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Men’s Division 2 title down to the wire

Last week Saturday Vaiala Tongan barely held on to a 2-2 draw in the Division 2 FFAS National Cup match against Green Bay while PanSa won 2-0 against Atu’u Broncos to separate the two teams in terms of points after round 4 games.
In the only other Division 2 match it was Ilaoa & To’omata 3, Vaitogi United 2.
PanSa (3-1-0) leads with 10 points, followed by Vaiala Tongan (2-2-0) with 8. Ilaoa & To’omata has an outside chance should both teams lose on Saturday but that scenario brings the goals difference tiebreaker into play.
In that scenario that would pit them against PanSa as they would be even wit 10 points apiece and it would be a big obstacle to overcome as the Division 2-leaders have an 8-goal (9-1) difference at the moment.
To make things even more interesting PanSa will be paired up against Vaitogi United in the division’s season finale.
Vaitogi United will challenge Vaiala Tongan for the cup while in the other game Green Bay takes on Atu’u.
Sinisa Tua calmly netted a PK late in the second half of a very intense Division 2 FFAS National Cup challenge match to equalize and eventually retain the hardware just two days after winning it away from Atu’u.
Green Bay led twice in the game only to see Vaiala Tongan equalize, outscoring the cup holders 2-1 in first half action.
Pati Forsythe scored for Green Bay while Sione Mau goaled the first equalizer for Vaiala Tongan.

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