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Korean test for U-20 squad

Papua New Guinea are building up to the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup at the end of the year and after having had their first hit out against USA and Japan at home, are now taking their development offshore.
The team is currently on tour in Korea Republic with their first hit-out against Hanyang University proving a challenge to the young team who lost the encounter 6-1.
Coach Lisa Cole says it was a disappointing performance that was well below par for her side.
“Not to take anything away from the University team, but we gave them too many easy goals off poor decisions and a lack of effort, Cole laments.
However she says there were some bright sparks in the form of three players in particular.
“Gloria Laeli was very good in defence for us. While Loretta Yagum, one of our U-17 players, got her first start and had a solid performance.
“Nicolette Ageva switched positions from winger to targer for us today and was a bright point in the team with her effort up top.”
Cole says the first match provided some much needed experience for the squad, and plenty of learning points.
“There are plenty of examples on film to show where little things can make a difference and where more focus and work would solve problems,” Cole explains.
“We will be better from playing the game nad getting the experience especially since we started some different players, but we hope we don’t have another performance like this one.”
Changes will be afoot for the next match as Cole wants to give as many players as possible some time on the field ahead of the World Cup.
“It’s important that everyone is gaining experience and learning. We will need to be much better in our defensive shape, better in the counter and to be honest in the way we approach the game.
“There has to be another level of fight and focus in the team.”
Papua New Guinea will play their next match against Dong-san Information Industry High School.


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