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Samoa: 1. Katarina AH SUI (GK), 4. Moreva MAMEA, 6. Hope SCHUSTER, 7. Shalom FISO,10. Vaaipu MOATAA, 12. Liz AH-LAM, 13. Matalena DANIELLS (C), 14. Epi TAFILI, 15. Matalena FAASAVALU, 18. Mariecamilla AH KI, 19. Madeleen AH KI
Substitutes: 2. Renee ATONIO, 3. Clementina IASIA, 5. Lagmaina AKARI, 8 Atonina TANUVASA, 9. Siatuvai IONATANA, 16. Melesete AIA, 17. Rosie SCHUSTER, 20. Kolotita SABINE (GK)
Absent: 11. Marcella NIELSEN
Coach: Leti TAMASESE (SAM)
New Zealand:1. Tessa NICOL (GK), 2. Sarah MORTON, 4. Elizabeth ANTON, 5. Eileish HAYES, 7. Isabella COOMBES, 8. Jasmine PEREIRA (C), 10. Daisy CLEVERLEY, 11. Emma ROLSTON, 12. Sophie STEWART-HOBBS, 13. Paige SATCHELL, 20. Grace JALE
Substitutes: 3. Geena GROSS, 14. Isabella RICHARDS, 15. Michaela ROBERTSON, 16. Jade PARRIS, 17. Samantha MURRELL, 18. Emma MAIN, 19. Amber PHILLIPS, 21. Una FOYLE (GK)
Coach: Leon BIRNIE (NZL)
FULL TIME: Samoa 0-10 New Zealand
90’+4′ CLEVERLEY with another punt but it’s wide
90’+4′ Samoa clear out the danger once more
90’+2′ CLEVERLEY sends and AH SUI leaps high to claim with PEREIRA on her back
90’+1′ Free kick on the right edge of the Samoa box for New Zealand
90′ Four minutes additional time
90′ Corner for New Zealand after MORTON’s shot is blocked out
89′ Liz ANTON goes for a run through midfield before offloading wide
88′ Cross from MORTON goes too deep
88′ Samoa winning at the back but they keep punting it forward and allowing New Zealand to come straight back at them
87′ Good defending from Mariecamilla AH KI to prevent a shot from MAIN
86′ A slight touch from AH SUI is enough to deny ROBERTSON
85′ Another shot goes around the target for New Zealand
84′ Matalena FAASAVALU tries to shut down the options for New Zealand’s backline but they manage to play around her
84′ PEREIRA is in the middle but can’t bring the cross down for a clean shot
82′ DANIELLS looks for options from the restart but there’s not a lot on offer
81′ AH SUI was injured in that challenge and doesn’t look sturdy as she gets back to her feet
80′ GOAL!!! Samoa 0-10 New Zealand ROBERTSON gets on the end of a PEREIRA lob to open her account
78′ AH SUI pushes clear a powerful strike from CLEVERLEY
77′ New Zealand with a corner and while Samoa slow the first line they’re under pressure
75′ Popped into the box by New Zealand but DANIELLS manages to help it away from danger
74′ GOAL!!! Samoa 0-9 New Zealand MAIN finds the back of the net once again for the Kiwis
73′ MORTON attempts a pass to PEREIRA who is lurking solo deep in the Samoa corner but the pass is overhit
72′ The ball pops back to CLEVERLEY on the edge of the box and she scoops it up and over the goal
71′ MAIN with a low shot that’s picked up by AH SUI
70′ RICHARDS takes a long range punt but she’s not quite on target
69′ SUB NZL Isabella COOMBES is replaced by Isabella RICHARDS
68′ The midfielder hits it low past the wall hoping to reach ROLSTON but it’s well read and cleared by Samoa
67′ Free kick for New Zealand and it’s inside CLEVERLEY’s range
66′ A fumble from AH SUI and PEREIRA’s reaction is a split second too slow allowing the keeper to recover
66′ PERERIA unmarked at the back post, touches inside and drives low but it’s just outside the upright
65′ Well struck by CLEVERLEY but it sails just a little over the top of the target
65′ Pressure from CLEVERLEY on the back of AH KI sees her fluff her pass back to MORTON
62′ PEREIRA tries to play around an approaching AH SUI and the ball is out for a corner
60′ SUB SAM Liz AH-LAM is replaced by Siatuvai IONATANA
59′ SUB NZL Michaela ROBERTSON replaces Paige SATCHELL
58′ GOAL!!! Samoa 0-8 New Zealand Substitute MAIN takes less than five minutes to secure a hat-trick with a close range volley
58′ GOAL!! Samoa 0-7 New Zealand MAIN puts pressure on AH SUI and forces the error
56′ A great passage of passing from Samoa but Madeleen AH KI can’t get past MORTON up the right
55′ GOAL!! Samoa 0-6 New Zealand Emma MAIN takes advantage of TAFILI’s absence and fires in
55′ Epi TAFILI was injured during that goal and limps around the field as play resumes
53′ GOAL!!! Samoa 0-5 New Zealand Isabella COOMBES has her first shot stopped by AH SUI but her follow up is good
52′ PEREIRA slides off a shot but it takes a deflection, losing power and allowing AH SUI to pick up
51′ PEREIRA chips it over the cross bar
50′ Madeleen AH KI wins the ball wide and travels up the right before sending middle but her teammates haven’t followed
49′ New Zealand taking their time in the middle as they look for a way through the deep-lying Samoa defence
46′GOAL!! Samoa 0-4 New Zealand Jasmine PEREIRA with an early second half strike
46′ Back underway with a Samoa kick-off
HT SUB NZL: Grace Jale is replaced by Emma MAIN
HALF-TIME: Samoa 0-3 New Zealand
45’+1′ GOAL!! Samoa 0-3 New Zealand ROLSTON with a tight turn before shooting off her left
45′ Two minutes additional time
44′ CLEVERLEY touches wide and shoots over the backline but AH SUI leaps to meet it
43′ SATCHELL carries the ball across the top of the box and unleashes but it goes over
42′ AH SUI slaps down the cross-shot from PEREIRA and neitehr ROLSTON or SATCHELL can finish before it’s popped wide
41′ CLEVERLEY shoots from the edge of the box but it’s carried just over the target
40′ GOAL!!! Samoa 0-2 New Zealand ROLSTON with a low shot after a rapid counter attack from the Kiwis
39′ Foul from COOMBES again this time on Mariecamilla AH KI but New Zealand win back quick
38′ Another wide effort from PEREIRA sails just over the cross bar
36′ COOMBES with a late challenge from the ground on AH-LAM and Samoa have a chance to re-set
35′ An outstretched arm from AH SUI halts another shot from New Zealand
34′ Epi TAFILI puts out under little pressure and New Zealand continue to attack
33′ Low cross from PEREIRA comes in just behind ROLSTON and is powered away before SATCHELL can put in
32′ Vaaipu MOATAA comes across to boot out as SATCHELL eyes up the goal
28′ A deliberate hand-ball from FISO just inside Samoa’s half and New Zealand switch
28′ ROLSTON brings the ball off the by-line and shoots at AH SUI who tips it over
27′ Great pressure from FISO as she dispossesses Eileish HAYES who has to work doubly hard to win back
26′ CLEVERLEY with plenty of time on the ball plays wide
26′ Offside from PEREIRA on the left
25′ Another goal-line save from AH SUI who recovers the ball before SATCHELL can put it away
24′ STEWART-HOBBS crosses for ROLSTON who volleys past her target
23′ CLEVERLEY plays over for ROLSTON who chests down and shoots but flies it over her target
22′ Samoa with a free kick but they’ve opted to leave most of the team in their half as they boot it forward
21′ SATCHELL runs it up the right before crossing in to an unmarked COOMBES who plays it straight at AH SUI
20′ DANIELLS does well to push past two players and CLEVERLEY has to come around to dispossess the Samoa captain
18′ GOAL!!! Samoa 0-1 New Zealand CLEVERLEY keeps it low as she puts it neatly past AH SUI to open the scoring
17′ It looks in off a powerful close range blast from PEREIRA but it pops out of the bar and Samoa clear
16′ Matalena DANIELLS sends wide for Madeleen AH KI but MORTON has read it well
15′ ROLSTON turns in front of goal and unleashes but AH SUI pushes it wide
14′ A shot on goal from Samoa but it’s looped and drops safely into the waiting hands of Tessa NICOL
13′ CLEVERLEY puts the ball through but it’s past the crowd right to the waiting keeper
12′ A sustained attack from New Zealand but they can’t break down the wall to get a shot off
12′ Samoa doing incredibly well to keep hold New Zealand out so far
10′ Sophie STEWART-HOBBS brings the ball down and sends long for Sarah MORTON
10′ Offside from New Zealand and Samoa have a chance to push numbers forward
8′ ROLSTON tries to head in but sends outside the post
8′ Indecision from Shalom FISO and AH-LAM allows COOMBES to whip in a steal
7′ Samoa do well to win off New Zealand and pump it upfield but theyre playing 11 in the final third right now
6′ CLEVERLEY plays PEREIRA on, she shoots and it’s just tipped over the top by AH SUI
6′ Another shot from New Zealand but it flies across the face of the goal before it can be finished
5′ COOMBES tries to launch long but hits Liz AH-LAM at close range
4′ Paige SATCHELL picks up the ball on the right and plays to Emma ROLSTON but her pass doesn’t reach Grace JALE
3′ Madeleen AH KI wins off CLEVERLEY and Samoa push into the Kiwis half
2′ Jasmine PEREIRA receives out left and pumps in an early shot but keeper Katarina AH SUI claims
1′ Daisy CLEVERLEY combines well with Isabelle COOMBES through the middle
1′ New Zealand kick things off in the final match of the 2015 OFC U-20 Women’s Championship

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