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Tupapa Maraerenga FC: 1. Sacha NATHU (GK), 3. Ben HUNT, 4. Anthony SAMUELA, 6. Twin TIRO, 7. Grover HARMON, 8. Rhys RUKA, 9. Paavo MUSTONEN, 10. Campbell BEST, 11. Jared COLLIGAN, 12. Harlem SIMIONA, 16. Ishak MOHAMMED
Substitutes: 20. Murray WILSON (GK), 5. Josh KARIKA, 13. Edward BROGAN, 14. Zahid ALI, 15. Sunai JOSEPH, 18. Mel MATAKANO, 19. James NAND
Injured: 17. Edmund OKIRUA
Absent: 2. Mii JOSEPH
Coach: Delaney Yaqona (FIJ)
Utulei Youth FC: 1. Jonathan FAAVAE (GK), 2. Neemia KALEOPA, 4. Gun KANG, 6. Kaleopa SILIGI, 7. Ryan SAMUELU, 9. Kome TOMASI, 10. Elama FAATONU, 12. Ueli TUALAULELEI, 15. Pesamino VICTOR, 16. Paul COLLINS, 17. Iopu KALEOPA
Substitutes: 13. Peter HARRINGTON (GK), 8. Malu FAAVAE, 14. Tea SIATUU
Injured: 3. Palauni TAPUSOA
Absent: 5. Pita SINAPATI, 11. Tala FAALAVAAU
Coach: Ututoa INO (ASA)
Referee: Avereii JACQUES (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Bernard MUTUKERA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Jeffrey SOLODIA (SOL)
Fourth Official: Robinson BANGA (VAN)
FULL TIME: Tupapa beat Utulei Youth 9-1
90+5′ GOAL!!! 9-1 TUPvUTU KARAKIA nets Tupapa’s ninth
90+5′ Paul COLLINS scuffs a shot from the penalty spot and it’s an easy take for NATHU
90+4′ KARAKIA blasts over the top from just inside the box
90+1′ Six minutes of added time
90′ GOAL!!! 8-1 TUPvUTU HARMON strikes from close range
90′ SUB TUP Edwrad BROGAN on and Paavo MUSTONEN off
88′ GOAL!!! 7-1 TUPvUTU KARAKIA makes no mistake after being played in behind
88′ KARAKIA gets in on goal, but pokes his shot straight at FAAVAE
85′ RED CARD: BEST shown a second yellow for unsporting behaviour
85′ SILIGI in behind for Utulei, but it’s called back for offside
83′ BEST creeps offside and Utulei have a free kick
82′ KARAKIA fouls in his own attacking box and Utulei have a free kick
80′ YELLOW CARD: KANG shown a yellow for a tackle on HARMON
79′ RED CARD: Second yellow for SAMUELA and he is off
75′ Play pauses for a drinks break
74′ GOAL!!! 6-1 TUPvUTU SIMIONA crosses to a wide open KARAKIA who finishes
73′ Utulei fire a free kick in, but NATHU punshes clear
71′ BEST with another quality header on goal, but it’s wide
70′ KARAKIA in on goal but he’s called back for offside
66′ YELLOW CARD: BEST booked for a challenge
66′ Utulei playing with a spring in their step after the goal
64′ SIMIONA to take a free kick just inside his half
62′ GOAL!!! 5-1 TUPvUTU Powerful free kick from Kaleopa SILIGI grabs a deflection and beats NATHU
59′ SUB TUP: Josh KARAKIA on and COLLIGAN off
59′ GOAL!!! 5-0 TUPvUTU COLLIGAN hits the crossbar on his free kick, but BEST arrives late to nod home
57′ GOAL!!! 4-0 TUPvUTU BEST bags his double with a powerful effort
53′ Great save from FAAVAE following a Ben Hunt free kick
51′ Free kick right on the edge of the box for Tupapa folliwng a Utulei hand ball
50′ YELLOW CARD: Grover HARMON booked for a tackle from behind
50′ Free kick is just wide and out for a Utulei goal kick
49′ Tupapa awarded a free kick from 25 yards
48′ Good ball in from JOSEPH, but it’s headed clear by KALEOPA
46′ SUB TUP: Twin TIRO off and Sunai JOSEPH on
46′ Back underway here in Rarotonga
HALF TIME: Tupapa lead Utulei Youth 3-0
45+2′ Good chance for Tupapa, but BEST puts it across the face and out for a Utulei free kick
45+1′ Three minutes added time
44′ GOAL!!! 3-0 TUPvUTU BEST leaps high on a Tupapa corner and nods into the net
44′ BEST has hit shot blocked out for a corner
41′ SIMIONA has his run blocked again and the ball runs out for a Tupapa corner
39′ Free kick floated in by RUKA, but Neemia KALEOPA heads out
37′ Tupapa earm a corner but can’t find the mark, Utulei pass their way out
34′ Booming volley from BEST deflects up into the air but is claime by FAAVAE
33′ Play resumes following the drinks break
31′ Play pauses for a drinks break
30′ GOAL!!! 2-0 TUPvUTU RUKA hits from the back post and finds the goal despite a touch from FAAVAE
29′ Tupapa continue to be frustrated by the stubborn Utulei defence
27′ BEST breaks down the right but Utulei read the cross and clear
25′ Tupapa drive in a low corner, but it’s easy for Utulei and they clear out
23′ Tupapa camped in the attacking zone but can’t break through
21′ RUKA has his driven shot blocked by a defender
20′ Utulei clear out and work their way up field
19′ Tupapa earn a corner after SIMIONA’S cross is blocked
18′ Tupapa dominating possession right now
16′ GOAL!!! 1-0 TUPvUTU Nice cross in from Rhys RUKA and COLLIGAN gets above his marker to end into the net
15′ YELLOW CARD: Tupapa’s Ant SAMUELA booked for a challenge
15′ Utulei awarded a free kick 30 yards out from the line
13′ BEST called back for offside
12′ Clumsy tackle from SAMUELU sees Tupapa awarded a free kick
10′ YELLOW CARD: Pesamino VICTOR booked for Utulei for a dangerous challenge
8′ Gun KANG breaks free into the box, but Ishak MOHAMMED scrambles to prevent a shot
6′ YELLOW CARD: SAMUELU booked for Utulei after a challenge on COLLIGAN
5′ Harlem SIMIONA whips in a cross, but FAAVAE jumps high to collect
4′ Ryan SAMUELU gets a shot away from outside the box, but it’s an easy save for Sacha NATHU
3′ Campbell BEST called back for offside
2′ Powerful free kick from Jared COLLIGAN takes a deflection before Jonathan FAAVAE comes out to collect
1′ We are underway here at the CIFA Academy

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