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Auckland City FC 3-0 AS Pirae

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Auckland City FC: 1. Tamati WILLIAMS [GK], 4. Mario BILEN, 6. John IRVING, 7. James PRITCHETT, 10. Ryan de VRIES, 15. Ivan VICELICH (c), 16. Dae Wook KIM, 17. Joao MOREIRA, 20. Emiliano TADE, 22. Andrew MILNE, 23. Sam BURFOOT
Substitutes: 9. Darren WHITE, 11. Danijel KOPRIVICIC, 18. Louie CAUNTER [GK], 19. David BROWNE, 21. Mario ILICH, 25. Sean LOVEMORE, 26. Sean MORRIS
AS Pirae: 24. Jonathan TOROHIA [GK], 5. Raimoana BENNETT, 7. Raimana LI FUNG KUEE, 9. Naea BENNETT, 11. Teva ZAVERONI, 14. Augustin DALLERA, 18. Jimmy TEPA, 19. Marama VAHIRUA (c), 20. Jay WARREN, 21. Javier PAEZ, 25. Heimanu TAIARUI
Substitutes: 1. Stevens HIRIGA [GK], 4. Ken WARREN, 8. Salomon TEVEPAUHU, 10. Tearii LABASTE, 15. Teriinoho TIHONI, 17. Marc VAKI, 22. Tainui LEHARTEL,
Coach: Gerard KAUTAI (TAH)
Match officials:
Referee: Bruce GEORGE (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Mahit CHILIA (VAN)
Assistant Referee 2: Michael JOSEPH (VAN)
Fourth Official: Nick WALDRON (NZL)
The final whistle sounds
90′ + 5′ Free kick for Auckland City
90′ + 5′ SUBSTITUTION Tade makes room for Sean Lovemore
90′ + 3′ GOAL!!! Auckland City FC 3 AS Pirae 0 Emiliano Tade makes a stunning solo run into the box and slots behind Torohia to extend the home side’s lead
90′ + 3′ Great delivery just goes wide of the box
90′ + 2′ YELLOW CARD Someone’s been shown a card in the Auckland box, possibly for Irving
Four minutes of additional time
90′ Hand ball just outside the Auckland penalty area and it’s looking dangerous with Raimoana Bennett stepping in behind
90′ Throw in for Pirae deep in the Auckland half, Pirae win a corner
89′ Naea Bennett breaks up the left and is muscled off the ball by White
88′ Block from Zaveroni stops Tade’s shot short
88′ Tade beats around Zaveroni, the shot comes flying in but Torohia gets a touch to send it wide
87′ Heavy first touch from Burfoot in the Pirae box and Zaveroni boots long
87′ Browne knocked over by Dallera, the ball rolls to Tade who is away but his soft shot is picked up by Torohia
86′ Torohia receives a pass back from Paez and his clearance is clipped by Tade but it heads wide to Zaveroni
85′ Dallera sends up the middle straight onto the head of Vicelich who sends wide to Browne
84′ Pirae on the attack but their efforts are thwarted by Auckland’s defence and the offside rule
83′ Li Fung Kuee away
82′ Dallera misses the ball and almost lets Auckland City in on their goal
82′ Browne bearing down on goal, Paez with a super goal-saving tackle as Browne winds up his shot
81′ Vaki breaks up the left but can’t keep it on the field
80′ Pirae with an effor that’s brought under control by Williams
80′ Raimoana Bennet sends long looking for Vaki who can’t quite bring it down
79′ SUBSTITUTION: Ryan de Vries is replaced by David Browne for Auckland City
78′ Pirae in search of a goal but struggling to find a way through Auckland’s defence
77′ SUBSTITUTION Marc Vaki replaces Marama Vahirua
75′ Vahirua us down near the sideline with what looks like it could be cramp
74′ Tade delivers and it’s headed down by Vicelich but no power behind it makes it an easy take for Torohia
73′ de Vries brought down by Dallera and it’s a free kick
71′ Great passage of passing play from Pirae but the shot is headed clear of the target
71′ Shot fired in from Tade, off the chest of Torohia who clears it out to Dallera
69′ Torohia right out of his box to clear away from John Irving
68′ GOAL!!! Auckland City FC 2 AS Pirae 0 Moreira gets a head to the ball under pressure from Paez and beats Torohia
68′ White comes up to take an Auckland City throw in
66′ White down in a challenge again in the corner and Williams slams it long to Moreira
65′ Shot from Burfoot wide of the target
64′ SUBSTITUTION Jimmy Tepa makes room for Tearii Labaste for Pirae
64′ White and Li Fung Kuee clash in the corner
63′ Auckland with a chance but the shot isn’t taken before Paez swoops in to claim
62′ Warren sends long looking for Li Fung Kuee, Vicelich wins with the head
62′ Shot comes in from Tade and it’s just shy at the far post
61′ Kim goes down in a challenge with Taiarui
6′ Jay Warren’s cross is blocked down by Kim
60′ Irving steps off the pitch for treatment
59′ Vahirua plays a touch on to Naea Bennett, who travels before firing a shot just short of the target at the near post
58′ Curled in front of all the players for Torohia to take
58′ Moerira goes down and Tade steps in behind the free kick
57′ Vicelich with an important block as Li Fung Kuee lines up the target
56′ Vahirua comes through the middle before cutting wide, delivers a great shot that’s punched away by Williams
56′ Nothing comes of it and it’s a goal kick
55′ Great ball, but noone there to knock it in for Pirae and it’s out for a corner after taking a deflection
55′ Li Fung Kuee shouldered off the ball by Irving, Vahirua in behind the free kick
54′ Paez holds Tade off in the corner and wins a goal kick for Pirae
53′ Tade breaks in the box, he looks to have been taken down in the box but the referee says play on and Torohia boots upfield
53′ Lobbed in by Irving but an easy take for Torohia
52′ Taiarui with another win, but given away
50′ Irving is down after a crunching challenge
49′ Free kick for Auckland City deep in their half sent upfield by Williams, Javier Paez does well to clear up the line
48′ Taiarui with a great steal off the foot of de Vries in the centre
47′ Zaveronia dances up the right around two men, but their outstretched arms see the referee call for the foul
46′ Great buildup from Auckland City, cross comes in from de Vries and it’s whipped off the outstretched foot of Moreira by Torohia
The second half gets underway
The first half comes to an end
45′ + 2′ Free kick taken but the ball finds itself heading over the target
45′ + 1′ Tackle from Burfoot on Tepa brings the Tahitian down
45′ + 1′ Auckland advancing through Tade up the left
Two minutes additional time
45′ Throw in for Pirae lost up the left and Moreira goes down again
44′ Moreira is played up the right by de Vries but deemed offside
43′ Sent up Auckland City’s end and Raimoana Bennett and White clash
43′ Tade in behind just off the top of the box, curls it straight into the wall
42′YELLOW CARD Raimoana Bennett is cautioned for his foul on de Vries
41′ Auckland on the counter and Bennett is back on the field bringing down the advance
40′ YELLOW CARD Joao Moreira is given a caution for a challenge on Raimoana Bennett
39′ Free kick for Pirae after a tussle between Zaveronia and Milne
38′ Tade with another shot, stopped easily by Torohia on this occasion
38′ Cross-field to Raimoana Bennett who controls well but plays a soft cross in to the feet of Williams
36′ GOAL!!! Auckland City FC 1 AS Pirae 0 Emiliano Tade cuts inside the defender and blasts a shot in past Torohia
36′ Punt from Vahirua drops into the area, White just gets a head before Raimoana Bennett
35′ Zaveroni attempts to send long but Kim gets a head in, shot from Tade is somehow saved off the post and the keeper
35′ Tade and Milne combine up the left, but it finally falls in Pirae’s favour
34′ Auckland passing around the defence and Moreira drops deep to try and force an attack
33′ Headed clear by Tepa but Auckland still in possession – until they’re called offside
32′ Tade with a free kick on the touch line with the two sides piling into Pirae’s penalty area
32′ Rare mistouch from Naea Bennett following the corner and Auckland counter attack, p
layed back to Torohia by his defender for a clearance
31′ Great run through the middle led by Vahirua, Li Fung Kuee sends wide to Naea Bennett but it’s sent for a corner
30′ Li Fung Kuee’s effort is headed away by Moreira who’s dropped right into the box
29′ Vahirua goes wide to Tepa, he delivers and John Irving heads clear for a corner
29′ Pirae clear it out of the box, it arrives for Milne who’s first touch sends into touch
28′ Counter attack through de Vries but he mistimes his pass and Moreira is called offside
28′ Vahirua drives in at near post but it’s headed clear by Bilen
27′ Long corner from Li Fung Kuee is hassled out the other side by Bilen and Dallera for another Pirae corner
27′ Cross shot from Li Fung Kuee just inside the box and Williams does well to tip it away from goal on the dive
26′ Sent into the stands by Williams and Pirae are back in possession
26′ Popped out to Tade, Li Fung Kuee with a missed tackle but his cross is headed down to Torohia who is under no pressure to clear
25′ Chip skims off the head of Vahirua, who has returned to play but Li Fung Kuee can’t get hold of it
24′ Quick passing across the backline and back from Pirae as they build out
23′ Vahirua goes down in a clash with Kim and stays down
23′ Moreira and Dallera clash on the goal line, free kick Pirae
22′ Short pass to Bilen. Tade, Milne and Burfoot connect through the middle and pop it out to Moreira up front
22′ Sent long to Williams for the restart
21′ Raimoana Bennett down and moves sideline for treatment
20′ Chip shot from outside the 18-yard from Vahirua easily captured by Williams
20′ Save from Torohia, Li Fung Kuee again offside
19′ Tade heads over the stand
18′ Naea Bennett plays back to Heimanu Taiarui in the middle, Raimoana Bennett with the cross to Li Fung Kuee who’s deemed offside
17′ Zaveroni can’t win the ball off Tade but Pirae on attack
16′ Low driving effort from Moreira stopped with the foot of Torohia, it skies upwards and he leaps up to collect
15′ Moreira tries to play either Tade or Milne through but they can’t connect and Pirae whack it long and wide – it’s picked up by White
14′ Tepa with a charge on Andrew Milne gives Auckland possession
14′ Torohia has the bacll in hand and sends long, can’t find Raimoana Bennett
13′ Vicelich heads wide and Tade finds himself making moves up the left flank
12′ Delivery from Sam Burfoot flies across the face but no finish
12′ Kim goes down in a tackle with Jimmy Tepa but eventually gets back to his feet
11′ Great save from Jonathan Torohia with de Vries bearing down, calls for a penalty are dismissed
10′ SUBSTITUTION Pritchett is replaced by Darren White
10′ James Pritchett is down on the other side of play and moves off for treatment
9′ Another foul on Vahirua who once again sends, better delivery is headed clear
8′ Offside called on Tade
7′ Bilen plays back to Williams who looks for a way forward blasting long to Ryan de Vries
6′ Vahirua is brought down in the middle and Pirae has a free kick, with the captain driving in – it rebounds back into play off Vanuatu referee Bruce George
5′ Teva Zaveroni heads away from Emiliano Tade but Auckland back in possession, John Irving plays back to Williams
4′ Vahirua chips the defence and almost finds the foot of Naea Bennett on the advance but Mario Bilen just gets it away
3′ Vahirua gives possession away in the middle, Auckland bring it back to Williams
2′ Marama Vahirua sends long for Raimana Li Fung Kuee who can’t beat Vicelich and Tamati Williams
2′ Auckland in Pirae’s corner, Dae Wook Kim with the cross
1′ Long ball over the top from Ivan Vicelich and Joao Moreira and Augustin Dallera clash heads under it
The match kicks off

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