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Fiji: 19. Francine LOCKINGTON (GK), 2. Cecelia NAINIMA, 3. Miliana NARUKU, 4. Margaret TABUANITOGA, 5. Sereima NAVUGA, 7. Laca TIKOSAYA, 10. Aliza HUSSEIN, 12. Ledua SENISEA, 13. Titilia WAQABCA, 15. Koleta LIKUCULACULA, 16. Cema NASAU
Substitutes: 20. Laite SALAMEI (GK), , 6. Bulou NAUGAVULE, 8. Maca RALAGI, 9. Silina QARAWAQA, , 11. Louisa SIMMONS, 14. Mere CIRIA, 17. Adi BAKANICEVA, 18. Harina ERASITO
Coach: Yogendra DUTT (FIJ)
Papua New Guinea: 1. Faith KASIRAY (GK), 2. Belinda GIADA, 3. Margaret JOSEPH, 5. Robertlynn KIG, 6. Francisca MANI, 7. Natasha SAGEM, 8. Loretta YAGUM, 9. Selina UNAMBA, 10. Isabella NATERA, 13.Serah TAMBOL, 15. Anna MALARA
Substitutes: 20. Veronica VANUA (GK), 4. Alison PAULIAS, 11. Mercedes HAPOTO, 12. Anna SOS, 14. Melissa JOFARI, 16. Anila ROBERT, 17. Bridgit PAIME, 18. Samantha MATAN, 19. Ewin NANO
Coach: Margaret AKA (PNG)
Match Officials:
Referee: Anna-Marie KEIGHLEY (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Lata KAUMATULE (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Maria TAMALELAGI (SAM)
Fourth Official: Tapita LELENGA (TGA)
FULL TIME: Fiji 2-2 Papua New Guinea
Three minutes additional time
86′ SUB PNG: Melissa JOFARI replaces Selne UNAMBA
84′ GOAL!!! FIJ 2-2 PNG Cema NASAU scores for Fiji
83′ SUB FIJ Harina ERASITO replaces Aliza HUSSEIN
75′ Papua New Guinea get a shot away, but it loops up over the bar
73′ Play is paused while a PNG player is down hurt
72′ KASIRAY out to collect a bouncing shot
71′ Fiji break down the left, but PNG repel the attack
69′ PNG moving into a more defensive formation as they look to hold their lead
66′ GOAL!!! 1-2 FIJvPNG GIADA chips a falling LOCKINGTON and finds the net
65′ YELLOW CARD: Koleta LIKUCULACULA booked for a dangerous tackle on half way
64′ Papua New Guinea have a corner, but it’s out behind goal
63′ Fiji working it out from the back
61′ NASAU causes plenty of problems for PNG at the back
60′ Papua New Guinea enduring a nervous few minutes at the back here
58′ Goal-saving tackle from JOSEPH after NASAU beats two defenders and the keeper
57′ Good tackle from JOSEPH at the back stops a Fiji forward movement
55′ Fiji go down field with back-to-back throws
53′ Fiji with a throw deep in attacking territory
52′ Papua New Guinea enjoying plenty of ball right now
51′ Papua New Guinea awarded a corner
49′ GOAL!!! Papua New Guinea put one in their own net after a cross comes through
48′ Long ball from LOCKINGTON out of the hands
46′ Back underway here between Fiji and Papua New Guinea
HALF TIME: Papua New Guinea lead Fiji 1-0
45′ YELLOW CARD: NASAU is booked for an intentional hand ball
44′ Fiji have a shot off the post. Very close to drawing even
42′ LOCKINGTON wins the 50/50 challenge with Anna MALARA
40′ PNG go over the top again, but NAINIMA clears
38′ NASAU breaks out wide, but is caught by the PNG defence
37′ Goal kick for PNG and they go short out to the left
36′ PNG try a long ball, but NAINIMA cleans up for Fiji
34′ Ball going from end-to-end right now. Plenty of chances for both sides
33′ LOCKINGTON off her line to collect
32′ Fiji pressing in attack now
30′ GOAL!!! 0-1 FIJvPNG GIADA in behind and finishes neatley in the corner
29′ LOCKINGTON off her line quickly to clean up
29′ Close again for Fiji as they cross across the face of goal
28′ Fiji with a free kick on halfway, safely into the hands of KASIRAY
27′ Great work from Cema NASAU to beat two markers and whip a cross in. But her team can’t get there in time
26′ PNG goal kick and they go short
23′ Another offside flag for Papua New Guinea
21′ Belinda GIADA beats her marker and plays a ball through, but Fiji scramble back
21′ Fiji advance down field with a couple of throws
20′ Another offside called on Papua New Guinea
18′ Shot on target from Ledua SENISEA, but KASIRAY saves for PNG
18′ Corner coming up for Fiji
16′ PNG are through on goal, but up comes the flag for offside
15′ PNG march down field with back-to-back throws
14′ Fiji pressing the PNG backline hard, and they win throw from it
13′ Sereima NAVUGA launches a shot from 30 yards, but it’s wide of the mark
12′ Scary moment for Fiji as the ball bounces past the keeper. But it’s out for a goal kick
11′ Papua New Guinea flagged offside. Fiji free kick
10′ Fiji clear out from the corner
10′ Papua New Guinea awarded a corner kick
8′ Francine LOCKINGTON out to collect for Fiji
8′ Free kick for Papua New Guinea just inside their attacking half
6′ End-to-end action so far
4′ Close call for Papua New Guinea after the ball bounces past the keeper
3′ Nice touch at the back from Margaret JOSEPH for Papua New Guinea clears a dnagerous movement
2′ Early rush forward from Fiji
1′ We are underway here at Takitumu School

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