See below for all the play-by-play action.
Starting line-ups:
Solomon Islands: 1. Anthony TALO (GK), 7. James EGETA, 12. Jack WETNEY, 11. Coleman MAKAU.
Substitutes:3. Elliot RAGOMO (c), 4. George STEVENSON, 6. Atana FA’ARODO, 8. Jeffery BULE, 9. Micah LEA’ALAFA, 10. Samuel OSIFELO, 20. David LAFAI (GK).
Coach: Dickson KADAU [SOL]
1. Glendon MASAAI (GK), 7. Ben HUNGAI (c), 8. Pakoa RAKOM, 9. Donald AVOCK, 10. Albert THO.
Substitutes: 2. Joseph HANGHANGKON, 3. Bill TITEK, 4. Dudley DOMINIQUE, 5. Jesse TAKARO, 6. Jacky JOHN, 11. Nalpinie IASI, 12. Philip YVANO (GK).
Coach: Louis DOMINIQUE [VAN]
Match officials:
Referee: Ryan SHEPHEARD [AUS]
Second Referee: Daniel KAUSUO [NCL]
Third Referee: Stephane UPA [NCL]
Timekeeper: Francois CUCCURULLO [NZL]
The match kicks off
19′ 45′ Vanuatu win possession with an intercept and Albert Tho blasts in a shot which goes just wide
19′ 12′ Atana Fa’arodo shoots at the other end but keeper Glendon Masaai is ready and punches clear
18′ 47′ Samuel Osifelo’s shot rattles the upright
18′ 28′ Shot from Tho who forces Anthony Talo to dive and tip the ball out
17′ 19′ Osifelo beats his man but his touch is heavy and the ball is cleared
17′ 03′ Micah Lea’alafa gets off a shot but Masaai punches away the danger
16′ 40′ Free kick for Solomon Islands and Osifelo plays in to Lea’alafa who shoots at Masaai
16′ 20′ GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 1 Vanuatu 0 Jeffery Bule beats his marker and shoots low to open the scoring
15’29’ George Stevenson plays through the legs of Donald Avock but there’s no one there to tap home
14′ 54′ GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 2 Vanuatu 0 Atana Fa’arodo finds the back of the net
14′ 31′ GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 3 Vanuatu 0 Stevenson gets in on the scoring as Solomon Islands take a three goal lead
14′ 31′ Vanuatu call a time out
14′ 30′ Play resumes with Vanuatu kicking off
14′ 25′ Solomon Islands chip Masaai but Ben Hungai clears off the line for Vanuatu
13′ 37′ Stevenson chips over Masaai but it’s wide
13′ 27′ Stevenson again slides in looking to score but is again wide
13′ 07′ Coleman Makau goes one-on-one with Masaai who comes out victorious on this occasion
12′ 23′ Free kick at half way near touch for Solomon Islands following a Vanuatu foul
11′ 56′ Masaai races out and toe-pokes the ball away from his goal
11′ 15′ Makau goes one-on-one with Jacky John who just gets a touch to disrupt the attack
10′ 37′ Tho shoots from out wide but Talo gets a hand to it at the post
10′ 22′ John’s shot is blocked by Bule on the edge of the arc
9′ 45′ Lea’alafa beats Avock and shoots but Masaai dives right to make the save
9′ 01′ Masaai throws on for Tho who side foots wide of the goal when he comes face-to-face with Talo
8′ 18′ A great turn from John and he shoots, but Talo anticipates and makes the save
7′ 31′ Vanuatu are playing well on the ball but the Solomon Islands look to have rediscovered some of the flair that’s been missing for much of this tournament
6′ 35′ Masaai has the ball and plays out to Avock as Vanuatu inch forward
6′ 14′ Avock receives a chip near the line and gets off a shot that skims the face of the goal
5′ 36′ Stevenson drills low and wide
5′ 30′ Vanuatu have reached five fouls and a warning sounds
5′ 20′ GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 4 Vanuatu 0 Stevenson gets his second from the back post
4′ 17′ GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 5 Vanuatu 0 Lea’afala plays across the goal to Bule who knocks it in behind Masaai
3′ 30 Makau slams a shot into the side net as he looks to get on the scoreboard
3′ 13′ Lurking at the far post Makau just needs to tap in but misses his opportunity
2′ 34′ The goal is well covered by Masaai as Makau takes a shot
1′ 46′ Skipper Hungai advances and gets off a shot but is unlucky
1′ 10 GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 5 Vanuatu 1 Albert Tho gets on the board for Vanuatu
0′ 44′ Free kick for Vanuatu but they can’t get near the target
0′ 01′ GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 6 Vanuatu 1 Atana Fa’arodo scores
The first half comes to an end
The second half gets underway
19′ 46′ Solomon Islands win possession and start moving the ball around the court
18′ 52′ Osifelo lifts his shot over Masaai but he’s off target
18′ 16′ Masaai saves two good shots from Osifelo as Solomon Islands increase the pressure up front
17′ 54′ GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 6 Vanuatu 2 Captain Ben Hungai scores for Vanuatu
17′ 32′ GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 7 Vanuatu 2 Elliot Ragomo gets on the board for Solomon Islands
17′ 12′ David Lafai throws long from the Solomon Islands goal finding Masaai at the other end of the court
16′ 27′ GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 7 Vanuatu 3 Jacky John scores Vanuatu’s third
16′ 09′ Lafai spills the ball but Vanuatu can’t get a foot to it to capitalise
15′ 59′ YELLOW CARD Nalpinie Iasi gets a caution for Vanuatu
15′ 29′ Osifelo goes down in an off the ball incident and is helped off for treatment
15′ 05′ Iasi shoots but Lafai scuttles across to gather up the ball
14′ 02′ Makau shoots and it comes down off the inside of the cross bar and back into play
13′ 38′ GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 8 Vanuatu 3 Bule pulls the ball back and fires a shot into the top of the net
12′ 54′ Vanuatu fouls and it’s a free kick for Solomon Islands
12′ 52′ GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 9 Vanuatu 3 Makau scores to give Solomon Islands a six goal lead
12′ 26′ YELLOW CARD Donald Avock of Vanuatu is cautioned
12′ 22′ Vanuatu have reached five fouls with 12 minutes remaining in the match
11′ 43′ Bule’s shot from the corner gets nothing but side net
11′ 02′ Penalty for Solomon Islands and keeper Talo is stepping up
11′ 01′ Masaai does well to save the shot and Talo has to race back to his half
10′ 26′ Dudley Dominique shoots at the near post but Talo has it covered
10′ 15′ Vanuatu call a time out
10′ 14′ Play is back underway with Vanuatu in possession
9′ 02′ Jack Wetney’s shot is well off target
8′ 42′ Lea’afala drills low and hard but Masaai gets a hand to it
8′ 10′ Masaai comes right out and is beaten but fortunately his players have rallied behind him and Solomon Islands don’t get a chance to shoot at the open goal
7′ 29′ Hungai winds up but Lea’afala arrives to block as he shoots
6′ 52′ The keepers get a chance to go one-on-one when Talo advances
6′ 25′ Vanuatu have left the goal open again but Lea’afala can’t capitalise
5′ 29′ GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 9 Vanuatu 4 Hungai gets his second and Vanuatu have their fourth
4′ 42′ YELLOW CARD Masaai is cautioned and Solomon Islands have a penalty which Makau steps up for
4′ 40′ The shot hits the upright
4′ 22′ GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 10 Vanuatu 4 Bule scores a hattrick after knocking in behind Masaai
3′ 37′ Solomon Islands corner and Talo comes forward to receive the pass but blasts high over the cross bar
3′ 07′ GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 10 Vanuatu 5 Pakoa Rakom gets on the board for Vanuatu
2′ 44′ Talo comes forward again and shoots but Masaai gets low to make the save
2′ 03′ Talo is still up front when Vanuatu steal the ball and shoot at an open goal but have no luck
1′ 34′ Wetney gets back to block Hungai’s shot as Vanuatu break
1′ 24′ A foul on Wetney at the other end and Solomon Islands have a penalty
1′ 23′ Wetney blasts it wide
1′ 08′ GOAL!!! Solomon Islands 11 Vanuatu 5 Lea’alafah scores at the back post for Solomon Islands
0′ 20′ Vanuatu are on attack but Solomon Islands win the ball and counter
The final whistle is blown