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Cook Islands 3-0 Tonga

Follow the play-by-play action below.
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Cook Islands: 20. Tahiri ELIKANA (GK), 2. Grover HARMON, 4. Tyrell BARINGER-TAHIRI, 5. Paavo MUSTONEN, 6. Sem ARUS, 7. Fuhiniu GICHIN, 10. Harlom SIMIONA, 11. Taylor SAGHABI, 12. Emiel BURROW, 14. Josh KARIKA, 15. Jake STUART (C)
Substitutes: 1. Junior LUPENA (GK), 3. Mii JOSEPH, 8. Legend PARETA, 9. Campbell BEST, 16. Alex McGREGOR, 17. Sunai JOSEPH, 18. Ishak MOHAMMED
Coach: Drew SHERMAN (WAL)
Tonga: 1. Heneli SAAFI (GK), 2. Sione UHATAHI, 4. Lotima TAUFOOU, 5. Folio MOEAKI, 6. Oliveti VAI, 7. Sione TEU, 13. Mark UHATAHI (C), 14. Hemaloto POLOVILI, 15. Fineasi PALEI, 18. Soakai VEA, 23. Samisoni MAFI
Substitutes: 8. Sipiloni SILA, 9. Lisala TUIPULOTU, 10. Kent LAVE, 11. Sione LELENGA, 12. Kilifi UELE, 16. Niuvalu FIFITA, 17. Samisoni MAASI, 19. Anthony LIKILIKI, 20. Sinilau TAUFA (GK), 21. Sione KITE, 22. Lafaele MOALA
Coach: Timote MOLENI (TGA)
Match Officials
Referee: Ravitesh BEHARI (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 1: Ravinesh KUMAR (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2: Avinesh NARAYAN (FIJ)
Fourth Official: Salesh CHAND (FIJ)
Full time: Cook Islands 3-0 Tonga
90’+2′ Cook Islands in possession – save off the line from S. UHATAHI but he’s hurt himself in the process
Three minutes additional time
90′ Cook Islands head over the goal
89′ Back underway and Cooks have to clear quickly as Tonga come in fast
88′ Two Cook Islands players down with what looks like cramp for both
86′ M. UHATAHI can’t get past the two-man tackle from SAGHABI and MOHAMMED
86′ M.UHATAHI is denied by the offside flag
85′ Cooks get a ball in towards goal but it’s a light touch that SAAFI has covered
83′ Tonga up the other end – POLOVILI is unlucky as his shot goes just wide
83′ Swift counter-attack from Campbell BEST but it’s a clean tackle in the box
82′ Powerful drive forward from Tonga through M. UHATAHI and POLOVILI but they’re denied again
80′ Soakai VEA with some great footwork but his play forward for M.UHATAHI has too much power on it and it’s Cook Islands ball
79′ Goal kick for Tonga and SAAFI is taking his time looking for options
76′ SUB COK Harlem SIMIONA is replaced by Alex McGREGOR
74′ SUB TGA Sione TEU makes room for Niuvalu FIFITA
72′SUB COK: Josh KARIKA is replaced by Campbell BEST
70′ LELENGA comes back to collect and plays well with PALEI before a stray pass is picked up by Grover HARMON in the middle
69′ Cook Islands are looking more composed in this half – they’re holding the ball well and playing around their opponents
67′ Ball comes over the top to Harlem SIMIONA who attempts a bicycle kick but misses and it’s a corner for Cooks
65′ Cook Islands lining up a free kick – whipped in from the edge of the box by SAGHABI and Tonga do enough to put out for a corner
64′ YELLOW CARD Mark UHATAHI is cautioned for Tonga
63′SUB TGA: Oliveti VAI makes room for Sione Lelenga
61′ Agonisingly close from M.UHATAHI whose low drive goes just outside the far post
60′GOAL!!! Cook Islands 3-0 Tonga Taylor SAGHABI with a hat-trick
56′ SUB TGA: Lafaele MOALA replaces Samisoni MAFI
53′GOAL!!! Cook Islands 2-0 Tonga Taylor SAGHABI with his brace – another tidy tap-in off a pass from Josh KARIKA
52′ Great control from MOEAKI but his lay-off is poor and Cooks are back in control
51′ An intercept from Lotima TAUFOOU in the middle sees Tonga change pace on attack
50′ ELIKANA has to come out of the bo to boot clear as M. UHATAHI is coming in quick
48′ MOAKI launches long and Sione TEU chases but it rolls into touch
46′ Cook Islands putting early pressure on the Tonga defence with Harlem SIMIONA chasing a long ball
HT SUB COK: Emiel MARAMA-BURROW is replaced by Legend PARATA
HALF TIME: Cook Islands 1-0 Tonga
45’+1′ Henei SAAFI comes off his line to collect as Cooks bear down and he claims well
One minute additional time
44′ Tonga’s corner effort goes out before it comes near goal
43′ Tonga up the tempo as they go for an equaliser before the half time break but Cooks are so far keeping them at bay
41′ It’s over the crowd in the box falling for POLOVILI but he can’t take it cleanly and the ball spirals away from goal and out
41′ Tonga with a chance to equalise off a corner of their own but it’s out for a follow-up and S. UHATAHI is to take
38′ GOAL!!! Cook Islands 1-0 Tonga Taylor SAGHABI is unmarked at the back post and taps the ball into the net
38′ Corner for Cook Islands and it’s PALEI heading it back out for a follow up corner
37′ Clumsy from PALEI as he goves over the top of KARIKA setting Cooks up with a free kick
35′ Heavy challenge from SAGHABI on Samisoni MAFI and Tonga have a free kick on the half mark
34′ Harlem SIMIONA races up the left, beats to men and crosses but KARIKA heads wide
33′ Free kick for Cooks just outside the box on the goal-line – Taylor SAGHABI sends it across the face of the goal but there’s no finishers
31′ Great play from PALEI as he advances, receives in the middle and shoots but ELIKANA is ready to claim
29′ Excellent composure from S. UHATAHI to brings the ball around Josh KARIKA in his own box and play wide to Samisoni MAFI
27′ Great passage of passes from Cooks but Oliveti VAI gets a foot in to shut down the advance
26′ ELIKANA slaps a free kick outside his post before M.UHATAHI can get a head on
24′ Two chances for Tonga with M.UHATAHI’s speed proving difficult to manage, but the Cooks are holding up well with STUART leading by example
20′ Lotima TAUFOOU sends long for Mark UHATAHI to chase, he gets in ahead of Jake STUART but Cooks manage to win back
19′ Poor control from Hemaloto POLOVILI causes Tonga to miss an opportunity in front of goal
17′ FUHINIU is quick to close down S.UHATAHI but Cooks are struggling to get past the last line
14′ FUHINIU wins off a poor clearance and advances but his effort is chested down by MOEAKI in the centre back for Tonga
13′ Gichin FUHINIU tries to get past S. UHATAHI but the defender stands strong
12′ ELIKANA does well to shut down a prime effort from Tonga’s frontline and it’s booted clear by the Cooks defence
11′ A fairly prompt and direct verbal warning from the referee for Sione UHATAHI for a rough challenge
10′ Tahiri ELIKANA sends a Cook Islands goalkick up field but it’s brought down by Tonga
8′ A shot from Tonga goes just over the cross bar, Ishak MOHAMMED sends upfield
7′ Tonga win a corner after making a swift counter-attack
5′ Cook Islands in the Tongan final third, Fineasi PALEI wins and clears
2′ Folio MOEAKI takes a free kick for Tonga inside the Cook Islands half but it pops straight back out before Tonga can create anything
1′ Underway under the Tongan sun between Cook Islands and Tonga in the opening match of Oceania World Cup Qualifiying

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