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FC SKBC crowned national champions

Three-time defending champs Pago Youth A (5-1-1) finished second, followed by the Tafuna Jets (4-2-1) by a differential of goals (8-6) over Taputimu Youth (4-2-1) for third place.
Utulei Youth (2-1-4) is fifth by goals differential (-3 to -5) over Black Roses (2-1-4) and rounding up the standings is Pago Youth B (0-7).
“We are extremely proud and happy to be 2013 champions especially after coming up from Division 2 last year,” pointed out SKBC club president, and defender, Rafe ‘Tala’ Luvu.
They clinched the title with a tough, 3-0 win against Pago Youth B while in other games it was Pago A 3, Black Roses 1; Utulei Youth 2, Lion Heart 2 and Tafuna Jets 1, Taputimu Youth 1.
SKBC have now won two titles in a row, the Division 2 title for 2012 and the much more prestigious, Division 1 championship for 2013. Striker Gun Kang was named the MVP of the league and cemented that honor with a two-goal performance against Pago B.
FC SKBC will represent American Samoa at the 2014 OFC Champions League Preliminary Tournament as the National League champions against the best from Cook Islands, Tonga and Samoa.
This year’s version will kick off in three weeks time from Oct. 15-19 with Pago Youth taking on Cook Island’s Tupapa, Tonga’s Lotoha’apai and Samoa’s Kiwi soccer club.
“Congratulations to FC SKBC for winning this year and we hope they prepare well for next year’s competition,” said FFAS President, Faiivae Alex Godinet.
“This is not the end for us this year as we have an international tournament taking place on our very grounds in October and I hope our players, fans and clubs come out to support our representative in that competition, Pago Youth.
“After that tournament we will have our President’s Cup tournament to close out the year so continue to play and practice as we lead up to that tournament,” Faiiave pointed out.
Another event to be determined is the promotion/relegation match between the 7th seed of Division 1, Black Roses, and the No. 2 seed of Division 2, Vaiala Tongan.
The winner of this match will compete in Division 1 for the 2014 year while the loser throws their hat into the Division 2 pool.
PanSa, champions of Division 2 for the 2013 year, won an automatic spot in Division 1 for 2014 while Pago Youth B have been relegated to Division 2 for placing last in the flight.
“It was a very competitive year and sadly for us we got thing going late during our season,” said Pago Youth President Silasila Samuelu. “Congratulations to FC SKBC for the win and we also want to thank all for their support of our team as we prepare for the upcoming tournament.”

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