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New appointments at OFC for New Year

Two internal promotions have seen Michael Song step up from Competitions Coordinator to Head of Competitions, and accountant Richard Otter has taken the helm in the Finance department.
The new face on the block is Tukaha Mua who is coming on board as the head of the OFC TV department.
“The opportunity to work with the OFC is a very unique one because the television department is the only example in the entire Pacific region where sport broadcasting is used as a tool for social development,” Mua says.
Mua’s background is in commercial television, having spent 15 years working with at Fiji TV with a recent two year stint in Papua New Guinea as General Manager of EMTV (Media Niugini Limited).
While he began his career as a journalist, Mua was soon making his way up the ladder and picking up new and effective skills along the way. He moved into the specialised areas of production and programming, negotiating content deals with studios, global sporting properties and satellite providers.
As OFC TV looks to diversify its future activities even further, Mua’s proven track record in the Pacific, along with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and contacts in all the right areas makes him a great fit for the role.
“The OFC recognised some time ago that the appeal of football is universal and by working closely with Member Associations, we can address and improve key elements in people’s lives including encouraging healthier lifestyles and promoting fairness and equality,” Mua says.
“I will work closely with the General Secretary to ensure that the reach and impact of the TV Unit is strengthened around the Pacific Islands, to lift the profile and following of OFC tournaments and to increase the recognition and awareness of the stars of the game in the Pacific.”
Mua replaces Olivier Huc who returned to Tahiti at the end of 2013, while Michael Song is replacing David Firisua, who left at the same time.
Song says it is a real honour to be following in the footsteps of someone he learnt so much from during his time at OFC which has seen him go from intern to department head in just four years.
“I started at OFC as an intern in 2010 and was keen to get as much experience as I could. David was instrumental in helping me learn the ropes as was the then Head of Competitions Seamus Marten,” Song says.
“I was offered the opportunity of full-time employment at OFC in July 2011 and have been fortunate to continue growing my knowledge of the game from every possible angle.”
Equipped with a Bachelor of Business Studies, majoring in Sport Business Management, from Massey University Song’s passion for football has even seen him spend his holiday touring football clubs in Europe. As well as attending matches at stadiums like Barcelona’s Nou Camp or Wembley in England, he has visited behind-the-scenes of the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF), Hull City FC and Swansea City FC.
Song also completed a one-month internship with English Premier League club Everton in the Community Department and says the experience remains invaluable.
“I learned so much in that short period of time that I have been able to apply to work situations as well as everyday life. It was a really great experience.”
“Football is my passion and I’m a huge supporter of the game in all its forms. To be able to live and breathe the game on a daily basis is an amazing opportunity and I’m really looking forward to meeting and working with more people from around Oceania who are football fanatics just like me.”
For Richard Otter the promotion is a chance to be more involved with OFC’s Member Associations, an opportunity he is relishing.
“I’ll be more directly involved with the MAs as well as the Executive Committee members which will be an interesting challenge,” Otter says.
“I’ve been with OFC for eight years and have always enjoyed the football side of the job. It’s great that I’ve been able to continue working up the ladder while staying involved in the game.”

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