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Totori chasing ultimate prize

As one of the veterans of the Solomon Islands national team taking part in the 2016 OFC Nations Cup in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea currently, the 30-year-old is only too aware that time is closing in on his career.
However he is adamant he and the squad are in prime position to excel.
“I think we have one of the best teams coming from Solomon Islands,” he says.
“We have the best of the old and the best of the new players in the country so there is a good balance.”
Totori knows only too well the frustrations of coming so close to glory, before narrowly missing out.
He has a Pacific Games runners-up medal at home, and was also part of the Solomon Islands squad which finished second at the 2008 OFC Men’s Olympic Qualifier.
Having set himself a personal goal he’s now working overtime to make it a reality.
“I have made it a personal goal to do well in this competition for the Solomon Islands and also for myself.
“I view this as the ultimate goal in my career and I hope that it can be one of my achievements.”
As a key member of the Bonitos back in 2012, Totori believes the OFC Nations Cup only gets harder with every edition.
“Football continues to grow year by year so this will be a tougher competition but I think we have grown as well,” he says of the Solomon Islands’ place in that development.
“Tahiti taught us that anyone can win so everyone now has this belief. We are motivated and ambitious about our goals.
“We just have to take the lessons from 2012 and be a better and more mature team on the pitch. We have the potential to win, we are fearless and confident.”
That confidence shone through in their opening performance against Vanuatu where the possession, high pressing and that Solomon flair all came to the party.
Totori attributes part of that confidence boost to the arrival of Auckland City FC wundercoach Ramon Tribulietx.
“Ramon joining us is a major boost for the team – he is unique in that he understands both the Pacific Islands game and the European game.
“I was very happy when I learned he would be joining the team and I think he adds some Spanish flair to our game. He’s one of the best coaches in the region.”
While confidence is at an all-time high, Totori admits that Solomon Islands football doesn’t have quite the reputation of previous years.
However believes the nation is slowly re-asserting itself as a heavy-hitter on the regional stage.
“I can feel that a new momentum is gathering in Solomon Islands football.
“I think from here we will acheive positive things for the game in Solomon Islands.”
The Solomon Islands continue their 2016 OFC Nations Cup campaign against Fiji at 7pm local time on Tuesday 31 May at Sir John Guise Stadium.

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