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Papua New Guinea: 1. Fidelma WATPORE (GK), 2. Aida GEROTA, 5. Carolyn OBI, 6. Yvonne GABONG, 7. Jacobeth BANI, 9. Marie KAIPU, 10. Sandra BIRUM, 11. Georgina KAIKAS,13. Ramona PADIO, 15. Gloria LAELI, 22. Deslyn SINUI (C)
Substitutes: 3. Jenisa ULENGIT, 12. Meagan GUNEMBA, 14. Kesai KOTOME, 17. Grace STEVENS, 19. Joelyn AIMI, 18. Lace KUNEI (GK), 21. Hega GERALD
Coach: Rachel WADUNAH (PNG)
New Zealand: 1. Erin NAYLER (GK), 2. Ria PERCIVAL, 4. Katie DUNCAN, 5. Abby ERCEG (C), Rebekah STOTT, 7. Ali RILEY, 9. Amber HEARN, 13. Rosie WHITE, 14. Katie BOWEN, 16. Annalie LONGO, 17. Aimee PHILLIPS,
Substitutes: 10. Sarah GREGORIUS, 11. Kirsty YALLOP, 12. Betsy HASSETT, 18. Catherine BOTT, 23. Cushla LICHTWARK (GK)
Coach: Tony READINGS (ENG)
Match Officials
Referee: Ravitesh BEHARI (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 1: Ravinesh KUMAR (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2: Ujwaal MUDLIAR (FIJ)
Fourth Official: Salesh CHAND (FIJ)
FULL TIME: New Zealand win Leg 1 7-1 over Papua New Guinea
90’+5′ HEARN gets handsy with Gloria LAELI in the box and PNG have a chance to clear the ball upfield
90’+4′ SINUI clears out to PADIO who volleys the ball on to GUNEMBA but it’s long enough for NAYLER to bring down
90’+2′ Great weaving run from HASSETT who shoots low and hard but it’s just outside the backpost
90’+2′ PADIO wins a turnover, beats around HEARN but GREGORIUS puts in a great challenge
90′ Five minutes additional time
90′ LONGO is helped off the field and things aren’t looking promising
89′ YELLOW CARD Kesai KOTOME is cautioned for a challenge on LONGO that has left the midfielder needing treatment
88′ STOTT plays up the middle and it’s well brought down on the turn by YALLOP but she shoots over
85′ YELLOW CARD PNG’s Joelyn AIMI is cautioned
84′ The ball again chipped over the defence for GUNEMBA to chase and it looks dangerous until ERCEG muscles her off the ball
83′ MISS! LONGO lifts the ball over the crossbar
82′ Handball in the box from PNG and LONGO is lining up from the penalty spot
80′ LONGO puts the ball in the goal but she’s been ruled offside and it doesn’t count
78′ GOAL!!! PNG 1-7 NZL Meagen GUNEMBA breaks past the Ferns defence, rounds the keeper and slams home a goal for the home side
78′ The ball pops to GREGORIUS in the middle but she slams her shot into a PNG defender
75′ WATER BREAK The second half break takes place
75′ HEARN throws her body behind her effort but doesn’t get the reward she’s after
74′ HEARN is played through by DUNCAN, she shoots but WATPORE blocks and smothers
71′ Papua New Guinea with the first shot that tests keeper Erin NAYLER
70′ PNG SUB Jacobeth BANI is replaced by Kesai KOTOME
68′ LONGO has gone down hard and needs treatment
67′ YELLOW CARD Jacobeth BANI is cautioned for her challenge
66′SUB PNG Marie KAIPU is replaced by Joelyn AIMI
65′ LONGO wins off the restart and goes for a solo run through the centre of the park
64′ GOAL!!! PNG 0-7 NZL LONGO crosses straight across the face of the goal and Amber HEARN smacks in a close range volley
63′ GOAL!!! PNG 0-6 NZL PERCIVAL floats the free kick and it drops neatly for captain Abby ERCEG to head past WATPORE
62′ SUB NZL Rosie WHITE is replaced by Kirsty YALLOP
61′ LONGO goes for goal but it’s punched away by WATPORE who manages to knock DUNCAN down in the process
60′ Free kick awarded to NZL on the top of the box
56′ Blocked out for a corner by PNG and New Zealand take it quick
56′ Free kick for the Ferns and STOTT’s in behind it but the wind is not on her side
55′ SUB PNG Georgina KAIKAS makes room for Meagen GUNEMBA
54′ PERCIVAL and RILEY have switched sides and the former is sent chasing when the ball is switched quick by the Kiwis
53′ GOAL!!! PNG 0-5 NZL LONGO goes solo in the box around her defender and the keeper to slot home her second
52′ PADIO misfires her shot allowing ERCEG just enough time and space to clear upfield
50′ Quality passing from New Zealand as they move the ball through the field from ERCEG to RILEY who has pushed high on the right
49′ Betsy HASSETT wins and plays PERCIVAL on, she crosses high and it’s under a diving WATPORE but HEARN is too late to finish
49′ Offside from PERCIVAL
47′ STOTT drives a low shot in at goal but has pulled it just wide
46′ Papua New Guinea kick-off the second half in Lae
HALF TIME SUB NZL: Betsy HASSETT is on for Katie BOWEN and Aimee PHILLIPS is replaced by Sarah GREGORIUS
HALF TIME: Papua New Guinea 0-4 New Zealand
45’+4′ PERCIVAL sends the corner, it’s in the back of the net but the whistle has already gone for a foul
45’+2′ BANI takes the feet out from under STOTT and New Zealand take the free kick fast
45′ Five minutes additional time
44′ YELLOW CARD Gloria LAELI takes out her opponent and earns a caution
44′ Great delivery into the New Zealand box from PADIO but PNG can’t finish and NZL counter with speed
43′ BOWEN with a shove in the back of PADIO as she brings down a free kick from SINUI
41′ PNG do well to clear the ball out of their corner but PERCIVAL wins and sends it back into the danger zone
40′ Another short corner from New Zealand, it’s played in but HEARN is off-target
39′ STOTT leaps high to head clear a long ball from BIRUM
38′ YELLOW CARD Marie KAIPU is cautioned for a challenge on Ria PERCIVAL
37′ Rosie WHITE with a bullet from long range is just outside the upright with her effort
35′ GOAL!!! PNG 0-4 NZL Aimee PHILLIPS on the score sheet with a back post tap in
34′ PADIO again wins the ball in the middle but ERCEG and STOTT hold on well in the middle
33′ Play resumes with a PNG throw
30′ WATER BREAK Play pauses as the players take on some much needed water in this heat
29′ Sandra BIRUM goes down in a challenge and Deslyn SINIU sends a free kick upfield
29′ PNG have dropped their midfield deep and are playing with a relatively lone striker up front
26′ GOAL!!! PNG 0-3 NZL LONGO takes a couple of touches before unleashing a powerful shot that WATPORE can only watch flying past
26 Short corner from New Zealand, PERCIVAL flashes in a cross which is punched away by WATPORE
25′ STOTT pulls a short cross back for Rosie WHITE whose shot takes a deflection for a corner
24′ LONGO smashes a shot at goal that rattles off the crossbar
23′ BOWEN moves the ball with ease through the middle before laying off to Katie DUNCAN
21′GOAL!!! PNG 0-2 NZL Rebekah STOTT extends the lead for the Football Ferns with a tidy finish
19′ GOAL!!! PNG 0-1 NZL The ball drops in front of goal and Amber HEARN gives her side the lead
19′ PADIO with a challenge in her own half on STOTT concedes a free kick
18′ Papua New Guinea break through the middle via PADIO who plays wide to KAIPU – great cover from STOTT to clear
16′ Corner for New Zealand and the referee has spotted some pushing from the Kiwis
13′ Pressure pays off this time as BANI goes into a footrace with ERCEG she clears but KAIPU is there and crosses but it’s run long
12′ Jacobeth BANI puts pressure on Abby ERCEG but the experienced defender deals with it well
11′ PERCIVAL sends goalwards and WATPORE gets a touch over the cross bar for a corner
10′ Great cover from STOTT as Marie KAIPU looks to break through with a long delivery
9′ LONGO takes the ball to the goal line, cuts it back and it’s great defending but PHILLIPS is offside
8′ Katie BOWEN gets into trouble on the halfway line but she’s got strong back-up from LONGO and Ria
PERCVIAL and New Zealand work the ball out of danger
7′ Long ball over the defence from Annalie LONGO is picked up by PNG
6′ The delivery is just a little bit long from STOTT and the ball runs out behind the goal
6′ New Zealand win a free kick just off the left edge of the PNG area
4′ PHILLIPS crosses from the right, but hits it straight to keeper Fidelma WATPORE
3′ Rebeskah STOTT plays out from the back, Katie BOWEN receives but she’s knocked down by Ramona PADIO for a free kick
2′ Aimee PHILLIPS tries to get past Marie KAIPAS but the diminutive midfielder does well to slow her advance
1′ An early effort from New Zealand results in a goal kick
1′ New Zealand kick things off in Lae

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