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Vanuatu: 20. Noela BAKOKOTO (GK), 2. Daina KALOPONG, 3. Monica MELTEVIEL, 4. Jasmina TAKARO, 5. Louisa KALPRAM, 7. Brenda ANIS, 8. Emilia TARAVAKI, 9. Priscilla CHARLEY, 10. Paulieana MANWO, 12. Dilisa YEOYER, 15. Rina BATICK
Substitutes: 11. Elmah AIJIVI, 13. Cllemontine SENIS, 14. Keren COULON, 16. Eva BOE, 17. Julie-Rose NASSE, 18. Johnita WILLIE, 19. Delphine KALMET, 1. Melody TATE (GK)
Injured: 6. Nadine KILETEIR
Coach: Joel RARUA (VAN)
Tonga: 22. Fipe KAUVVAKA (GK), 2. Ofaloto LAAKULU, 3. Heilala MOALA, 4. Katalina TALIAULI, 6. Vea FUNAKI, 7. Seini LUTU, 9. Liliani KAITAPU, 10. Malia TONGIA, 11. Alexandra FIFITA, 13. Manu LATU, 14. Meleseini TUFUI
Substitutes: 1. Heleni TAHITUA (GK), 21. Mele AKOLO (GK), 5. Manusiu LATAVAO, 8. Halaunga TAHOLO, 12. Siunipa TALASINGA
Absent: 15. Taylor PARKER, 16. Sosefina HAVEA
Coach: Penateti FEKE (TGA)
FULL TIME: The game finishes 2-2 after a couple of late goals
90+4′ Vanuatu throw after TONGIA heads out
90+3′ Vanuatu clear the corner and advance up the field
90+3′ Tonga corner
90+2′ AKOLO escapes her marker, but there is a flag up for offside
90+1′ Four minutes added time
89′ GOAL!!! VAN 2-2 TGA MELTEVIEL gets in behind and finishes calmly to even things up again
89′ Long shot from Tonga just misses the net, Vanuatu goal kick
88′ Tonga throw deep in attacking territory
88′ Vanuatu goal kick after Tonga hit the ball too far
86′ GOAL!!! VAN 1-2 TGA AKOLO gets free and taps the ball into the corner of the net to give the home side the lead
85′ FUNAKI back to clean up for Tonga as Vanuatu launch a counter
84′ AKOLO gets on the end of a big goal kick, but she can’t control and ends up fouling the Vanuatu keeper
83′ MELTEVIEL fires from wide out, but it misses everyone
81′ Home crowd getting right behind Tonga now as they push for another goal
79′ GOAL!!! VAN 1-1 TGA LAAKULU scores after a scramble in the box, looked like her shot deflected off the Vanuatu defender
78′ Tonga corner after LAAKULU chases and puts pressure on the Vanuatu defender
76′ LUTU spots the keeper out of her box and fires a shot from halfway, it’s over the top but not by much
75′ Tonga with another good chance down the right, but they can’t get the cross in
74′ LUTU fires a free kick from just inside the attacking half, but BAKOKOTO grabs it in the air
72′ MELTEVIEL with a great covering tackle to prevent LAAKULU from shooting
71′ LAAKULU blocks the free kick, but she is ruled to have been too close, take two for Vanuatu
71′ Vanuatu free kick 22 yards out from goal
70′ Tonga looking a little frustrated as they struggle to find a way through the Vanuatu defence
69′ Long shot by LAAKULU is well wide
67′ AKOLO gets free and crosses to LUTU, but she puts her shot directly at the keeper
66′ SENIS shoots low from out wide, but KAUVAKA scoops it up
65′ Tonga goal kick after they shut down another Vanuatu raid
63′ SUB VAN YEOYER off for Clemontine SENIS
63′ Play resumes with a Vanuatu free kick
61′ Play stops as we have a Vanuatu player down injured
60′ AKOLO breaks down field but ends up fouling a Vanuatu defender. Free kick Vanuatu
59′ All the pressure on Vanuatu right now as Tonga push for an equaliser
58′ LUTU hits a ball into the box but BAKOKOTO comes out to collect cleanly
57′ MELTEVIEL with another crucial header off the line to save a goal
57′ Tonga corner after Vanuatu boot the ball out
56′ Tonga with a throw deep in attacking territory
55′ FUNAKI with a goal-saving tackle for Tonga
55′ LAAKULU makes a good break down the left, but the help isn’t there
54′ Vanuatu free kick just inside their attacking half
54′ Tonga goal kick as the Vanuatu attack breaks down
53′ CHARLEY plays around wih two markers on the edge of th box before Tonga eventually clear
51′ Good ball in but LUTU just misses the header at the back post
51′ Tonga corner
50′ ANIS disrupts play just before TONGIA pulls the trigger on a shot
49′ TONGIA shoots from distance but BAKOKOTO claims
49′ CHARLEY shoots but she is called back for offside
47′ Vanuatu throw on halfway
46′ Vanautu get play back underway for the second half
46′ SUB TGA: FIFITA off and Mele AKOLO on
HALF TIME: Vanuatu lead Tonga 1-0 at the break
45+1′ Two minutes of added time
44′ LAAKULU through on goal, but her touch is just off and Vanuatu get back in time
43′ Great chance for Vanuatu to double their lead, but offside is called again
42′ Tonga free kick from inside their own goal box
41′ MELTEVIEL has her penalty saved by KAUVVAKA. Big moment in the match right there
40′ PENALTY Vanuatu awarded a spot kick after a Tonga hand ball in the box
39′ MELTEVIEL hits it out for a Tonga goal kick
38′ MANWO shoots from a metre out, but the presence of FUNAKi is just enough to put her off and shoot straight at the keeper
38′ LUTU hooks a shot from outside the box, but it lacks power and is an easy take for the Vanuatu keeper
37′ Vanuatu corner is dropped by KAUVVAKA, but CHARLEY shoots wide
36′ Vanuatu with plenty of chances up front, but Tonga keep turning up at the right time to defuse
35′ MELTEVIEL attempts to go around her marker, but Tonga clear for a Vanuatu throw
34′ BAKOKOTO off her line quickly to clear away from the feet of TONGIA
33′ SUB TGA Manu LATU makes way for Hala’unga TAHOLO
32′ YELLOW CARD Brenda ANIS fouls and is booked by referee Finau VULIVULI
31′ Tonga free kick for Vanuatu offside
31′ LUTU’S corner is headed away well by MELTEVIEL and Vanuatu survive
30′ Back-to-back corners for Tonga
29′ TONGIA crosses and finds LATU, but it’s a weak shot and easy take for BAKOKOTO
28′ Tonga throw on halfway after Louisa KALPRAM dribbles out
27′ Vanuatu with a long period of possession, but Tonga hold out for the time being
26′ MELTEVIEL hits the free kick up over the bar for a Tonga goal kick
25′ Vanuatu free kick from 25 yards
23′ GOAL!!! VAN 1-0 TGA CHARLEY hits a screamer which finds the top of the net
23′ MANWO shoots from close range but it’s a fantastic save from Tonga’s Fipe KAUVVAKA
21′ Great chance for Tonga with LAAKULU free on goal, but the linesman has his flag up for offside
20′ Tongia loses possession in the attacking third after being pressured hard by MELTEVIEL
20′ Play resumes with a Tonga free kick
18′ Play has stopped while an injured Tonga player is helped
18′ Good work from MANWO sees her carve through the midfield, but the final ball finds a Tonga defender
17′ MELTEVIEL powers up for a volley, but the ball bounces into her arm for a handball
16′ Vanuatu shoot wide to the left, Tonga goal kick
15′ Daina KALOPONG back to clear for Vanuatu after Tonga create a two-on-one situation
14′ Game flowing from end-to-end with no shortage of chances for either side
13′ Monica MELTEVIEL attempts to go around LUTU, but no luck this time
12′ BAKOKOTO spills a long-range shot, Ofalotot LAAKULU shoots but is just wide
11′ Dilisa YEOYER fouls and Tonga have a free kick from 30 yards
11′ Tonga working their way down field with a couple of throws
10′ Paulieana MANWO almost breaks free, but Tonga scramble well to get back
9′ Tonga offside, Vanuatu free kick
8′ Vanuatu free kick which they cross out to the right. Tonga intercept and carry out
7′ Seini LUTU drives the free kick straight into the Vanuatu wall and they clear out
6′ Tonga are awarded an indirect free kick in the box for a Vanuatu back pass which their keeper picked u
5′ Tonga goal kick after some good defending
4′ Tongia whips in a decent cross, but BAKOKOTO climbs high to claim
3′ Vanuatu with a couple of early long balls, hoping to outpace the Tonga defence
2′ Priscilla CHARLEY gets one-on-one with the Tonga keeper, but the flag is up for offside
2′ Early chance for Tonga, but Noela BAKOKOTO comes off her line to collect
1′ Tonga get things started here at the Loto-Tonga Soka Centre

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