Corrales targets third title

The experienced Costa Rican has already tasted success at the region’s elite club football competition during Auckland City’s triumphant 2011 and 2012 campaigns.
Now the 32-year-old midfielder would like to notch up his third title and bring the trophy to the New Zealand capital.
“I feel like I owe Team Wellington a lot as they were the first franchise to give me an opportunity at this level when I first arrived in New Zealand in 2006,” he says.
“Of course, I have a special feeling for Auckland City as well, but my heart has always been in Wellington. It’s my home and I’m very happy there with my wonderful New Zealand wife and my three-year-old boy.”
Corralles says to win a third Oceania crown and qualify for another FIFA Club World Cup would be one of the highlights of his footballing career.
“It would be big, even some of the media back in Costa Rica is paying attention because there is a bit of a funny competition between me and Keylor Navas, Real Madrid’s number one goalkeeper.”
Navas is the only other Costa Rican who has been twice at the FIFA Club World Cup apart from myself when I went with Auckland City in 2011 and 2012. So I’m really determined to edge ahead of him,” he laughs.
“He probably doesn’t know who I am but I know who he is, and I want to break that record.”
Despite being content with life in his adopted land Corrales says Costa Rica is never far from his mind.
“To be honest there are still a few things I’m missing from home. Food is one of them, especially my mum’s cooking. Obviously family and friends too, it would be good to see them more often.
I’ve been twice back there in the last ten years and my mum and sisters and nieces have also been here too,” he says.
“It’s always emotional when we get together, we look forward to it for years and when finally it happens we are so happy.”
The veteran midfielder admits he is slowly coming to the end of his playing days, however, he is adamant football will always be an important part of his life. And he is hoping his son will follow in his footsteps.
“He is pretty good on his feet, very fast. I’m trying to make him more with his left foot so he is not like his dad who can only kick with one foot,” he jokes.
“We work on a lot of special movement development with him to help if he decides to become a footballer in the future.
I always said it doesn’t matter what sport he plays as long as he plays football. He will be a footballer for sure, he’ll have to be, but no pressure.”

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