NZL 11 FIJ 0

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New Zealand 12. Nadia OLLA (GK), 3. Amber PHILLIPS, 5. Michaela FOSTER, 6. Nicole METTAM, 7. Hannah BLAKE, 10. Sarah KRYSTMAN, 11. Jacqueline HAND, 13. Kate WILLIAMS, 15. Francesca GRANGE, 17. Emma MAIN, 18. Gabrielle JILLINGS
Substitutes: 1. Anna LEAT (GK), 2. Claudia BUNGE, 4. Ally TOAILOA, 8. Malia STEINMETZ, 9. Samantha TAWHARU, 14. Rebecca LAKE, 16. Alosi BLOOMFIELD, 19. Margaret JENKINS
Coach: Gareth TURNBULL (NZL)
Fiji: 19. Francine LOCKINGTON (GK), 2. Cecelia NAINIMA, 3. Miliana NARUKU, 4. Margaret TABUANITOGA, 5. Sereima NAVUGA, 7. Laca TIKOSAYA, 10. Aliza HUSSEIN, 12. Ledua SENISEA, 13. Titilia WAQABCA, 15. Koleta LIKUCULACULA, 16. Cema NASAU
Substitutes: 20. Laite SALAMEI (GK), 6. Bulou NAUGAVULE, 8. Maca RALAGI, 9. Silina QARAWAQA, 11. Louisa SIMMONS, 14. Mere CIRIA, 17. Adi BAKANICEVA, 18. Harina ERASITO
Coach: Yogendra DUTT (FIJ)
Match Officials:
Referee: Tupou PATIA (COK)
Assistant Referee 1: Lata KAUMATULE (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Maria TAMALELAGI (SAM)
Fourth Official: Tapita LELENGA (TGA)
FULL TIME: New Zealand advance to the final with an 11-0 victory over Fiji
90+4′ GOAL!!! 11-0 NZLvFIJ HAND pings it off the post and into the goal
90+3′ HAND has the ball in the back of the net, but it’s called back for offside
90+1′ Six minutes of additional time
88′ GOAL!!! 10-0 NZLvFIJ TAWHARU finds the net for another New Zealand goal
88′ Margaret TABUANITOGA with a great block on an attempted shot from MAIN
86′ Play resumes as Nicole METTAM leaves the field. NZ will play with 10 for the time being
84′ Play pauses while an injured New Zealand player is attended to
82′ New Zealand with a glut of possession here
80′ SUB NZL: Rebecca LAKE comes on for Kate WILLIAMS
77′ Play stops for a drinks break
76′ GOAL!!! 9-0 NZLvFIJ No mistake from HAND this time, slotting it nicely into the corner o the net
76′ Fiji somehow scramble to clear a corner
74′ Free kick Fiji after New Zealand foul in the attacking half
72′ HAND with a good chance, but it’s up over the bar
70′ GOAL!!! 8-0 NZLvFIJ TAWHARU gets in behind and finishes nicely with her left
69′ HAND lays back to KRYSTMAN, but her shot is straight at LOCKINGTON
68′ KRYSTMAN bends a shot from the top of the box, but it’s just wide to the right
67′ LOCKINGTON off her line quickly to save
64′ SUB FIJ: Harina ERASITO on and Ledua SENISEA off
63′ Another one off the post for New Zealand, this time via the boot of METTAM
61′ Fiji enjoying some ball in the attacking half here
59′ NAINIMA blocks the shot from HAND and New Zealand have a corner
57′ MAIN pings one off the post, very close for New Zealand that time
56′ Strong tackle from NAINIMA stops the NZ threat
55′ LOCKINGTON up high to claim for Fiji
53′ The ball is in the back of the net for NZ, but it’s called back for offside
52′ New Zealand putting pressure on up front, but so far Fiji hold strong
50′ Cecelia NAINIMA heads clear for Fiji
49′ New Zealand caught offside
47′ Early touch for LOCKINGTON with a nice low save
46′ SUB NZL: Alosi BLOOMFIELD on and Gabe JILLINGS off
46′ SUB NZL: Samantha TAWHARU on for Hannah BLAKE
46′ Back underway here between New Zealand and Fiji
HALF TIME: New Zealand lead Fiji 7-0
45+7′ GOAL!!! 7-0 NZLvFIJ MAIN walks the ball into the net after beating LOCKINGTON
40+6′ Free kick for NZ after JILLINGS is chopped down
45+4′ GOAL!!! 6-0 NZLvFIJ HAND wrestles through a defender and the keeper to get her shot away into the net
45+1′ GOAL!!! 5-0 NZLvFIJ BLAKE nets a fifth for New Zealand
45+1′ Five minutes of additional time to be added
44′ MAIN carries for 30 metres, but BLAKE is offside and gives up on the play
42′ GOAL!!! 4-0 NZLvFIJ Emma MAIN finishes nicely under a falling LOCKINGTON
40′ The quality saves just keep coming from LOCKINGTON, this time positioned well to fall on a powerful cross
39′ Nice forward movement by New Zealand ends in a shot by HAND, but LOCKINGTON claims
37′ A good shot from Ledua SENISEA forces a save from Nadia OLLA in the New Zealand goal
36′ Play resumes after the drinks break
33′ Play pauses for a drinks break
31′ BLAKE with a good shot from outside the box, but LOCKINGTON gets across to save
29′ JILLINGS with another long-range effort, but it’s too high
28′ BLAKE beats two and fires into the box, but the ball misses everyone
27′ JILLINGS whips one from range, but it deflects out for an NZ corner
25′ GOAL!!! 3-0 NZLvFIJ Fiji put one in their own net after a breakdown at the back
24′ Fiji pressing high and forcing New Zealand to play it through the backline
23′ After a brief period of ball in the attacking half Fiji are back on the defensive
21′ Nicole METTAM fires, but it’s up over the bar
20′ Great build up from New Zealand, but LOCKINGTON is off her line quickly to shut it down
18′ New Zealand building pressure high up the pitch
16′ Play pauses while the injured LOCKINGTON is helped
15′ Another good save from LOCKINGTON, falling on the low cross
13′ GOAL!!! 2-0 NZLvFIJ Sarah KRYSTMAN makes no mistake with the tap in at the back post
12′ Athletic save from LOCKINGTON somehow keeps the ball off the line and away from goal
11′ Excellent block from Miliana NARUKU saves a goal
11′ Gabe JILLINGS puts the ball through, but it’s a little too hard for the chasing striker
10′ Fiji goal kick after a New Zealand corner goes out of play
8′ GOAL!!! 1-0 NZLvFIJ Nice cut back from New Zealand and BLAKE finishes well
7′ Another offside called on New Zealand, the Fiji line is proving hard to deal with
6′ Quality save from LOCKINGTON, off her line to dive at the feet of HAND
5′ Emma MAIN through for New Zealand, but the Fiji pressure is enough to force a weak shot
4′ Jacqui HAND shoots, but it’s an easy take for Francine LOCKINGTON at the back
3′ Hannah BLAKE is through, but offside flag is up
3′ Early shot up over the bar from New Zealand
2′ Good clearance at the back from Sereima NAVUGA
1′ Early chance for New Zealand is called offside
1′ New Zealand vs. Fiji is underway here in Rarotonga

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