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New coach with the new team

Hekari United the reigning champion playing their 9 grand final will be facing the new kids on the block Zulu Scientific Panamex Lae FC.
Lae FC as a new team was formed this year to participate in the semi professional competition with the aim to put another team for Morobe.
Team manager David Zemo said it’s was not by mistake that the team make it through to the grand final but they were prepared and focus on their game plan through hard work and commitment of the players and team management it happened.
“Hekari is the reigning champion and has represent Papua New Guinea in the OFC Champions League and our focus now is go by our game plan, avoid mistakes and play for 90 minutes,” said Zemo.
The team under the guidance of Nare Orere since taking over the role as a head coach the team has won their last four remaining matches including the semi final which put them in a better shape to face Hekari.
Orere said being his first time coaching in the semi professional level and also bringing a new team that far, he is so happy and he is prepared to take the team to face Hekari United in the grand final.
“I have faith in my players and myself when I put up my first eleven which I have no doubt in them and I’m well prepared to play Hekari,” said Orere.
Team captain Liem Kohu said Hekari has a eight time champion, we have so much respect for them but on the field we are enemies till the final whistle.
Kohu’s advise to his team mates is to keep calm, focus on the game plan , go out there and play with you heart.
Zemo want to thank major sponsor Zulu Scientific, Part sponsor Panamex and Governor Kelly Naru for their support in bringing the team to the grand final.

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