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Tonga : 1. Mahe MALAFU (GK), 3. Sione TUIFANGALOKA, 4. Sione KITE, 5. Tevita VAKATAPU, 7. Soakai VEA, 8. Sateki MATAKAIONGO, 9. Vai LUTU, 10. Hemaloto POLOVILI (C) 11. Anthony LIKILIKI, 15. Talatala PO’OI, 16. Lachman ATOA,
Substitutes: 20. Semisi OTUKOLO (GK), 2. Kilifi VEA, 6. Aisea MULI, 12, Fisi’ihoi PALU, 13. Timeth BOGIDUA 14. Hola MALAFU, 17. Etilei TUIONO, 18. Folauhola MESUI, 19. Tevita TUKIMAKA,
Coach: Tevita MOALA (TGA)
Cook Islands: 1. Keegan INIA (GK) (C), 2. Jarves APERAU, 4. Sunai JOSEPH, 5. Michael WOOD, 7. Samuel MAOATE-COX, 8. Cahjun WILLIS, 11. Thane BEAL, 13. Orin RUAINE-PRATTLEY, 15. Bruce BIEN, 16. Kimiora SAMUELA, 18. Dwayne TIPUTOA
Substitutes: 3. George ELLIS, 6. William NAPA, 12. Melbourne MATAKINO, 14. Conroy TIPUTOA, 17. Kristian YOUNG,
Coach: Tuka TISAM (COK)
Match officials
Referee: Joel Hopken (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Isaac TREVIS (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Ujwaal MUDLIAR (FIJ)
Fourth Official: Salesh CHAND (FIJ)

90+4 FULL TIME: TGA 1- 1 COK
90+3 Samuel MAOATE-COX sends in a free-kick from the left before a quick counter by Soakai VEA to end the match
90′ Fourth official indicates 4 minutes of added time
88′ SUB COK: Kimiora SAMUELA is replaced by William NAPA
81′ Cook Islands pressing high looking to force home their man advantage
78′ SUB TGA Talatala PO’OI is replaced by Hola MALAFU
78′ RED CARD!!! Hemaloto POLOVILI is sent off for a second bookable offence
77″ GOAL!!! TGA 1-1 COK Conroy TIPUTOA finds an equaliser passing the keeper with a low shot inside the box
73′ Samuel MAOATE-COX wastes a free kick from good position
70′ Anthony LIKILIKI needs medical treatment he leaves the field temporarily
68′ INIA with a great save from Fisi’ihoi PALU who drives with a powerful strike from the left
65′ SUB TGA Vai LUTU is replaced by Fisi’ihoi PALU
63′ SUB COK Bruce BIEN is replaced by Conroy TIPUTOA
61′ Hemaloto POLOVILI with a long range attempt that sails high above the bar
58′ Tonga goalkeeper Mahe MALAFU produces a great diving save to keep out a curling shot from Dwayne TIPUTOA
55′ YELLOW CARD TGA Hemaloto POLOVILI receives a yellow card
51′ Cook Islands goalkeeper Keegan INIA is forced to make a good save from Hemaloto POLOVILI
50′ GOAL!!! TGA 1-0 COK Talatala PO’OI gives the lead to the hosts with a low shot from the edge of the box that beats Cook Islands goalkeeper Keegan INIA on his right
48′ Cook Islands with a corner following a strong run on the left
46′ Lachman ATOA with some good defensive work to stifle a Cook Islands attack
46′ Second half is underway, Tonga with the kick off
45′ Fourth official indicates 1 minutes of added time
43′ Hemaloto POLOVILI makes a run but the pass for him is too long
41′ Soakai VEA misses the target with a high, long range strike
38′ Penatly for Cook Islands but Tonga goalkeeper Mahe MALAFU makes a great save Thane BEAL
33′ SUB TGA: Sione TUIFANGALOKA is replaced by Folauhola MESUI
31′ Hemaloto POLOVILI with a thundering long range strike that bounces off the post inches away from the goalline
28′ Talatala PO’OI with a great chance one-on- one with the keeper following a through pass from Hemaloto POLOVILI but Cook Islands goalkeeper Keegan ASHDOWN does well
25′ Cook Islands with the majority of possession but unable to break down Tonga’s defence
23′ Tonga goalkeeper Mahe MALAFU punches clear following a long and high free kick from the left
20′ Hemaloto POLOVILI miscues a shot with only the keeper to beat
18′ Soakai VEA with a good chance inside the box but he is tackled Cahjun WILLIS
16′ Neither side able to hold possession as a few mistakes creep into the game
14′ Talatala PO’OI hits the crossbar with a rifling shot following a dangerous run on the left
12′ Hemaloto POLOVILI with a shot on target but his low drive doesn’t trouble Cook Islands goalkeeper Keegan ASHDOWN
10′ Great run by Soakai VEA on the right but Sunai JOSEPH comes up with a crucial tackle inside the box
8″ Cook Islands on the attack but the pass is too long for Bruce BIEN
5′ Talatala PO’OI almost scores at the other end but he drives his shot into the Cook Islands goalkeeper Keegan ASHDOWN in a one-on-one situation
3′ Samuel MAOATE-COX with an early chance he hits the crossbar from the edge of the box
2′ Cook Islands with early possession
1′ Cook Islands with kick off
1′ We are underway at the 2016 OFC Championship Preliminary with the opening match between hosts Tonga and Cook Islands

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