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Auckland City FC 2-1 Amicale FC

Follow the play-by-play action of the Leg 2 Final of the OFC Champions League 2014 below.
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Auckland City FC: 1. Tamati WILLIAMS [GK], 3. Takuya IWATA, 4. Mario BILEN, 6. John IRVING, 10. Ryan de VRIES, 15. Ivan VICELICH (c), 16. Dae Wook KIM, 17. Joao MOREIRA, 20. Emiliano TADE, 22. Andrew MILNE, 23. Sam BURFOOT
Substitutes:7. James PRITCHETT, 9. Darren WHITE, 18. Louie CAUNTER [GK], 19. David BROWNE, 21. Mario ILICH, , 25. Sean LOVEMORE, 26. Sean MORRIS
Amicale: 1. Chikau MANSALE [GK] (c), 4. Davide TALONE, 9. Esava NAQELECA, 11. Sanni ISSA,22. Fenedy MASAUVAKALO, 24. Kensi TANGIS, 25. Laitia TUILAU, 29. Dominique FRED, 30. Jack WETNEY, 31. Marko DORDEVIC, 34. Colin MARSHALL
Substitutes: 6. Sivan SWAMY, 8. Milan MATIC, 10. Nikola VASILIC, 13. Francois SAKAMA, 16. Daniel NATOU, 18. Robert TOM, 20. Michael RUTHERFORD [GK], 21. Paul YOUNG, 35. Richard ANISUA,
Coach: Nathan HALL (AUS)
Match Officials
Referee: Norbert HAUATA (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Tevita MAKASINI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Phillipe REVEL (TAH)
Fourth Official: Averii JACQUES (TAH)
The final whistle sounds
90′ + 3′ Sent straight into the wall by Masauvakalo
90′ + 2′ A hand ball just outside the box gives Amicale a free kick in a dangerous position
90′ + 1′ SUBSTITUTION: Auckland City bring Ryan de Vries off for Darren White
90′ + 1′ Amicale are on the attack and looking for the goal that could win them this title
90′YELLOW CARD Andrew Milne is cautioned for time wasting
89′ Amicale are caught offside and Williams takes his time lining up the ball
88′YELLOW CARD Tade is cautioned for his shirtless goal celebrations
87′GOAL!!! Auckland City FC 2-1 Amicale FC Emiliano Tade smashes into the back of the net
86′ Browne gets it wide, a couple of touches in goalward before a low drive heads just wide
86′ Dangerous pass from Masauvakalo to Dordevic who has to boot to touch with Tade on his back
85′ Headed out by Kim but picked up by Amicale
84′ The two Serbians are in behind with Vasilic sending in at the near post just misses by inches
83′ Tade with a lazy foot brings Masauvakalo down just outside the 18 yard box – could be dangerous for Auckland
82′ Tangis with an excellent shot that challenges Williams who just tips it wide
82′ Great run from Browne who slips allowing Amicale to pick up
80′ Naqeleca heads clear and Amicale are away, great effort from Vasilic and equally great save from Williams at the near post
79′ Amicale under pressure trying to clear in their half, Kim down in a challenge and while he receives treatment Tade lines up the kick
78′ Shot from Vasilic comes close to the top corner
78′SUBSTITUTION: Auckland City replace Joao Moreira with Sean Morris
77′ Free kick for Amicale with Masauvakalo stepping behind
77′ Vicelich with an over the head effort to clear
76′ Moreira is unmarked as he recieves, slots home at the far post but the whistle has already sounded for offside
75′ Sakama starts another run through the middle but Auckland win back and counter quick through Tade adnd de Vries
74′ Sakama breaks away from Vicelich and blasts off a shot which deflects out
73′ Crunching tackle from Vasilic brings Bilen down and Auckland take the free kick fast
71′ David Browne brings it towards the Amicale goalline and cuts it back towards Tade btut Tauilau reads well and cuts in to intercept
71′ Williams plays short to Bilen who is forced back to his keeper who boots up the middle
70′ Auckland seem buoyed by that goal and are making some inroads up the right
69′ SUBSTITUTION Amicale bring Francois Sakama on in place of Jack Wetney
68′ Browne withhis first touch of the ball, brings it into the middle, lays off wide to Moreira who fires over the goal
67′ GOAL!!! Auckland City FC 1-1 Amicale FC Ryan de Vries brings Auckland City back in line with an excellent tap in behind Mansale
66′ SUBSTITUTION Auckland City swap out Sam Burfoot for David Browne
65′ Iwata steps to the side and play resumes
65′ Iwata is down injured and referee Norbert Hauata signals for treatment to enter the pitch
64′ Irving makes a great start, it’s picked up by Tade who plays to de Vries and almost gets it back but Amicale nick possession back
62′ SUBSTITUTION Sanni Issa steps off the field for Amicale making way for Nikola Vasilic
60′ Great work from John Irving who keeps his cool under pressure from Fred
59′ Issa jogs his way around the pitch and back onto the field as Marshall chests an effort back to his keeper
58′ Issa receives treatment before play gets back underway with the effort off the corner sent over the goal
57′ Trouble in the Auckland City box as Issa hits the deck but no foul sees play continue and it ends in an Amicale corner
56′ Great string of passes before Auckland hit Milne who’s first touch is too heavy and Mansale lets it run dead
55′ Amicale pressuring up the right but Auckland back in possession trying to work through the middle
54′ Moreira in the middle, tries his chance with an off-target shot
53′ Auckland doing some good work closing the Amicale attack down
52′ Amicale have a goal kick whacked upfield by Marshall
51′ A touch from Mansale earns a corner for Auckland City played short by Tade to de Vries, crossed in and Kim gets a head at the same time Mansale steps up to punch clear
50′ Auckland City make their way up the pitch with a quality piece of passing play before earning a free kick taken by Tade
48′ Some fancy footwork starting to emerge from Wetney as he one-twos his way around Kim
47′ A bit of bobbing around in the Amicale box with Vicelich trying to bring the ball down for a shot
47′ Fenedy Masauvakalo goes straight over the top of Kim and Auckland have a free kick
46′ Amicale go deep into Auckland City territory early
The second half gets underway
The first half comes to a close
45′ +1′ GOAL!!! Auckland City FC 0-1 Amicale FCSanni Issa crosses and a free Kensi Tangis heads hard and fast past Williams
44′ Mansale dives at the feet of Moreira to deny the Portuguese striker
43′ Issa gets aerial with Vicelich, the ball drops to Tangis who slams a low drive goalwards but just wide
42′ A decent Auckland shot goes just high of the bar, followed by some close calls but it’s like there’s a force field denying the home side
41′ de Vries takes a long run into the centre, steps on the ball to turn but it’s enough time for the defender to whip in and clear
40′ Great work from Amicale up the left, comes to Tangis in the middle who does well to trick Iwata and lay off to Masauvakalo who skims his shot wide
38′ Decent cross into the box from Milne, Ryan de Vries can’t get it under control and Auckland concede a free kick as they try to win back
38′ Dangerous pass across the face of the goal from Amicale but Talone does well to collect
37′ More excitement at the other end as Fred lofts in a cross but no one gets off a shot that challenges Williams
36′ Kim slots through the defence but the rapid arrival of Marshall denies an Auckland shot
35′ Quick counter from Amicale but the final pass into the centre is well picked up by Mario Bilen
35′ A string of shots from Auckland City but not one of them troubles Mansale as the defence do their job
34′ Some scrappy play on the half way mark as the ball ping pongs around a crowd of players
33′ Tade moves off for treatment and Williams sends long to get play back underway
32′ YELLOW CARD Laitia Tuilau goes in the book after a challenge on Tade as he swung to clear
31′ Wetney in the corner with two men on his back manages to pop the ball out to an arriving Talone who is knocked down earning a free kick near touch for Amicale
30′ Fenedy Masauvakalo finds himself with plenty of time in the centre to wind up his shot but sends it wide
29′ Corner whipped in but driven out fast by Auckland who are keen to seal this match up
28′ Marshall drives it low to the left but a diving Williams redeems himself as he tips his effort wide
28′ Marshall steps up to the penalty spot
27′ YELLOW CARD Vicelich is cautioned after bringing Sanni Issa down in the box. The captain is furious with his keeper
26′ Auckland counter swiftly and earn a corner, just headed wide of the far post
25′ Williams clears out to Vicelich who’s on the turn and even the best efforts of Andrew Milne can’t keep the ball in
24′ Keeper to keeper from Williams and Amicale advance under immense pressure from Takuya Iwata
24′ Vicelich clears under pressure from Tangis, foul on Auckland City just in front of the benches
23′ Long cross from Vicelich almost covers half the field but drops neatly into the waiting hands of Mansale
22′ Corner flied in from Masauvakalo but the volley goes up and over the target
20′ Well timed ball from Marshall finds Fred, cross is touched by Sanni Issa on to Tangis and a diving Williams just tips it out
19′ Amicale come flying into the Auckland half but for all the build up can’t get a shot off before Auckland are back on the attack
18′ Tade comes close to breaking but mistimes his touch allowing Laitia Tuilau to clear the danger
17′ Marshall in behind but sends it high to the head of Ivan Vicelich, an easy clearance for the towering veteran
16′ Free kick for Amicale after an Amicale player comes down
15′ YELLOW CARD Esava Naqeleca comes in behind Kim and earns himself a caution
15′ Tangis misfires his header and sends it out of the park
14′ Close call for Amicale as Auckland try their chances
13′ Ball sent long and wide for an advancing Marshall but just a little too much on it for the Scotsman
11′ Tade has trouble getting past the big Serbian at the back Marko Dordevic
10′ Irving sweeps in to collect a pass from Tangis looking for Dominique Fred
10′ Swift counter attack from Amicale but a touch from Tade sees Auckland back in control
9′ Andrew Milne has a go up the right but is shut down by Talone
9′ Another shot this time from Moreira but it’s easily caught by Amicale captain and keeper Chickau Mansale
8′ Tade with the ball in the box slams it across the face of the goal but not one can tap in
7′ Amicale turnover and it is sent long for Kensi Tangis who struggles to get a head to it
7′ Tade and Moreira combine well up the left but Auckland find themselves stuck in the corner
5′ Moreira breaks again but this time the flag is raised for offside
4′ Colin Marshall sends the goal kick across the Amicale face over to Davide Talone on the left
4′ Emiliano Tade steps behind, aims for the top right but curls it a couple of feet too high
3′ Joao Moreira starts a strong run into the box and is brought down by the Fenedy Masauvakalo just outside Amicale’s box
3′ Free kick for Auckland City just inside the Amicale half taken quickly by Mario Bilen
2′ Tamati Williams in control, plays out to John Irving
1′ Amicale attacks up the right early
The match kicks off

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