NCL 0 NZL 12

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New Caledonia: 1. Karine XOZAME (GK), 2. Darnelle HACE, 3. Flaureen AUSU, 4. Mune BAKO, 5. Ami-Nata AJAPUHNYA, 6. Isabelle ILENGO, 7. Elise LALIE, 8. Jackie PAHOA, 9. Shaya IHMELING, 10. Marie-Laure PALENE, 11. Cassidy CAWA.
Substitutes: 12. Lucinda KOINDREDI, 14. Yvonne XOWI, 16. Jessica ALI SAÏD, 17. Nancy NYADOUN, 19. Joelle LEME.
Injured: 20. Kathleen WAUNIE (GK), 13. Océane ZASINA, 15. Justine MALAXAN, 18. Katinka TAKAMATSU

Coach: Matthieu DELCROIX (FRA)
New Zealand: 1. Anna LEAT (GK), 3. Amber PHILLIPS, 4. Ally TOAILOA, 5. Michaela FOSTER, 6. Nicole METTAM, 10. Sarah KRYSTMAN, 11. Jacqueline HAND, 15. Francesca GRANGE, 17. Emma MAIN, 18. Gabrielle JILLINGS, 19. Margaret JENKINS.
Substitues: 12. Nadia OLLA (GK), 2. Claudia BUNGE, 7. Hannah BLAKE, 8. Malia STEINMETZ, 9. Samantha TAWHARU, 13. Kate WILLIAMS, 14. Rebecca LAKE, 16. Alosi BLOOMFIELD.
Coach: Gareth TURNBULL (NZL)
Referee: Finau VULIVULI (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 1: John PAREANGA (COK)
Assistant Referee 2: Stephanie MINAN (PNG)
Fourth Official: Nelson SOGO (SOL)
FULL TIME: New Zealand beat New Caledonia 12-0 to remain top of Group A
90+6′ Nice double-block from HACE on a KRYSTMAN shot
90+5′ GOAL!!! 0-12 NCLvNZL TAWHARU booms another in for New Zealand
90+3′ GOAL!!! 0-11 NCLvNZL JENKINS puts the penalty into the net for another New Zealand goal
90+1 RED CARD: AUSU is shown red after a tackle in the box. New Zealand have a penalty
90+1′ Six minutes of additional time to be added
89′ MAIN shoots from close range, but XOZAME stays on her feet and saves
88′ New Caledonia now have no players left in their attacking half, trying hard to hold New Zealand out
88′ New Caledonia drive a free kick in, but there’s no players near it and it rolls out for a goal kick
87′ Play pauses as a New Caledonia player is down hurt
84′ PHILLIPS back to clean up for New Zealand as New Caledonia make a break
83′ Amber PHILLIPS gets up above her marker but heads over the bar
82′ New Zealand earn a corner kick
80′ New Caledonia get a shot away, but it’s well off target
78′ SUB: Samantha TAWHARU on for JILLINGS
75′ Play stops for a water break
75′ SUB: Joelle LEME on for New Caledonia and Jackie PAHOA off
71′ GOAL!!! BLAKE in again for New Zealand
70′ GOAL!!! 0-9 NCLvNZL BLAKE collects her second from close range
68′ GOAL!!! 0-8 NCLvNZL BUNGE fires from range and it smashes into the back of the net
68′ Ami-Nata AJAPUNHYA steps in to block a New Zealand cross
67′ New Zealand being forced to do some defending as New Caledonia have a throw deep in the attacking zone
65′ Dangerous ball across the face is closed down by HACE
63′ SUB: New Zealand introduce Claudia BUNGE in the place of FOSTER
60′ SUB: Yvonne XOWI on and Marie-Laure PALENE off for New Caledonia
58′ GOAL!!! 0-7 NCLvNZL FOSTER hammers home a penalty after a New Caledonia player is called up for laying on the ball in the box
56′ New Zealand look on a roll now, piling forward with numbers
54′ SUB: New Caledonia bring Lucinda KOINDREDI on for Cassidy CAWA
52′ GOAL!!! 0-6 NCLvNZL Gabe JILLINGS nets for New Zealand
51′ New Zealand go short off a corner, but New Caledonia clean up
49′ GOAL!!! 0-5 NCLvNZL BLAKE follows up scores after MAIN’S inital shot bounces off the crossbar
48′ JENKINS with a good chance but her shot is off target
47′ GOAL!!! 0-4 NCLvNZL Emma MAIN strikes to open the second-half scoring for New Zealand
46′ Back underway here in Rarotonga with New Zealand leading New Caledonia 3-0
46′ SUB New Zealand make a sub at the break, bringing Hannah BLAKE on for Jacqui HAND off
HALF TIME: New Zealand lead New Caledonia 3-0
45+5′ IHMELING through, but she’s offside and LEAT saves with her feet anyway
45+4′ XOZAME down low to save with her feet
46+2′ GOAL!!!! 3-0 NCLvNZL JENKINS in again and that takes the lead out to 3-0 just before the break
45+1 Five minutes of aditional time to be added
44′ GOAL!!! 0-2 NCLvNZL JENKINS intercepts the goal kick and makes no mistake.
43′ New Caledonia saved by the post as the ball pings away from goal
42′ FOSTER chases down a long ball, but is beaten to it by Flaureen AUSU
41′ New Zealand pushing up with three at the back
40′ Ally TOAILOA doing plenty of clean-up work at the back for New Zealand
39′ New Caledonia advance down field with a throw
37′ XOZAME makes a brave save at the feet of Maggie JENKINS to save a certain goal
36′ Shaya IHMELING in behind the defence, but she’s offside
34′ XOZAME fumbles the shot but regathers before the New Zraland attack
32′ Back underway following the drinks break
30′ Play stops for a drinks break
29′ GOAL!!! 0-1 NCLvNZL HAND dribbles through two and places her shot into the corner of the goal.
28′ New Caledonia sitting very deep and New Zealand stuggling to break them down
26′ HAND floats a ball towards goal, but XOZAME leaps high to collect
25′ New Zealand with another shot, but it’s well wide and no real issue for XOZAME
21′ New Zealand camped in the attacking third, but New Caledonia holding on
19′ FOSTER fires a cross into the box, but HAND is just short on the header
17′ New Zealand blown offside. New Caledonia free kick
16′ Play stops while a New Caledonia player recieves some attention for an injury
14′ Well-timed intervention from Flaureen AUSU blocks a New Zealand overlap
13′ New Caledonia march down field with a long throw to feet
12′ New Caledonia pressing high, but New Zealand up to the task at the back
10′ New Zealand have the ball in the back of the net, but it’s called back for offside
10′ Anna LEAT out to collect for New Zealand after the free kick is floated into the box
9′ New Caledonia free kick from just outside the box
8′ New Zealand head over the bar from the corner
8′ Michaela FOSTER drives a shot towards goal and it requires a good save from XOZAME. New Zealand corner
6′ Emma MAIN fires from 13 yards but it’s too high. New Caledonia goal kick.
5′ Good save from XOZAME after some patient build-up from New Zealand
4′ New Caledonia get a head to the ball, but it’s up over the goal
4′ New Zealand foul right on the edge of the box, good opportunity coming up for New Caledonia off a free kick
3′ New Zealand whip in a corner, but it’s over the top of everyone and out for a goal kick
2′ Early touch for Karine XOZAME in the New Caledonia goal. Easy pickup from a New Zealand shot
1′ We are underway at the CIFA Academy for the Group A clash between New Caledonia and New Zealand

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