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Koloale 1 – 2 Hekari United

Please see below for all the play-by-play action.
Starting line-ups:
Koloale: 20. Shadrack RAMONI [GK], 2. Israel KOTI, 3. Freddie KINI, 5. Samson TAKAYAMA, 9. Benjamin TOTORI, 11. Ian PAIA, 12. Gideon OMOKIRIO, 13. Lency SAENI, 15. Mostyn BEUI, 16. James NAKA, 23. Steven ANISI
Coach: Henry KOTO [SOL]
Hekari United: 1. Leslie KALAI [GK], 2. Daniel JOE, 6. Samuel KINI, 8. Maciu DUNADAMU, 10. Wira WAMA, 17. Kema JACK, 18. Eric KOMENG, 19. Koriak UPAIGA, 21. Clifton AUMAE, 23. Ian YANUM, 25. Taniela WAQA
Coach: Jerry ALLEN [SOL]
Match officials:
Referee: Nick WALDRON [NZL]
Assistant referee 1: Matthew TARO [SOL]
Assistant referee 2: Noel BERRY [SOL]
Fourth official: George TIME [SOL]
The match kicks off
6’ Ian Yanum hits the first shot of the match but Koloale goalkeeper Shadrack Ramoni makes a straightforward save

9’ James Naka and Ian Paia combine well on the right for Koloale but the resulting shot goes wide

15’ PENALTY: A spot kick is awarded to Koloale for a foul on Mostyn Beui by Taniela Waqa inside the area

16’ GOAL!!! Koloale 1 – 0 Hekari United: Benjamin Totori converts the penalty to give Koloale an early lead

19’ Clifton Aumae finds space just outside the Koloale box but his shot goes just wide

28’ Maciu Dunadamu breaks free inside the Koloale area and crosses but Ramoni comes out to collect the ball

32’ Totori takes a shot from distance but it bends harmlessly away from goal

33’ SUBSTITUTION: Yanum is replaced by Nigel Dabingyaba for Hekari

35’ A corner from Wira Wama finds Dabingyaba but the substitute heads wide

40’ Israel Koti is injured for Koloale and play is held up while he receives treatment

42’ Gideon Omokirio send a free kick into the Hekari box but goalkeeper Leslie Kalai gathers

44’ Samuel Kini almost levels terms for Hekari but his shot from the edge of the box goes just a few inches too high

45’ GOAL!!! Hekari United 1 – 1 Koloale: Hekari United equalise when Maciu Dunadamu heads home a Wama cross

The first half comes to an end.
The second half kicks off.
46’ SUBSTITUTION: Omokirio is replaced by Augustine Samani for Koloale

47’ Dunadamu breaks free down the right for Hekari and shoots but Ramoni makes a low save

49’ Ramoni picks up an injury and play is held up while he receives treatment

50’ YELLOW CARD: Kini is cautioned for Koloale

53’ Dunadamu again troubles Ramoni with a shot but the Koloale defence manages to clear

54’ Dunadamu hits a free kick towards the Koloale goal but it goes wide
66’ Kema Jack gets on the end of a high ball and shoots for Hekari but can’t find the target

70’ Samuel Kini shoots from distance for Hekari but his effort goes too high
75’ GOAL!!! Hekari United 2 – 1 Koloale: Jack puts Hekari in front after hitting home the rebound from an earlier shot by Dunadamu
77’ Hekari almost extend their lead with an effort by Samuel Kini but Ramoni makes an excellent save to deny them
80’ SUBSTITUTIONS: Dunadamu is replaced by Raymond Gunemba for Hekari while Israel Koti is replaced by Cecil Buru for Koloale

82’ Lency Saeni sends Koloale’s best attempt of the second half straight into the arms of Kalai

83’ Naka follows up Saeni’s effort with a shot from outside the box but again Kalai makes a good save
86’ YELLOW CARD: Beui is cautioned for Koloale

90’ Four minutes of injury time will be played

The final whistle is blown.

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