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American Samoa: 1. John UGAITAFA (GK), 2. Joseph CHOI, 3. Tala AUVA’A, 4. Walter PATI, 5. Mahonri LOTULELEI, 6. Bryman LEVAULA, 9. Joe PURCELL, 10. Steven FISO, 11. Gabriel TAUMUA, 12. Takai POULI, 18. Eliott LELEI
Substitutes: 7. Milo TIATIA, 8. Chris FA’AMOANA, 13. Michael SETTLE, 14. Masila SIUA, 15. Roy LEDOUX, 16. Jerome PALEPUA, 17. Vaha TUA, 19. Misipele MUSU, 23. Pesa TAUGAVAU (GK)
Coach: Frederick MAIAVA (ASA)
Tonga: 1. Alifaleti LIKIO (GK), 2. Ofa KITE, 3. Sione VAENUKU, 5. Falanisesi MAUSIA, 6. Tevita KAU, 7. Tevita SILI, 8. Kalakaua FAIVAILO, 9. Tuia FALEPAPALANGI, 11. Fonua TALIAULI, 13. Opesi TUIFANGALOKA, 15. William NAU
Substitutes: 4. Petueli TOKOTAHA, 10. Viliami TUKIA, 12. William SENITULI, 14. Viliami KAITAPU, 16. Pesamino TOMASI, 17. Sitaleki FISI, 18. Ongolea FILO, 19. Alone FAKAVAI, 20. Tevita KAILEA (GK)
Coach: Timote MOLENI (TGA)
Referee: Robinson BANGA (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Mahit CHILIA (VAN)
Assistant Referee 2: Noah KUSUNAN (PNG)
Fourth Official: Mederic LACOUR (NCL)
FULL-TIME: American Samoa 0-2 Tonga
90’+2′ PURCELL tries to bring SETTLE into the game but his pass is off
Three minutes additional time
90′ SUB TGA Fonua TALIAULI is replaced by Viliami KAITAPU
89′ SUB ASA Michael SETTLE comes in for Roy LEDOUX, himself a sub
88′ FAIVAILO comes from an offside position to collect
87′ PURCELL’s free kick drops in front of goal where LIKIO is waiting to collect
86′ Eliott LELEI looks for a way aound the defence but can’t find it
82′ Quick into the area from American Samoa, FISO leaps for the cross but it skims over his head
81′ Excellent from Tonga as TUKIA brings the ball down, plays back to SILI who smashes outside the upright
79′ TAUMUA with cramp but after a quick stretch he’s back on his feet
78′ Two decent chances for American Samoa denied by the keeper as they press for a goal
77′ A few inches too high from TAUMUA
76′ A free kick for American Samoa with TAUMUA in behind
74′ TAUMUA with a shot this time but he hooks this one wide
70′ TAUMUA with a great cross for FISO who heads at goal but it skims just around the post
69′ KITE sends his free kick over the goal
67′ YELLOW CARD Takai POULI is cautioned after taking down KAU from behind as he advances on goal
66′ SILI takes a shot from distance on the turn, it has the power but is outside the upright
64′ SUB TGA Viliami TUKIA comes in for Opesi TUIFANGALOKA
64′ A clash between PURCELL and VAENUKU earns a free kick for American Samoa
63′ A soft effort from comes in from KAU and American Samoa have a goal kick
60′ Excellent perseverance from KAU who loses the ball but wins back and makes some headway towards the goal
59′ FALEPAPALANGI travels but loses possession, FISO is on attack but finds it hard to get in a position to shoot
57′ PURCELL has a pop from distance and the block sends it flying back out
56′ KITE goes for goal but it’s caught in the air by UGAITAFA
55′ Sliding challenge on FAIVAILO on the edge of the box leads to a free kick for Tonga in very dangerous territory
54′ KITE sends it flying over the target
54′ Tonga are on attack when American Samoa concede a foul 20 metres off the edge of the box
53′ SUB ASA Bryman LEVAULA is replaced by Roy LEDOUX
52′ Tonga strings a series of passes together and look threatening up the middle but the attack is diffused
50′ Tevita KAU is put through with two defenders on his tail, he chests down but doesn’t hit it with enough power
47′ Tonga lose possession and FISO is eyeing the ball like he wants it for himself
46′ Tonga get the second half started
HALF-TIME: American Samoa 0-2 Tonga
45’+1 ‘ Tonga win back in their half and it’s over most players by Tevita SILI but TAUMUA sends out
One minute additional time
44′ Another Tonga corner
42′ Quick counter from ASA but Sione VAENUKU tidies up at the back
41′ FAIVAILO makes a daring run up the right before shooting, it’s tipped over the cross bar by UGAITAFA
40′ YELLOW CARD Fonua TALIAULI is cautioned for a tackle on PURCELL
37′ PURCELL takes himself and it looks good with the bounce causing uncertainty but LIKIO controls
36′ PURCELL picks up in the middle and travels, he needs support but gets a push before it arrives earning a free kick
34′ GOAL!!! American Samoa 0-2 Tonga Ofa KITE sends the ball around the wall, UGAITAGA gets a touch but it’s in the back of the net
32′ YELLOW CARD Keeper John UGAITFA is cautioned for handling the ball outside the area
30′ Poor clearance from UGAITAFA allows Tuia FALEPAPALANGI to collect, he should pass but goes for glory sending the ball wide
29′ Great hussle from Bryman LEVAULA as American Samoa put a sustained period of pressure on their opponents
27′ Tonga concede a free kick inside their opponents half and TAUMUA sends over the crowd putting pressure on the keeper
24′ Tonga break quickly but a poor pass from FAIVAILO can’t find TUIFANGALOKA
19′ Great teamwork for Tonga as FAIVAILO finally receives and gets set to shoot, it’s blocked by PURCELL but he’s handled it
18′ SUB ASA An early change sees Tala AUVAA make room for Milo TIATIA
14′ PURCELL tries to play out from the back and manages to switch the ball to the right
11′ GOAL!!! American Samoa 0-1 Tonga Tevita KAU receives from Opesi TUIFANGALOKA, he takes a couple of touches before firing past John UGAIFATA
9′ Swift counter attack from American Samoa but Ofa KITE comes across putting out and giving his side time to drop and reset
6′ Fonua TALIAULI breaks up the right for Tonga he crosses for Kalakaua FAIVAILO but the shot is wide
4′ Joe PURCELL steals in the centre but struggles to make a clean run through the defence
3′ Gabriel TAUMUA floats a free kick in at the far post but it’s slapped clear for a corner by Alifaleti LIKIO
1′ Underway with American Samoa taking the kick-off

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