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Fiji: 1. Ulaiasi TAMANISAU (GK), 6. Shelvin CHAND, 9. Maciu TUILAU (GK), 10. Dhiraj KUMAR, 12. Anish KUMAR
Substitutes: 2. Prashant PRASAD, 3. Praveet SINGH, 4. Mira SAHIB (C), 5. Shelvin CHAND, 7. Mohammed SHALMEEN, 8. Akitesh KUMAR, 11. Altaaf SAHIB, 13. Kevin SINGH, 14. Suraj CHAND
Coach: Intiaz KHAN (FIJ)
Tahiti: 1. Teva DUROT (GK), 2. Matana BEA, 4. Tamanui TURIHONO, 8. Utiera PUKOKI, 10. Teivarii KAIHA
Substitutes: 3. Steeve WONG, 5. Manea RATEAU, 6. Alexis TOOFA, 7. Gabriel KAVERA (C), 9. Anderson TINO, 11. Tane TAVE, 12. Smith TINO, 13. Heimana FAARAHIA, 14. Paul PITO (GK)
Coach: Jacob TUTAVAE (TAH)
Referee 1: Chris SINCLAIR (NZL)
Referee 2: Love Lui MALENARAVE (VAN)
Third Official: Francis RONI (SOL)
Timekeeper: Antony RILEY (NZL)
FULL TIME: Fiji 1-9 Tahiti
0’06’ GOAL! FIJ 1-9 TAH Steeve WONG converts from the free kick
0’06’ RED CARD Suraj CHAND is red carded for handling outside the box
0’13’ Quick play from the corner by the SAHIB brothers but Mira flashes just over
1’01’ A shot from Altaaf SAHIB goes wide
1’36’ GOAL!!! FIJ 1-8 TAH Smith TINO sets Heimana FAARAHIA up nicely at the back post
1’53’ Fantastic skills from SAHIB Snr. but he doesn’t quite have the finishing touch
3’02’ GOAL!!! FIJ 1-7 TAH Mira SAHIB finishes some great work from D. KUMAR
3’39’ Another effort from distance from D. KUMAR but he’s off target
4’14’ Great from Fiji, long throw touched down and to the side by Mira SAHIB for D. KUMAR to shoot – stopped only by Alexis TOOFA in goal
4’34’ GOAL!! FIJ 0-7 TAH The free kick from WONG is put into the top of the net by S.TINO
4’36’ Free kick for Tahiti and there’s a crowd in the Fiji area
5’00’ GOAL!!! FIJ 0-6 TAH Tane TAVE taps in after a prolonged attack from Tahiti
5’59’ TUILAU breaks free of his marker to put a low shot on goal, but Paul PITO dives low to smother
6’36’ A few clumsy feet coming into Fiji’s game as they concede two consecutive free kicks
7’41’ Low from BEA but TAMANISAU sees it coming and positions well
8’27’ Fiji go long hoping to put one past flying keeper KAIHA but he’s good for the catch
9’33’ Tahiti scramble back as S. CHAND and Prashant PRASAD combine on the counter attack
10’00 Tahiti have again gone fifth man hoping the advantage will lead to more goals
10’49’ Shelvin CHAND goes through 1v1 with KAIHA, who manages to parry the shot away
11’00’ Fiji attempt an attack but there’s no connection up front
11’05’ Tahiti call a time out
12’14’ GOAL!!! FIJ 0-5 TAH Anderson TINO strikes again for Tahiti
12’40’ S. TINO sees his penalty saved
12’46’ YELLOW CARD FIJI Ulaiasi TAMANISAU is cautioned for the challenge on PUKOKI and Tahiti have a penalty
12’46’ TAMANISAU goes in hard on PUKOKI
13’54’ A.SAHIB goes down with a knee injury off a challenge from Utiera PUKOKI
15’39’ GOAL!!! Fiji 0-4 Tahiti Teivarii KAIHA beats TAMANISAU on a tight angle
16’00’ KAVERA sends the corner in and Tane TAVE smashes goalwards, just inches over
16’03’ A shot from KAVERA is touched over the goal by TAMANISAU
17’14’ Decent attempt, but also well defended by Tahiti
17’17’ Free kick at the top of the half circle against Tahiti
17’43’ Fiji danger man TUILAU hits the side of the goal with a decent effort
18’07’ Hustle from Tahiti as the look to widen the margin
20’00 Back underway
HALF TIME: Fiji 0-3 Tahiti
0’05’ GOAL!! FIJ 0-3 TAH Tane TAVE flicks up into the roof of the goal
0’40’ Individual effort to advance from S. TINO who crosses but WONG misses the tap in
1’10 TUILAU can’t bring the lob down clean in Tahiti’s half and it’s a missed opportunity
1’44’ Great block from TUILAU on the shot from S. TINO
2’38’ Tahiti moving the ball across the Fiji goal mouth biding their time for a shot which is eventually sent over by S. TINO
3’33’ Free kick for Tahiti
3’44’ A. SAHIB has a go from distance but sends over the cross bar
4’12’ Great move from Fiji as Dhiraj KUMAR gets in space in front of goal and unleashes
4’37’ GOAL!!! FIJ 0-2 TAH Anderson TINO smashes up into the top of the net from close range after some great team build-up
5’05’ Shot from Fiji goes wide
5’54’ Tahiti have gone for the power play with Teivarii KAIHA coming in as flying keeper
6’21’ Great win from TURIHONO near the Tahiti bench, he advances before playing through to Smith TINO who lifts the ball up the goal face
7’27’ Delayed decision making from Anish KUMAR gives Tahiti time to block, but TAMANISAU races out to boot clear
8’48’ Shelvin CHAND breaks but his scooped shot takes a deflection over the target for a corner
9’27’ A few mistakes from Suraj CHAND as he doesn’t listen to his teammates calls
10’03’ Back, back and back from Tahiti before Steeve WONG shoots
10’25’ Three touches inside from A. TINO before he unleashes low off the left
11’11’ Long from Fiji, hoping to catch DUROT unaware but they’re off-target anyway
12’36’ Low drive from Matana BEA is pushed wide
12’42’ Great defending from Fiji as Gaby KAVERA breaks loose
14’10’ TAMANISAU slides out to clear off the foot of A.TINO and Fiji counter
14’38’ The trademark left foot from Anderson TINO is punched clear by Ulaiasi TAMANISAU
15’41’ A. SAHIB wins in the back and races forward – quite a visionary this young talent
16’10’ Fiji win a free kick and it’s of course Altaaf SAHIB who hits well, but DUROT puts clear
17’42’ GOAL!! FIJ 0-1 TAH Tamanui TURIHONO blasts in off the underside of the crossbar
18’00’ Fiji send long hoping to connect with Maciu TUILAU but Teva DUROT captures
19’06’ Tamanui TURIHONO battles to keep possession near the officials bench and manages to earn a kick in
20’00’ Underway between Fiji and Tahiti in the final match of the evening

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