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Tonga: 1. Alifaleti LIKIO (GK), 2. Ofa KITE (c), 3. Sione VAENUKU, 5. Falanisesi MAUSIA, 6. Tevita KAU, 7. Tevita SILI, 8. Kalakaua FAIVAILO, 9. Tuia FALEPAPALANGI, 10. Viliami TUKIA, 11. Fonua TALIAULI, 15. William NAU
Substitutes: 4. Petueli TOKOTAHA, 12. William SENITULI, 13. Opesi TUIFANGALOKA, 14. Viliami KAITAPU, 16. Pesamino TOMASI, 17. Sitaleki FISI, 18. Ongolea FILO, 19. Alone FAKAVAI, 20. Tevita KAILEA (GK)
Coach: Timote MOLENI (TGA)
Samoa: 1. Eti FATU (GK), 2. Kitiona NAUER, 3. Joseph MAMEA-HIND, 4. Stanley MAMEA, 6. Osa SAVELIO, 7. Willie SAUILUMA (c), 8. Jackson NAUTU, 9. Lotial MANO, 10. Jeneum KEPU, 12. Julius DUFFY, 14. Falaniko NANUMEA,
Suspended: 11. Dilo TUMUA
Substitutes: 5. Stanley SELEMAIA, 13. Eichard EPA, 15. Paul FELISE, 16. Jefferson FAAMATAU, 17. Jeffrey LEIATAUA, 18. Uilisone GALU, 22. AJ AMOSA (GK), 23. Talita HAFOKA (GK)
Coach: Desmond FAAIUASO (SAM)
Match Officials
Referee: Mederic LACOUR (NCL)
Assistant Referee 1: Bernard MUTUKERA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Douglas METE (SOL)
Fourth Official: Averii JACQUES (TAH)
FULL TIME: Tonga 1-1 Samoa
90’+3′ SAUILUMA with a big tackle to win back as Tonga attempt to break
90’+2′ FATU almost at halfway to clear that counterattack from Tonga
Three additional minutes
90′ SAUILUMA takes on KITE, his cross is blocked but he manages to win a corner
89′ A cross comes in from FAIVAILO but no one gets close enough to finish
88′ Messy at the back from Samoa as Tonga go in search of the winner
86′ SUB SAM Falaniko NANUMEA makes room for Jefferson FAAMATAU
83′ KITE is ambitious with that long range effort
82′ SAVELIO leaps high to connect back can’t get a clean touch and Tonga counter
82′ Dangerous for Tonga as they concede a corner
80′ KAU wins the ball and makes a great run with two defenders tailing but they manage to get a touch to the shot to slow its trajectory for FATU
79′ KITE drops the ball into the area but the eventual shot is wide
78′ Tonga break but when KAU is brought down play comes back to just inside the half for a free kick
75′ Outstanding take from KITE to deny the advance from Samoa
74′ Tonga flinging feet at the ball in the hopes of connecting when they make an advance
73′ GOAL!!! Tonga 1-1 Samoa Tevita KAU brings Tonga back in line
71′ Play pauses as keeper FATU requires attention
69′ A very strong advance from FAIVAILO to beat Osa SAVELIO before his cross is blocked at the near post
67′ KITE again called on to clear the ball from the back as Samoa up the pressure
65′ Passing game is strong from Samoa as they work towards the goal – the shot is looped in and LIKIO does well to claim with MANO right there
64′ Again FATU is off his line to make a save and it’s almost dangerous as he doesn’t hold onto the first effort but he manages to scramble back to save the second
62′ Tonga with a corner and Samoa have brought their whole squad back to defend it
61′ Another chance for Samoa as LEIATAUA is unmarked but he sends it over the cross bar
60′ SAUILUMA lines up a shot and it loses power when KITE makes the block
58′ Great break from Tonga, the cross comes from Kalakaua FAIVAILO and FATU smothers
57′ That high pressing from NANUMEA and Julius DUFFY is keeping Tonga’s backline under pressure
56′ Confusion in front of the Tonga goal – the shot comes from NANUMEA but LIKIO manages to make the save
54′ MANO goes for goal but he hits it directly at LIKIO
54′ A clumsy tackle from Tevita KAU hands Samoa a free kick
52′ LEIATAUA looks to break but hes being well marked by MAUSIA
50′ First touches really letting Tonga down here as they give away easy possession to their opponents
49′ TUKIA has the legs on his marker but his cross in is picked up by NAUER
47′ Samoa making some attempts to slow the game down with their passing at the back
46′ Back underway at J.S. Blatter Football Complex with Samoa dominating early possession
HALF-TIME SUB SAM Jeneum KEPU makes room for Jeffrey LEIATAUA
HALF-TIME: Tonga 0-1 Samoa
45′ Well covered by the keeper who throws out to MAMEA for a quick counter
44′ A foul from Kitiona NAUER sees Tonga lining up from distance
43′ SAUILUMA has a crack from distance but sends it over
43′ Free kick for Samoa just inside the Tonga half is dropped at the edge of the area but claered out
40′ Great passing from Samoa until Tonga intercept the counter is swift but SAUILUMA with a sly push sees Tonga earn possession back
39′ Stanley MAMEA leaps into the back of his opponent as they both go for an aerial ball and concede a free kick
39′ SILI and Falanisesi MAUSIA try to play tight passes but they let one run over the sideline
37′ It’s a heading game until Tonga bring the ball down but they control straight to SAUILUMA who heads off on attack
35′ Tevita SILI defends well to force Samoa to touch
34′ Samoa with a corner that flies in at goal but LIKIO does well to punch clear
33′ Offside flag again goes up on KAU
32′ Another free kick for Tonga just inside the hosts half after a foul from SAUILUMA
30′ Ofa KITE’s free kick is poor but Tonga retain possession and it looks like Tevita KAU is through 1v1 until the flag goes up
29′ An powerful solo run of the half from SAUILUMA he blasts his shot low but LIKIO covers his goal
28′ KEPU winning a lot of ball for Samoa but his passing needs a bit more accuracy
26′ Another daring save from FATU who is coming quite far off his line to make some of these saves
25′ Falaniko NANUMEA works hard up the right and evenutally gets a shot off
24′ An easy block of a soft shot for FATU
24′ Confident passing across their own backline from Tonga but the pressure is coming in thick from Samoa
22′ Tonga at the opposite end trying to create something but TUKIA concedes a foul
21′ SAUILUMA wins in the middle but can’t get a clean pass to MANO
19′ Offside from Tonga and Samoa fly the ball upfield for KENU and MANO to chase
18′ Eli FATU makes an ambitious run out of his box with speedster Villiami TUKIA bearing down but he makes the tackle to deny the goal
15′ SAUILUMA makes a stunning run through the middle until his attack is stopped short by a foul from Sione VAENUKU
12′ Tonga make a break up the right but they are closed down by an attentive Sione VAENUKU
10′ Jeneum KEPU receives while unmarked and attempts to play the ball through but finds no-one
9′ Tonga win the ball at the back and try to find a way forward
7′ Back and forth from both sides as they both tussle for possession
5′ Free kick in Samoa’s favour and it’s captain William SAUILUMA who takes but he’s just outside the upright
4′ Tonga make an advance into Samoa’s half but the hosts are soon back in possession
3′ GOAL!!! Tonga 0-1 Samoa Samoa open the scoring when Lotial MANO takes on the keeper with a cross goal strike
1′ Underway between Tonga and Samoa

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