 win in their last encounter against Tahiti, during the Stage 3 FIFA World Cup qualifiers at Stade Pater in Papeete earlier this month, but it was the Toa Aito with the finishing touch on this occasion.
After some extended pressure, Steevy Chong-Hue finally found the net for Tahiti in the 63rd minute after capitalising on a lapse in the New Caledonian defence.
Assistant coach Ludovic Graugnard once again took sideline duties for Tahiti, with coach Eddy Etaeta suspended following his expulsion in the opening clash with Mayotte, and was pleased with his team’s second-half performance in particular.
“We were pushed around a bit in the first period in terms of our tactical plan but we adjusted our game plan,” he said.
“After trying to go up the pitch too fast, we managed to slow the ball down and had more time in possession.”
The win means Tahiti will now go on to face Guyane in the play-off for fifth place and, although Graugnard was satisfied with the result against New Caledonia, he is unhappy not to be playing for a higher placing.
“Three teams finished equal on points so the goal average came into play and we were one goal off. The results from our opening match of the tournament really put us in a difficult position.”
While New Caledonia were strong in the first half, with 2011 OFC Player of the Year Bertrand Kai getting away several shots on goal, they were not helped by the loss of coach Alain Moizan, who was expelled seven minutes into the match, and were further disadvantaged when Roy Kayara was sent off in the 76th minute.
Moizan is not pleased to see his team come away from the tournament with three losses and hopes to make up for missed opportunities on Friday when they play Saint-Pierre and Miquelon for seventh place.
“When we see the results and the obvious chances we had, we can only regret our deficiencies on attack,” he said.
“We didn’t score a single goal but hope to do so on Friday against Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. This is all very damaging for us.”
The stage is now set for the two countries’ next meeting at Stade Numa Daly in Noumea on March 26 in the final round of the Stage 3 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.
For highlights of the match between Tahiti and New Caledonia click here
French Overseas Territories Cup
Pool B
Martinique, 8pts (+4)
Mayotte, 8pts (+1)
Tahiti, 8pts (0)
New Caledonia, 0pts (-5)
Upcoming matches
Match for 5th/6th place: Tahiti – Guyane, Friday 2pm (local time)
Match for 7th/8th place: New Caledonia – Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, Friday 4.30pm (local time)

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