See below for the play-by-play action.
Starting line-ups:
Tonga: 1.Mele Vaisioa Mahe NIUKAPU (GK); 2. Buccilea ONGOLEA; 3.Anne Marie TAUKAPO; 4.Kiana MU’AMOHOLEVA; 6.Pauline Tonga; 7.Mele Moala SOAKAI; 8.Kalina Mali MAMA’O; 9. Vasi Feke; 10.Heilala LOTO’ANIU; 11.Penateti Lapiuingi FEKE; 15.Suliana Latu UTAATU
Coach: Kilifi Uele (TON)
New Zealand: 1.Victoria ESSON (GK); 3.Anna GREEN (Captain); 4.Chelsey WOOD; 5.Briony FISHER; 7.Elise MAMANU-GRAY; 8.Sarah MCLAUGHLIN; 11.Rosie WHITE; 13.Nadia PEARL; 14. Liz MILNE; 16.Hannah WILKINSON; 18. Lauren MATHIS
Coach: Tony READINGS (ENG)
The match kicks off.
3′ GOAL !!! Tonga 0-1 New Zealand Rosie White scores with a shot in the box after a corner kick for New Zealand.
6′ Hannah Wilkinson (New Zealand) crosses the ball but the goalkeeper catches it.
8′ Hannah Wilkinson’s header misses the target.
8′ The Referee stops the game. A Tonga player is injured. The team plays with ten.
9′ Offside for New Zealand.
10′ GOAL !!! Tonga 0-2 New Zealand Rosie White scores a double with a wide right shot.
Also, the Tonga player comes back on the field and the team play with eleven again.
13′ GOAL !!! Tonga 0-3 New Zealand Nadia Pearl taps the ball into the goal.
19′ GOAL !!! Tonga 0-4 New Zealand Lauren Mathis scores with a low shot.
23′ Good save from the Tongan goalkeper on Hannah Wilkinson’s shot.
25′ Substitution Tonga: Kalina Mamao out, Loata Lotoaniu in.
28′ Offside for Rosie White.
30′ GOAL !!! Tonga 0-5 New Zealand Hat-trick for Rosie White who scores after a cross from the right side.
33′ Hannah Wilkinson’s header misses the goal.
35′ GOAL !!! Tonga 0-6 New Zealand Hannah Wilkinson taps the ball into the goal after a cross from the left side.
41′ GOAL !!! Tonga 0-7 New Zealand Chelsey Wood scores after two corner kicks in a row.
43′ GOAL !!! Tonga 0-8 New Zealand Fourth goal for Rosie White.
45+1′ The referee brings the first half to the an end. Tonga 0-8 New Zealand.
The second half kicks off.
45′ Substitution New Zealand: Anna Green out, Caitlin Campbell in. Lauren Mathis out, Emily Cooper in.
48′ Liz Milne shoots out of the box but the goalkeeper catches the ball.
49′ GOAL !!! Tonga 0-9 New Zealand Rosie White scores her fifth goal.
51′ Referee stops the game due to Chelsey Wood injury. The team plays with ten.
53′ Chelsey Wood comes back on the field. New Zealand play with eleven again.
55′ A Tongan player commits a foul. Free kick for New Zealand. Corner kick. A Tongan defender heads the ball away.
60′ Caitlin Campbell is offside.
67′ Substitution New Zealand: Nadia Pearl out, Lauren Murray in.
71′ Vasi Feke is offside.
72′ Hannah Wilkinson dribbles around the goalkeeper but misses the goal.
74′ Sarah McLaughlin shoots out of the box and hits the crossbar.
78′ Otumotulalo Halangahu commits a foul. The New Zealand free kick is caught by the goalkeeper.
79′ GOAL !!! Tonga 0-10 New Zealand Elise Mamanu Gray scores.
83′ Lauren Murray scores but the goal is not accepted because she is offside.
85′ Liz Milne’s cross is catched by the goalkeeper.
87′ Caitlin Campbell commits a foul.
89′ GOAL !!! Tonga 0-11 New Zealand Sarah McLaughlin scores with a shot out of the box.
90+4′ Chelsey Wood’s header misses the target.
The final whistle sounds.
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