Tupapa Maraerenga 0-3 Kiwi

Tupapa Maraerenga vs. Kiwi Match Summary: Download here
See all the play-by-play action below:
The starting line-ups are as follows:
Tupapa Maraerenga: 1. Liam LITTLE [GK], 2. Mii JOSEPH (c), 3.Hone FOWLER, 4. Allan BOERE, 5. Branden TUREPU, 6. Byron PAULUS, 7. Grover HARMON, 8. Rhys RUKA, 9. Sam MARGETTS, 10. Campbell BEST, 11. Geoffrey STRICKLAND
Substitutes: 12. Ronnie SAKAI, 13. Ant SAMUELA, 14. Terii FRAMHEIN, 15. Sunai JOSEPH, 16. Twin TIRO
Coach: Delaney YAQONA (FIJ)
Kiwi: 21. Masi TOETU [GK], 2. Shaun EASTHOPE, 4. Andrew SETEFANO, 7. Jarrell SALE, 11. Tamoto FENIKA, 13. Lionel TAYLOR (c), 15. Adam COWAN, 16. Martin PACKER, 17. Jamie MASON, 20. Joseph GAUGHAN, 22. Mike SAOFAIGA
Substitutes: 3. Patrick ASIATA, 6. Lafi IOANE, 9. Max HOEFLICH, 10.Albert BELL, 1. Filipo ASIATA [GK],
Coach: Martin TAMASESE (SAM)
Match officials
Referee: Matt CONGER (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Glen LOCHRIE (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Lemusa ALATASI (ASA)
4th Official: Campbell-Kirk WAUGH (NZL)
The final whistle blows
90′ + 3′ YELLOW CARD Kiwi’s Lafi Ione is cautioned
90′ + 2′ Tupapa aren’t giving up and continue to press forward
90′ Three minutes of additional time is added
89′ SUBSTITUTION Kiwi bring Lafi Ioane on in place of Tamoto Fenika
88′ GOAL!!! Tupapa Maraerenga 0 Kiwi 3 Gaughan scores for Kiwi
86′ SUBSTITUTION Mike Soafaigo is replaced by Albert Bell for Kiwi
86′ The rain has really started coming down here at Pago Park Soccer Stadium and both sides are struggling to control the ball
83′ Ruka shoots from the middle of the half but it drifts wide
81′ SUBSTITUTION Campbell Best makes room for Twin Tiro on the Tupapa side
80′SUBSTITUTION Kiwi bring Patrick Asiata on to replace captain Lionel Taylor
80′ Tupapa are coming up through the middle of the pitch with the goal in sight
78′ Huge tackle from Allan Boere in front of the goal on Mason shuts down an other perfect opportunity for Kiwi to extend the lead
76′ A chance for Tupapa as they break through Ruka he looks up and sends to Paulus but hits a little too hard
74′ Free kick for Kiwi after Fowler slides in
69′RED CARD Harmon with a second caution following a tackle on Martin Packer and Tupapa are down to ten
68′ Saofaiga covers half the field on his own before whipping in a shot from the right which Little catches
65′YELLOW CARD Grover Harmon is cautioned for a dangerous tackle
60′ Gaughan is again caught offside
59′SUBSTITUTION Tupapa bring Strickland off in place of Terii Framhein
57′ Gaughan takes a shot but no luck
54′YELLOW CARD Gaughan doesn’t like the refs decision of offside and receives a caution
51′ Hone Fowler with a solid header to clear a Kiwi corner
50′ Ruka sends in a free kick but it’s headed clear
48′ Margetts lofts in a shot from the top of the box but Toetu collects
48′ Easthope heads clear for a Tupapa corner
47′ A great shot from Rhys Ruka goes inches over the cross bar for Tupapa
The second half gets underway
The first half comes to an end
44′ Margetts shot ricochets off the top right corner – so close for Tupapa
43′ A great run from Best gains some ground for Tupapa
41′ Hone Fowler’s challenge on Easthope gives Kiwi a chance directly in front of goal but the shot from Easthope is tipped over the cross bar by Little
39′ Setefano gets a foot in ahead of Paulus and sends long but it goes to touch
38′ A shot from Margetts is blocked
38′ A shoulder charge by Cowan on Strickland earns Tupapa a free kick
35′ A shot on target for Gaughan is saved by Little
34′ Lionel Taylor crosses in from the right for Kiwi but Turepu boots clear for a corner
33′ Sam Margetts crosses in from the left for Tupapa but it’s too deep
31′ Turepu wins the ball off Gaughan in the Tupapa corner and his side is on the attack
30′ Harmon lofts a shot over the cross bar for Tupapa
29′ Joe Gaughan gives away a free kick
27′ GOAL!!! Tupapa Maraerenga 0 Kiwi 2 The ball rebounds back into play off the upright and Jaime Mason arrives to slot home for Kiwi’s second
25′ Strickland with a challenge on Andrew Setefano and he’s told by referee Matt Conger “no more”
24′ YELLOW CARD Branden Turepu is cautioned for Tupapa and Kiwi have a dangerously positioned free kick
22′GOAL!!! Tupapa Maraerenga 0 Kiwi 1 Adam Cowan finds the net when he connects with a cross from Martin Packer at the far post
20′ YELLOW CARD Easthope is cautioned for a dangerous tackle on Geoffrey Strickland
18′ A chance for Kiwi on the counter as Mike Saofaiga is played up the left flank he leaps over Little who pushes clear
17′ Cross comes in at the Kiwi end but they manage to clear
17′ Possession is bouncing between these two sides
15′ Mii Joseph clears to Byron Paulus who can’t get it under control
13′ Best takes a throw in for Tupapa as they push forward fast
11′ Little is off his line and the ball is rolling towards his open goal with Adam Cowan bearing down, he’s fortunate the ball stops in a puddle and he scrambles back
10′ The conditions really are making things difficult for both sides
9′ A great ball from Grover Harmon to Campbell Best but the ball stops dead and Best loses momentum in his run allowing Kiwi to clear
8′ Free kick for Kiwi taken by Shaun Easthope, nothing comes of it
6′ Tupapa with a chance from the corner, three shots come flying in first is saved by Kiwi keeper Masi Toetu the rest hit defenders and Kiwi are on the counter
4′ Gaughan gets a shot off Little dives to save and spills, Adam Cowan is arriving but Little recovers
4′ Joseph Gaughan is caught offside for Kiwi
2′ It’s lofted over the defence but Tupapa keeper Liam Little takes
1′ Hone Fowler of Tupapa with an early foul and Kiwi have a free kick
The match kicks off
One minute of silence will be observed for former Fiji Football Association technical director Farouk Janeman

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