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Waitakere United 1 – 2 Auckland City

See below for all the play-by-play action.
Starting line-ups:
Waitakere United: 1. Danny ROBINSON [GK], 2. Aaron SCOTT,4. Tim MYERS, 5. Brian SHELLEY, 6. Matt CUNNEEN, 8. Chad COOMBES, 10. Allan PEARCE, 12. Roy KRISHNA, 17. Jake BUTLER (c), 18. Sam MATHEWS, 20. Ryan DE VRIES
Substitutes: 3. Jack BEGUELY, 7. Jeremy CHRISTIE, 19. Daniel MORGAN, 23. Masaki NOMOTO, 27. Chris PALMER, 28. Alex CARR [GK], 30. Rory TURNER
Coach: Paul MARSHALL [NZL]
Auckland City: 12. Tamati WILLIAMS [GK], 3. Takuya IWATA, 7. James PRITCHETT, 8. Chris BALE, 9. Manel EXPOSITO, 11. Daniel KOPRIVCIC, 13. Alex FENERIDIS, 14. Adam DICKINSON, 15. Ivan VICELICH (c), 16. Albert RIERA,19. Mario BILEN
Substitutes:1. Jacob SPOONLEY [GK], 4. Adam MCGEORGE, 5. Darren WHITE, 17. Pedro GARCIA, 20. Emiliano TADE, 21. David BROWNE, 22. Andrew MILNE
Match officials:
Referee: Peter O’LEARY [NZL]
Assistant referee 1: Jan-Hendrick HINTZ [NZL]
Assistant referee 2: Ravinesh KUMAR [FIJ]
Fourth official: Norbert HAUATA [TAH]
The match kicks off
1′ Auckland City get proceedings underway but there’s no early goals as the ball rolls over the goal line for a goal kick
3′ Auckland City skipper Ivan Vicelich sends the ball long but Tim Myers of Waitakere United is under it to clear it away
4′ Free-kick in the middle of the park for Auckland City, Albert Riera steps up but it goes long
6′ Free-kick in a dangerous spot off the corner of the box for Waitakere United after Ryan De Vries is taken down and Chad Coombes smashes it into the wall
8′ Danijel Koprivcic crosses from the right flank, there’s a swing and a miss from Mario Bilen which allows Chris Bale to smash in a shot which Waitakere United keeper Danny Robinson is ready and waiting for
10′ Manel Exposito is fouled in the middle of the pitch and this time Alex Feneridis who steps in behind the ball and smashes it well wide of the upright
14′ Robinson whips a goal kick up field but Waitakere lose possession in the middle
15′ Roy Krishna wins possession for Waitakere but can’t find support and loses possession
16′ GOAL!!! Waitakere United 0 Auckland City 1 Robinson palms down an initial shot from Takuya Iwata but it’s straight to the feet of the arriving Adam Dickinson who slots home to open the scoring for Auckland City
20′ GOAL!!! Waitakere United 0 Auckland City 2 Alex Feneridis receives the ball in plenty of space outside the box and fires in a blinding shot which Robinson can’t reach
31′ YELLOW CARD Tim Myers receives a caution for a challenge on Koprivicic
36′ Waitakere are continuing to push forward but Auckland are refusing to ease up despite their two goal cushion
37′ Referee Peter O’Leary gives Roy Krishna of Waitakere United a warning for an off the ball incident after Auckland City are caught off-side at the other end of the pitch
40′ GOAL!!! Waitakere United 1 Auckland City 2 Chad Coombes scores after Krishna just does enough to knock the ball back in from the far post for Coombes to bury in the back of the net
42′ Krishna is fouled near touch, Coombes sends the cross long and Auckland City keeper Tamati Williams picks it up
43′ YELLOW CARD Feneridis is booked
44′ A clash in the Auckland City goal mouth sees Vicelich in need of treatment
45′ Two minutes of additional time will be played
45′ + 1′ Vicelich moves off the pitch to receive further treatment while his teammates launch an attack at the other end but before they can add to their tally Exposito is pulled up for being offside
45′ + 2′ YELLOW CARD: Reira earns a booking
The first half comes to an end
46′ The second half gets underway with Waitakere pushing Auckland right back into their defence but Auckland retains possession and are back on attack
49′ Aaron Scott crosses in looking for Allan Pearce but Vicelich gets his head there first and Waitakere are once again on the defence
51′ Krishna is fouled earning Waitakere United a free-kick, Coombes lobs it into the box but Williams is there to gather the ball up
52′ A chance for Pearce as the ball is crossed in, but he heads it wide of the goal and is left to rue the missed opportunity
53′ SUBSTITUTION: Pearce is taken off and replaced by Chris Palmer for Waitakere
54′ Krishna finds himself in the corner with both Riera and Iwata at his back and can’t get himself out
55′ SUBSTITUTION: Koprivcic is replaced by Darren White for Auckland City
58′ A blast from Krishna just inside the right hand side of the box ricochets off the side of the net
59′ RED CARD Tim Myers must leave the field after receiving his second caution from O’Leary
60′ Nothing comes of the resulting free kick and Waitakere are able to launch a counter-attack before Auckland find themselves back in possession in defence
62′ Vicelich walks off the field to receive treatment
63′ Auckland look to have a chance on goal as Dickinson launches into an attack but Scott races back to clean up. Vicelich returns to the field of play
64′ Another chance for Dickinson but he blasts it high and wide
64′ YELLOW CARD Manel Exposito is cautioned for Auckland City
66′ Robinson is forced to make another stellar save as Auckland City keep up their relentless attack
67′ De Vries runs through two defenders as he approaches the Auckland City goal, he gets a pass off to Coombes but they can’t find the goal
68′ There’s a moment of miscommunication between Williams and his defender Bilan at the back before the keeper takes possession
69′ Bilen gets his head to a corner but just glances it wide
71′ Palmer sends a long ball to Krishna who chests it down as he readies himself to shoot but before he can the whistle goes for offside
72′ De Vries plays to Krishna who chips the defence for De Vries to run on to but Williams gets there first
75′ Waitakere are passing the ball around at the back and retaining possession but they need to push forward if they want to get back into this game
76′ Vicelich fouls Coombes giving away a free kick just outside the box. Palmer steps up but sends the ball well high of the target
76′ SUBSTITUTION: Sam Matthews is replaced by Daniel Morgan for Waitakere United
78′ Brian Shelley runs it up the right flank, plays on to De Vries but Iwata slides in to clear to touch
80′ Palmer with a long ball looks for De Vries but Vicelich gets his head in the way and Auckland City are back in possession
82′ Krishna attempts a shot but it comes off the back of the defender to earn Waitakere their first corner of the match
83′ Waitakere have their second corner after Bilan smashes it out. Morgan sends it in, and O’Leary gives Auckland City the advantage following a tussle in the goal mouth
85′ With just five minutes remaining in the match Waitakere are pulling out all the stops as they hunt for an equaliser
88′ SUBSTITUTION: Feneridis makes room for Adam McGeorge for Auckland City
89′ Krishna runs the ball along the goal line and shoots but he hits the outside of the net
90′ Auckland City earn a corner as the match enters the final stages
90′ There will be four minutes of additional time played
90′ + 1′ Waitakere have the ball and you can sense the urgency as they try to make something happen
90′ + 3′ Morgan has the ball on the goal line and tries to cut it in but it hits a defender for a corner, he takes it quick but blasts it chest height for Williams to take an easy capture
90′ + 4′ SUBSTITUTION: Chris Bale comes off and is replaced by Andrew Milne
90′ + 4′ YELLOW CARD Dickinson is booked by O’Leary
The final whistle is blown

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