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NEW ZEALAND: 1. Stefan MARINOVIC (GK), 2. Kip COLVEY, 4, Themistoklis TZIMOPOULOS, 6. Bill TUILOMA, 9. Chris WOOD, 10. Luka PRELEVIC, 13. Monty PATTERSON, 14. Rory FALLON, 16. Louis FENTON, 17. Luke ADAMAS, 18. Sam BROTHERTON
SUBS: 12. Max CROCOMBE (GK), 3. Mat RIDENTON, 7. Kosta BARBAROUSES, 8. Michael McGLINCHEY, 11. Marco ROJAS, 19. Thomas DOYLE, 20. Te Atawhai HUDSON-WIHONGI, 21. Logan ROGERSON, 22, Moses DYER, 23. Tamati WILLIAMS (GK)
Coach: Anthony HUDSON
FIJI 1.Simione TAMANISAU (GK), 2. Avinesh SUWAMY, 3 Remueru TEKIATE, 6. Nickel CHAND, 8. Setareki HUGHES, 9. Roy KRISHNA, 10. Iosefo VEREVOU, 11. Ilimotama JESE, 19. Amani MAKOE, 21. Alvin SINGH, 23. Samuela KAUTOGA
SUBS: 20. Shaneel NAIDU (GK), 22. Benaminio MATEINAGARA (GK), 4. Jale DREOLA, 5. Rusiate MATAREREGA, 7. Pita BOLATOGA, 12. Tevita WARANAIVALU, 13. Ilisoni TUINAWAIVUVU, 14. Kolinio SIVOKI, 15. Samuela NABENIA, 16. Malakai TIWA, 17. Taione KEREVANUA, 18. Laisenia RAURA,

Coach: Frank FARINA
90+2 Avinesh Suwamy with a shot on target from the free kick, but he doesn’t trouble New Zealand goalkeeper Stefan Marinovic
90+1 Indirect free kick for Fiji after New Zealand’s goalkeeper Stefan Marinovic carries the ball out of the penalty area
90′ Fourth official indicates 3 minutes of added time
90′ SUB FIJ Setareki Hughes is replaced by Laisenia Raura
88′ Fiji’s Roy Krishna with a low shot from the edge of the box which is saved by Stefan Marinovic
87′ Fiji’s Malakai Tiwa with a good chance to pull one back at the far post from a Avinesh Suwamy corner, but he misses from close range
85′SUB NZ Louis Fenton is replaced by Thomas Doyle
83′ New Zealand’s Kip Colvey with a cross from the left but he misfires and the ball sails out of play harmlessly
81′ New Zealand’s Logan Rogerson hits the post at the other end following a strong run on the left wing
80′ Good interpaly between Fiji’s Samuela Kautoga and Roy Krishna on the left flank before New Zealand’s Kip Colvey cleares the ball
78′ Sam Brotherton with a shot inside the box that forces a save from the diving Fiji’s goalkeeper Simione Tamanisau
77′ SUB NZ Rory Fallon is replaced by Logan Rogerson
76′ YELLOW CARD New Zealand’s Luka Prelevic receives a yellow card
75′ Two corners by New Zealand’s Michael McGlinchey before a quick counter by Fiji
73′ Fiji’s Avinesh Suwamy with a free kick from 25 metres out, but his attept on goal sails high above the crossbar
71′ SUB FIJ Iosefo Verevou replaced by Malakai Tiwa
70′ New Zealand’s Luka Prelevic with a deflected shot which falls Bill Tuiloma, whose effort is blocked for a corner
68′ Fiji’s Iosefo Verevou threatens on the right flank to put New Zealand under sustained pressure befotre the All Whites clear
66′ SUB NZ Monty Patterson is replaced by Michael McGlinchey
65′ Fiji’s Remueru Tekiate with a crucial last gasp tackle on Monty Patterson inside the penalty box.
63′ Fiji’s Setareki Hughes with a long range attempt, but his low shot is wide of the right post
61′ GOAL! NZL 3-1 FIJ Captain Chris Wood makes it 3-1 with a low shot to the left corner, the ball goes just under the diving Simione Tamanisau
60′ Penalty for New Zealand for a handball inside the box by Fiji’s Alvin Singh following a shot by Rory Fallon
56′ Fiji’s Iosefo Verevou is at the end of a pass from Roy Krishna but he falls down inside the penalty box, the referee waives play on
53′ New Zealand’s Themistoklis Tzimopoulos with a crucial interception on Roy Krishna, who is trying to use his speed to get behind the All Whites
53′ All Whites with possession, patiently building from the back
49′ Monty Patterson with a short pass from the free-kick to Louis Fenton, but the All Whites are offside
48′ YELLOW CARD Fiji’s Remueru Tekiatereceives a yellow card for a foul on Chris Wood
46′ New Zealand get the second half away
45+2 GOAL NZL 2-1 FIJ Captain Roy Krishna cooly converts from the spot
45+1 Penalty for Fiji for a foul on Setareki Hughes
45′ Fourth official indicates 1 minute of added time
42′ New Zealand’s Luka Prelevic with a stinging shot from the edge of the box forces a good save from goalkeeper Simione Tamanisau
41′GOAL! NZ 2-0 FIJ Rory Fallon makes it 2-0 for New Zealand with a close range rebounding shot from Fiji’s goalkeeper Simione Tamanisau
38′ New Zealand’s Rory Fallon hits the top of the crossbar with a looping shot, but the All Whites are flagged offside
36′ Fiji’s Avinesh Suwamy forces a good save from Stefan Marinovic with a rifling long range strike
35′ New Zealand’s Luka Prelevic with an attempt on goal from the edge of the box, but his strike is wide
34′ YELLOW CARD Fiji’s Alvin Singh receives a yellow card
33′ Roy Krishna with a run on the right flank, his cross towards Setareki Hughes cleared for a corner
31′ Good spell this for Fiji, putting the All Whites under pressure
29′ Roy Krishna shoots inside the penalty box but his effort goes across the faceof the goal
28′ Avinesh Suwamy’s corner from the right picked out of the air by New Zealand’s goalkeeper Stefan Marinovic
27′ Fiji trying to get back into the game, but a long ball looking for Roy Krishna misses the target
25′ Monty Patterson receives medical treatment on the sideline
24′ New Zealand’s Rory Fallon’s header from right corner misses the target
23′ New Zealand’s Monty Pattersonis in discomfort after a tackle by s Remueru Tekiate
22′ Chris Wood with a header on target following a long range free kick by Monty Patterson
18′ Chris Wood threatens again, his physical presence and mobility causing plenty of trouble to the Fijian defenders
16′ GOAL! NZL 1-0 FIJ The All Whites take the lead through Themistoklis Tzimopoulos, who taps in from close range following a good reflex save by Fiji’s goalkeeper Simione Tamanisau from Chris Wood
14′ Chances at both ends in quick succession, firt to New Zealand skipper Chris Wood than to Fiji captain Roy Krishna
13′ Fiji’s Avinesh Suwamy with a long range strike but his effort sails high above goalkeeper Stefan Marinovic’ post
12′ Roy Krishna with a strong run at the All Whites defence but loses his footing inside the Kiwis’ penalty box
10′ New Zealand’s Bill Tuiloma with a probing cross inside Fiji’ penalty but it’ cleared by Remueru Tekiate’s defensive header
9′ Fiji’s central defender Alvin Singh needs medical attention, he temporarily leaves the field
7′ Both sides are guilty giving away possession
6′ Patterson’s corner from the left boxed clear by Fiji’s goalkeeper Simione Tamanisau
4′ New Zealand’s Monty Patterson with a free kick inside Fiji’ half but his effort is wide
2′ Fiji respond by pushing forward but the All Whites defence is up to the challenge
1′ New Zealand with early pressure in frint of Fiji’ goal
1′ Fiji skipper Roy Krishna with the kick off
1′ We are underway at the 2016 OFC Nations Cup in PNG with the opening match between New Zealand and Fiji.

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