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New Caledonia: 1. Ronan EUZEN (GK), 5. Ivann POUROURORO, 7. Ludovic BOIT, 8. Loic CAUNES, 10. Malik PAULET
Substitutes: 2. Mainon KAOUWI, 3. Jean Michel Denis POADAE, 4. Christ Roland PEI, 6. Maurice HAMU, 9. Franck GELLENONCOURT, 11. Jess POUARAIROUA, 12. Marcel PABOU, 13. Jone Ridge UE, 16. Arnaud LLAMBRICH (GK)
Coach: William BRET (FRA)
Solomon Islands: 1. Anthony TALO (GK), 2. Francis LAFAI, 3. Elliot RAGOMO, 4. George STEVENSON,8. Jeffery BULE,
Substitutes: 5. Samuel OSIFELO, 6. Robert LAUA, 7. James EGETA, 9. Micah LEA’ALAFA, 10. Jack WETNEY, 11. Coleman MAKAU, 12. Paul HUIA (GK), 13. Mathias SARU, 14. Alvin HOU
Coach: Juliano SCHMELING (BRA)
Referee 1: Antony RILEY (NZL)
Referee 2: Amitesh BEHARI (FIJ)
Third Official: Kamedra NAIDU (FIJ)
Timekeeper: Love Lui MALENARAVE (VAN)
FULL TIME: New Caledonia 1-5 Solomon Islands
0’03’ EGETA sends the penalty straight down the middle and it’s saved by LLAMBRICH
0’05’ YELLOW CARD Malik PAULET goes in the book for New Caledonia
1’04’ HAMU tries to control the ball on the right but can’t keep it in play
1’38’ EGETA takes a shot that deflects out for a corner
3’11’ Excellent defending from LLAMBRICH to track and deny LEA’ALAFA’s shot
5’25’ POUROUORO seems like the only one capable of halting LEA’ALAFA when he’s on a run
5’58’ With just TALO to beat Maurice HAMO sends his shot wide
6’14’ Denied by LLAMBRICH and then tidied up as LEA’ALAFA fouls
6’49’ UE goes it alone, sending his effort up and over
7’03’ Low drive from LAFAI is pushed outside the post
7’24’ RAGOMO beats BOIT up the right and smashes in a shot that bounces off the crossbar
8’12’ Great combo from BOIT and POUROUORO but the latter will rue sending that gift over the cross bar
8’22’ Free kick Solomon Islands
8’42’ PEI breaks but can’t keep the ball under his control
9’52’ KAOUWI leaps to challenge TALO for the ball but the keeper gets first dibs
10’08’ A close range free kick for Solomons but they don’t have the finishing touch this time
12’05’ GOAL!! NCL 1-5 SOL KAOUWI has his effort blocked but Christ Roland PEI is there to finish
12’19’ BULE steals and shoots but it’s blocked down by LLAMBRICH
12’49’ WETNEY has the ball but his advance is well defended by UE
16’48’ Poor pass from Jean Michel Denis POADAE as he picks out LEA’ALAFA rather than his own teammates
17’23’ GOAL!!! NCL 0-5 SOL George STEVENSON slots the ball past LLAMBRICH for his second of the night
17’51’ OSIFELO muscles UE off the ball
19’30’ LEA’ALAFA starts a play but New Caledonia keeper Arnaud LLAMBRICH has it covered
20’00’ New Caledonia get the second half underway
HALF TIME: New Caledonia 0-4 Solomon Islands
0’10’ What a save from POUROUORO to deny BULE in front of a otherwise open goal
0-27′ GOAL!!! NCL 0-4 MAKAU follows it up with another great strike
1’30’ GOAL!!! NCL 0-3 SOL After some great work tonight Coleman MAKAU is rewarded for his efforts
2’06 LEA’ALAFA slides in to clear the loose ball after a spill from TALO
2’18’ MAKAU carries the ball wide, but his cross is smothered by CAUNES
3’16’ POUROUORO reads the space well and calls for a long ball but he can’t bring it down cleanly
3’41’ Close from MAKAU but he’s pushed the ball wide
3’57’ BOIT has a go but doesn’t trouble TALO with his effort
4’24’ UE makes a move up the right and sends a diagonal shot just over the target
5’08’ Great break from Jess POARIROUA, he lays inside to KAOUWI who just oversteps the ball
5’39’ Solomons turnover the ball and rapidly move up the pitch, RAGOMO shoots but he’s denied
5’51’ New Caledonia call a time out
6’18’ Loic CAUNES does well to win the ball, beat a man and release but he’s just wide
7’15’ POUROURORO makes an inspired run down the right but it’s well spotted by LEFAI
8’12’ Sliding save from Mainon KAOUWI denys a certain goal
8’44’ A few hot heads in either team as each refuses to give an inch
9’46’ POUROUORO is taken down by Samuel OSIFELO in the centre but New Caledonia can’t get anything off the ball exchange
10’14’ A quick exhchange between STEVENSON and James EGETA but they’re off target
11’12’ A chance for Solomons as MAKAU goes 1v1 but EUZEN is quick out to block and the follow up comes off the upright
12’06’ Can’t fault the patience from the Kurukuru here as they move the ball with ease
13’22’ YELLOW CARD Ludovic BOIT is cautioned for New Caledonia for incorrect substitution protocol
13’22’ GOAL!!! NCL 0-2 SOL Micah LEA’ALAFA with a brilliant striker
14’24’ Coleman MAKAU winds up a shot but sends it screaming at Jone UE who turns and chases, but Anthony TALO puts out
15’12’ Ivann POUROURORO breaks up the right and is accidently brought down by Jack WETNEY for a free kick
16’32’ Micah LEA’ALAFA with a delightful solo run can’t quite get the cross off
17’03’ GOAL!!! NCL 0-1 SOL George STEVENSON drives low and it bounces off the outsretched leg of Ronan EUZEN into the net
17’31’ Elliot RAGOMO in possession but can only win a pass in
18’08’ Corner for the Kurukuru, it comes to LAFAI who flashes it wide
18’30’ Solomon Islands dominating so far forcing New Caledonia deep into their half to defend
18’58’ Another shot from Solomon Islands this time it’s Francis LAFAI having a go
19’31’ Jeffery BULE has an early go, and it’s just outside the upright
20’00’ Solomon Islands get this key encounter underway at Vodafone Arena in Fiji

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