Tahiti 0 – 1 New Zealand

See below for all the play-by-play action.
Starting line-ups:
Tahiti: 1. Teva DUROT (GK) (c), 2. Matana BEA, 8. Teivarii KAIHA, 11. Antoine TAVE, 12. Mote TINO.
Substitutes: 6. Alexis TOOFA, 7. Gaby KAVERA, 9. Usiera PUKOKI, 10. Anapa CHUNG, 13. Mana FAARAHIA, 14. Michel MAIHURI, 5. Jacob TUTAVAE (GK).
Coach: Heitapu HUNTER [TAH]
New Zealand: 18. Elias BILLEH (GK), 3. Dylan MANICKUM, 7. Marvin EAKINS (c), 8. Daniel BURNS, 15. Micky MALIVUK.
Substitutes: 2. James VAUGHAN, 4. Ouadhah RAGUED, 5. Miro MAJOR, 6. Kareem OSMAN, 9. Jakub SINKORA, 14. Tai BARHAM, 1. Atta ELAYYAN (GK).
Coach: Scott GILLIGAN (AUS)
Match officials:
Referee: Ryan SHEPHEARD [AUS]
Second Referee: Darius TURNER [AUS]
Third Referee: Amitesh BEHARI [FIJ]
Timekeeper: Stephane UPA [NCL]
The match kicks off
19′ 50′ New Zealand get the ball moving as they get into the game
19′ 25′ New Zealand get a free kick but can’t build anything up and the ball runs long
18′ 54′ Antoine Tave has the first shot of the match but he fires wide of the upright
18′ 23′ Tave breaks up the right beating Dylan Manickum and Daniel Burns and shooting low at the inside post forcing Elias Billeh to push wide
17′ 30′ New Zealand are on the attack, Manickum shoots but Teva Durot pushes it out
17′ 01′ Alexis Toofa plays to Tevarii Kaiha on touch but the ball goes out
16′ 35′ Micky Malivuk forces Durot into action with a decent shot
16′ 00′ Burns with a chip to Manickum who is fouled on the touch line
15’58’ GOAL!!! Tahiti 0 New Zealand 1 New Zealand capitalise on the free kick with Burns finding the back of the net
15′ 25′ Manickum breaks up the left and Durot comes right out to clean up
14′ 58′ Tahiti are on the attack but Gaby Kavera allows the ball to pass over the line
14′ 26′ A cheeky chip is put through to Manickum who can’t get enough on it to shoot
13′ 33′ New Zealand pass around looking for a way through, Manickum sees an option in Burns but the pass is too heavy
12′ 49′ The Futsal Whites are defending well and Tahiti are struggling to create any chances
12′ 23′ The ball comes to Tino Mote in front of the goal mouth, he turns and shoots but it goes just outside the pole
11′ 21′ Tahiti have poessession deep in their own half
10′ 34′ Kavera’s shot hits the underside of the crossbar and comes to Usiera Pukoki who sends it straight to the hands of a diving Billeh
9′ 53′ Tave shoots from the corner but gets nothing but side net
9′ 23′ Miro Major plays long to Tai Barham up front who holds the ball up well
8′ 18′ Tahiti break but New Zealand’s Ouadhah Ragued wins the ball back and plays to Manickum alone up front but he doesn’t get a decent shot off
7′ 27′ Kaiha fouls Major and New Zealand have the ball back
6′ 50′ Tino gets a weak shot off which appears more like a pass to New Zealand keeper Billeh
6′ 21′ Tino takes on New Zealand up the middle and plays wide to Tave but the pass goes out
5′ 37′ New Zealand have the ball but Jakub Sinkora plays an easy pass out under no pressure from Tahiti
4′ 39′ Mana Faarahia brings down Malivuk and New Zealand have a free kick
3′ 52′ Manickum fakes past his marker to get a low shot off but Durot sees his shot coming and saves
3′ 43′YELLOW CARD Faarahia is cautioned by Australian referee Ryan Shepheard
3′ 14′ A decent punt from Matana Bea is tipped over the cross bar by Billeh
3′ 09′ Kaiha blasts in a shot but it goes just wide of the upright
2′ 50′ Manickum again gets past his man sending the ball across the face of the goal this time
2′ 28′ New Zealand have a penalty and captain Marvin Eakins steps up to the mark
2′ 26′ Durot makes the save and the score remains at 1-0 with two minutes on the clock
1′ 51′ Kaiha plays across court but Toofa can’t quite make it
0′ 55′ Toofa shoots and it’s inches off target
0′ 43′ Kaiha with an effort this time blocked by Burns
0′ 15′ A decent effort from Manickum but it’s punched down by Durot and Tahiti break
0′ 11′ Kaiha takes his chances but the ball goes wide
The first half comes to an end
The second half kicks off
19′ 43′ Tino leaves the ball to pass under his foot thinking he had a man behind him and it goes to touch
19′ 12′ A decent effort from Malivuk goes wide
18′ 29′ Tino shoots but it doesn’t get far with New Zealand having set up a wall in front of the goal
17′ 31′ Miscommunication between two Tahiti players and the ball passes to New Zealand
16′ 40′ An Eakins challenge earns a free kick for Tahiti
16′ 37′ Toofa blasts it straight at the one-man wall of Manickum
15′ 46′ Kavera shoots on target forcing Billeh to make the save
15′ 22′ Kareem Osman plays long to a lone Burns up front but his first touch means Tahiti can get back and defend, winning the ball back
14′ 42′ Bea fouls Burns and the Futsal Whites have a free kick in their half
14′ 07′ Osman gets to the near post as New Zealand counter attack but can’t get enough to the ball for it to trouble Durot
13′ 52′ Jacob Tutavae shoots and Billeh tips it over
13′ 49′ A shot from Bea goes wide
13′ 25′ Tutavae wins the ball back for Tahiti and they advance slowly
12′ 41′ YELLOW CARD Osman fouls Tino and Tahiti have a free kick just inside their own half
12′ 36′ Tino’s shot is blicked by Osman
12′ 25′ Durot comes out to make a save
11′ 59′ Pukokoi shoots at the near post but Billeh gets in the way
11′ 32′ Tutavae turns with a man on his back and shoots but can only hit the side net
11′ 09′ A save from Durot at the other end allows Tahiti to attack again
10′ 46′ Manickum gets free on the right and shoots low but Durot collects
10′ 18′ Free kick for New Zealand
9′ 29′ Michel Maihuri is on the goal line for a pass but it rolls over his foot
8′ 44′ Tahiti play straight in to Eakins who breaks as Durot scrambles back into his goal
7′ 49′ Tahiti’s Bea tries to chip to Pukoki from the corner it reaches him but it’s too high for him to control down
7′ 13′ Tino beats Tai Barham and shoots but Burns slides back to clear
6′ 49′ Tino again hits Burns with his shot
6′ 24′ Tahiti are retaining possession well but New Zealand are defending their advantage well
5′ 42′ Kavera is at the far post to tap in but Billeh gets a hand to it but is injured in the process
5′ 05′ Tahiti are working the ball well but can’t get through and New Zealand win the ball
4′ 41′ Manickum chips up to James Vaughan who shoots across the face
4′ 13′ Tave shoots from close range but with a crowd of bodies in front of him Billeh does well to clear
3′ 29′ Durot comes out to clear an attack from Manickum
3′ 16′ With three minutes on the clock Tahiti are throwing everything into their attack
3′ 04′ Tahiti call a time out
2′ 53′ Play is back underway and Durot pushes right up as Tahiti look for the equaliser
2′ 32′ Shot from Tino but Eakins gets a foot to it
1′ 59′ Manickum slides in to clear to touchh as Tino advances
1′ 40′ Barham’s clearance almost goes in as Billeh is forced to tip the ball over the cross bar
1′ 21′ Burns makes a save as Kaiha arrives in the goal mouth
1′ 03′ Durot shoots but Manickum blocks
0′ 38′ Durot sends it high over the goal
0′ 30′ The Kiwis have the ball as the seconds count down
0′ 09′ Tahiti break and the shot comes from Kaiha but Manickum saves
0’03’ Manickum makes a final save off the line
The final whistle is blown

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