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Malaita Football Association has a new president. He is Derrick Taka-former General Secretary of the football association. Taka stood unopposed.

SIFF Vice President Stanley Siapu who presided over the elections held at the Malaita Provincial capital reported that it went smoothly.

The MFA has a four year term as stipulated in their current constitution. Their term lapsed as of August 2006 however due to heavy commitment in soccer the elections were put off till November 2006.

A 14 day notice was given out to area associations to pay up their affiliation fees however only two responded.

Outgoing president Paul Sara explained the nature of the non payment of fees hence those not paying were not eligible to attend and vote during such an election.

Nominations were called for in the morning of Friday 17th November and closed the midday the same day.

The vacant posts are; president, Senior Vice President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer and three ordinary members.

According to SIFF Vice President, Siapu, only the post of the vice president received two nominations the rest had only one nomination.

The new Malaita Football Association executive are;

* President- Derrick Taka

* Snr. Vice President – Francis Anisilaua

* Vice President – Jason Mae Siru

* General Secretary- Paul Sara Lau

* Treasurer – Themeus Waledala

* Three ordinary members to be co-opted

SIFF Vice President, Stanley Siapu has called on the new Malaita Football Association executive to encourage and facilitate all area football associations around the province to pay their affiliation fees to MFA.

He raised this issue because majority of smaller football associations did not pay up their membership fees therefore considered illegible to vote.

Siapu congratulated the new executive and reminded them to create a level field to play both on and off field to improve administration and operational activities of MFA.

“In doing so the executive has to have a new standardize version of the FIFA Statutes and Constitution as adopted by SIFF.”

The SIFF Vice President also told the MFA executive to work closely and together with area associations to foster a more solid and unified relationship, hence improved and sustained football development in Malaita Province.

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