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Team Wellington: 1. Scott BASALAJ (GK), 3. Steven GULLEY, 4. Anthony HOBBS, 5. Bill ROBERTSON (C), 7. Leonardo VILLA, 9. Tom JACKSON, 10. Luis CORRALES, 11. Mario BARCIA, 13. Alex FENERIDIS, 16. Ben HARRIS, 17. Fergus NEIL,
Substitutes: 2. Taylor HOUGH, 12. Andrew BEVIN, 14. William SCOTT, 15. Mark JONES, 18. Saul HALPIN, 19. Conor McGLINCHEY, 21. Taylor SCHRIJVERS, 22. Alex CARR (GK), 23. Michael O’KEEFFE (GK)
Absent: 8. Cole PEVERLEY, 20. Michael GWYTHER
Suspended: 6. Chris BALE
Coach: Matt CALCOTT (NZL)
Suva FA: 23. Beniamino MATEINAQARA (GK) (C), 4. Jale DRELOA, 5. Poasa BAINIVALU, 6. Nickel CHAND, 7. Kaliova TIVULU, 9. Sakaraia NAISUA, 10. Rusiate MATAREREGA, 11. Madhwan GOUNDER, 15. Waisake NAVUNIGASAU, 17. Filipe BARAVILALA, 20. Setareki HUGHES
Substitutes: 1. Tevita KOROI (GK), 2. Epeli LEIROTI, 3. Tomasi TUICAKAU, 12. Tomasi UCULOA, 13. Don RAJ, 16. Shahil DAVE, 22. Emori RAGATA (GK)
Injured: 14. Samuela DRUDRU
Absent: 19. Pita RABO
Coach: Gurjit SINGH (FIJ)
Match Officials
Referee: Joel HOPKKEN (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Mahit CHILIA (VAN)
Assistant Referee 2: Lemusa ALATASI (ASA)
Fourth Official: George TIME (SOL)
FULL TIME: Team Wellington 2-0 Suva
90’+1′ SUB WEL: Double goalscorer HARRIS is replaced by Connor McGLINCHEY for Wellington
90′ Four minutes of additional time will be played
89′ Suva break down the other end and nearly score but BASALAJ makes a good save at his near post to keep out a Filipe BARAVILALA shot
89′ VILLA nearly caps an outstanding performance with a spectacular goal, spotting MATEINAQARA off his line and chipping an effort from distance that hits the underside of the cross bar but somehow doesn’t cross the line
84′ SUB SUV: Suva make their final change, Rusiate MATAREREGA being replaced by Emori RAGATA
82′ Suva have a great chance to get on the scoresheet when MATAREREGA bears down on goal but loses composure and scuffs his effort wide
81′ GOAL!!! Team Wellington 2-0 Suva: Wellington appear to have finally secured the win as HARRIS scores his second, meeting a VILLA cross to loop a header over MATEINAQARA
78′ SUB WEL: Luis CORRALES is replaced by Andrew BEVIN for Wellington
78′ Scott BASALAJ is forced to make a rare save to keep out a MATAREREGA free kick
77′ SUB SUV: Nickel CHAND is replaced by Tomasi TUICAKAU for Suva
77′ YELLOW CARD: Bill ROBERTSON goes into the book for Wellington
76′ The outstanding afternoon of MATEINAQARA continues as he pulls off a point-blank save to deny Mario BARCIA
74′ GOAL!!! Team Wellington 1-0 Suva: Wellington finally have the goal their dominance has deserved, GULLEY cutting the ball back for HARRIS to head in from close range
74′ Suva continue to throw the bodies in the way of any Wellington efforts, doing so twice in quick succession after VILLA sends a free kick into the box
72′ Madhwan GOUNDER plays in Rusiate MATAREREGA with a wonderful pass but Suva are denied by the offside flag
70′ Suva launch a rare attack through HUGHES down the left but his strike from the corner of the area is blocked
69′ Wellington again fail to make the most of a hugely promising free kick, FENERIDIS putting his effort into the wall
68′ SUB WEL: Wellington make their first change, Tom JACKSON heading off for Mark JONES
66′ Wellington again can’t capitalise as the free kick from HARRIS is blocked
66′ It’s yet another free kick in a great position for Wellington, they’ll be looking to finally make the most of one of these situations
65′ Wellington have their best chance of the afternoon when GULLEY fires the ball across the face of goal and HARRIS stretches out but can’t get a foot to it
64′ SUB SUV Poasa BAINIVALU is replaced by Tomasi UCULOA for Suva
62′ TIVULU has a lash at goal from a long way out but is never in control of the strike and it goes high and well wide of the Wellington goal
59′ YELLOW CARD: Another player goes into the book, this time it’s Suva’s Kaliova TIVULU after a tackle on FENERIDIS
57′ YELLOW CARD: The frustration of HARRIS shows as he goes into the book for a challenge
56′ Wellington have a huge appeal for a penalty turned down when HARRIS appears to be brought down in the box
55′ Wellington have another great chance to score, a free kick from Leonardo VILLA reaching Tom JACKSON, whose shot is blocked
54′ Alex FENERIDIS gets his curling effort on target from the free kick but Beniamino MATEINAQARA pulls off a spectacular save
53′ Wellington have a free kick in a perfect position after Ben HARRIS is brought down just outside the box
51′ Steven GULLEY crosses from the left for Wellington and it causes confusion in the Suva box but they eventually manage to clear
49′ Seteraki HUGHES shows good skill to find room to cross for Suva and the ball reaches Nickel CHAND but he is under pressure when he meets it and can’t get a shot away
48′ Poasa BAINIVALU gets into a good position on the right for Suva but can’t pick out a team mate with his cross
46′ We’re off and running again here for the second half
HALF TIME: Team Wellington 0-0 Suva
45′ One minute of additional time will be played
45′ Alex FENERIDIS hits a free kick towards the Suva goal but MATEINAQARA has got his positioning right and gathers comfortably
43′ Setareki HUGHES tries to get past ROBERTSON down the Suva left but the experienced defender blocks his progress
41′ CHAND whips a free kick into the Wellington box but the delivery is not accurate enough to pick out a team mate
38′ Wellington have one of their best chances of the half when captain Bill ROBERTSON heads a corner narrowly wide
37′ CHAND turns on the edge of the Wellington area and shoots but his effort lacks the power to beat BASALAJ
37′ Suva will now be looking to get to half-time still on level terms and re-group for the second period
35′ MATEINAQARA makes his first mistake of the afternoon, coming out to try to claim a CORRALES cross but not getting near it, fortunately the ball bounces out for a goal kick
34′ The impressive VILLA tries his luck from distance for Wellington but his effort is deflected out for a corner
32′ Suva have a rare sight of goal when Madhwan GOUNDER controls on the edge of the area and takes a shot but it fizzes wide
30′ Wellington will be frustrated to not be ahead by now after dominating possession and carving out a handful of opportunities
29′ HARRIS cuts onto his right on the edge of the Suva box and shoots but again can’t beat MATEINAQARA, who appears to be in fine form this afternoon
27′ JACKSON tries to pick out CORRALES with a through ball but MATEINAQARA again comes out to meet it
25′ MATEINAQARA comes off his line to smother a low Wellington cross at the feet of JACKSON
24′ A trademark long throw is launched into the box by JACKSON but the Suva defence heads it away
22′ Suva have a half chance when a cross reaches Nickel CHAND but he can’t bring the ball under control
21′ HARRIS meets a Wellington corner with his head but the looping effort causes little bother for Suva keeper MATEINAQARA
19′ The New Zealanders are stroking the ball around confidently while Suva are struggling to string together any meaningful moves when they have the ball
17′ Wellington launch another attack, HARRIS getting away down the right and pulling back for Mario BARCIA, who puts his cross-come-shot wide
16′ HARRIS pounces on a mistake in the Suva backline and breaks away but can’t beat MATEINAQARA from a tight angle
15′ Rusiate MATAREREGA rises to get his head to a Suva free kick but doesn’t make a clean connection and BASALAJ gathers with no trouble
13′ Tom JACKSON has a chance from close range for Wellington but again MATEINAQARA keeps hold of it
12′ Ben HARRIS blasts the free kick hard and low towards goal but it goes straight into the arms of Beniamino MATEINAQARA, who does well to hold on
11′ Wellington earn a free kick just outside the box after a challenge on CORRALES
8′ Wellington have settled the quicker of the two teams and are enjoying the majority of possession
7′ Luis CORRALES gets off a shot from outside the Suva area after a nice spell of possession for Wellington but his effort rolls harmlessly wide
4′ Seteraki HUGHES breaks down the right for Suva and gets past Bill Robertson before firing a shot at goal from a tight angle, Scott BASALAJ fumbles but manages to keep it out
2′ Team Wellington have a free kick in a promising position and Leonardo VILLA swings it in but the header is off target
1′ Yesterday’s rain has disappeared and it’s a lovely autumnal day here in Auckland, perfect for football
1′ We’re underway here on Match Day 2 of the 2016 OFC Champions League

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