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Vanuatu: 1. Serge DANIEL (GK), 3. Don MANSALE, 7. Ben HUNGAI (C), 8. Pakoa RAKOM, 9. Donald AVOCK,
Substitutes: 2. Terry MALAPA, 4. Dudley DOMINIQUE, 5. Jacky JOHN, 6. Morsen LUIE, 10. Ricky TUIGALOA, 11. Joseph HANGHANGKON, , 12. Jimmy MALAP (GK)
Coach: Louis DOMINIQUE (VAN)
New Zealand: 12. Elias BILLEH (GK), 7. Marvin EAKINS (C), 8. Daniel BURNS, 10. Dylan MANICKUM, 13. Miroslav MALIVUK
Substitutes: 1. Ata ELAYYAN (GK), 2. Luc SAKER, 3. Tai BARHAM, 4. Stephen ASHBY-PECKHAM, 5. James VAUGHAN, 6. Kareem OSMAN, 9. Jakub SINKORA, 11. Lucas CORDEIRO OSORIO DA SILVA, 14. Brayden LISSINGTON
Coach: Scott GILLIGAN (AUS)
Referee 1: Amitesh BEHARI (FIJ)
Referee 2: Jainut DEAN (FIJ)
Third Official: Rex KAMUSU (SOL)
Timekeeper: Kamedra NAIDU (FIJ)
FULL-TIME: Vanuatu 0-5 New Zealand
0-04′ A shot from MALAPA is flicked over the goal
0’45’ New Zealand in possesion but Vanuatu pushing high
1’30’ Off the cross bar from Terry MALAPA
2’23’ Great build up from Vanuatu before AVOCK gets off a shot that’s just pushed wide by ELAYYAN
2’50’ Vanuatu have gone for the flying keeper with Don MANSALE taking the honours
3’05’ Time out called
3’05’ James VAUGHAN misses the back post sitter this time
3’40’ Keeper Atta ELAYYAN is forced to make a diving block to deny George MAHIT
3’57’ SAKER wins well and advances, Stephen ASHBY-PECKHAM misses at the back post
4’50’ SINKORA tries to move the ball forward but HANGHANGKON gets a touch
5’38’ GOAL!!! VAN 0-5 NZL Kareem OSMAN fires one into the back of the net for the Futsal Whites’ fifth of the evening
6’30’ MANSALE really showing some on ball talent here
7’28’ Great vision from SAKER who calls for the ball then lays it middle for an unmarked DA SILVA who hits the post of an empty goal
7’56’ AVOCK puts out under pressure from Luc SAKER
8’42’ GOAL!!! VAN 0-4 NZL Micky MALIVUK quickly adds another one for the Kiwis
9’43’ GOAL!!! VAN 0-3 NZL Jakub SINKORA scores for the Futsal Whites
9’56’ Jacky JOHN chests the ball out under pressure from DA SILVA
10’37’ MANSALE receives with his back to goal and three Kiwis wanting the ball, which he eventually loses
11’04’ Cleared long for BILLEH at the far end
12’28’ An almost out-of-body save from BILLEH to deny a sure goal for Vanuatu
12’39’ EAKINS takes HANGHANGKON out with a timely, and legal, sliding challenge
13’02’ EAKINS on attack but he touches it long and it rolls for a throw
13’27’ Vanuatu calmly trying to work the court but AVOCK’s pass goes astray as he tries to hit RAKOM
14’10’ Turnover from RAKOM, he plays MANSALE, receives back and fires but great block from OSMAN
14’54’ MANSALE does well to get around MANIKUM but New Zealand are defending well in the final third to continually deny Vanuatu
15’31’ DA SILVA receives from MANICKUM but flashes his shot over the goal
16’17’ Timely challenge from MALIVUK as AVOCK eyes up the goal
16’27’ Joseph HANGHANGKON has the ball on the break and opts to play MANSALE at the back post but plays too far in front
17’38’ GOAL!!! VAN 0-2 NZL Micky MALIVUK follows up the opener with a tidy finish for the Futsal Whites
18’06’ GOAL!!! VAN 0-1 NZL Daniel BURNS smashes one into the back of the net for New Zealand
18’27’ DANIEL is back in the game, though looks a little dazed, and opts to throw long
18’28’ A drop ball is sent up by MANSALE and comes back in the form of a shot, DANIEL leaps to push over the goal and the back of his head comes down on the cross bar
18’55’ New Zealand working the ball well until it’s given away by MALIVUK allowing RAKOM to smash off a shot that BILLEH just manages to put out
19’48’ MANSALE with a touch off MALIVUK to win the kick-in
20’00’ Second half gets underway with a Vanuatu kick off
HALF TIME: Vanuatu 0-0 New Zealand
0’23’ Reaction from DANIEL is excellent as he sends a powerful effort from Micky MALIVUK over the crossbar
0’25’ Close from New Zealand again but OSMAN fires over the goal
1’07’ Excellent vision from OSMAN who sees MANICKUM arriving at the far post but he doesn’t get a good touch
1’38’ MANSALE with the ball but he plays it out when he sees a teammate down injured
2’49’ Superb from Vanuatu as they move with pace up the court, but the finishing isn’t there this time
3’29’ DA SILVA hustles to force Vanuatu to put the ball out
3’41’ Vanuatu call a time-out
3’44’ Long for BURNS but even he doesn’t have the stride to make that pass
4’22’ New Zealand are building here, passes are quick and precise as they slowly move further towards the target
4’51’ New Zealand have a corner – EAKINS to OSMAN who blasts it over the top of the goal
5’35’ The referee calls a hand ball on OSMAN to the point-man’s amusement
6’03’ Vanuatu flash another shot at goal but again they’re off-target
6’30’ Lucas SILVA sees EAKINS free and plays him, but the first touch is poor and he knows it
7’04’ New Zealand work around the half-circle before MANIKUM fires in a shot that’s put out for a corner
7’38’ Great footwork from MANIKUM as he dances past two Vanuatu players before opting back to EAKINS
8’16’ Same deal from EAKINS as he sends a BURNS lay-off wide
8’35’ Daniel BURNS hustles his way into the area and shots just wide
9’00’ Ricky TUIGALOA leads the attack and smashes a shot waist height but BILLEH captures
10’10’ Vanuatu’s AVOCK flashes a cross deep across the goal but there’s no takers from his team
12’10’ Great save from Serge DANIEL to deny under pressure from LISSINGTON
12’41’ Kareem OSMAN comes on and sends a shot flying over the goal
13’33’ AVOCK with some great tidying up at the back
14’05’ LISSINGTON again, this time sends a low shot just wide of the back post
14’37’ Brayden LISSINGTON wins back for New Zealand but the build up doesn’t result in a shot before they turnover
14’51’ Great combination between Benny HUNGAI and AVOCK and Elias BILLEH has to send over his own goal
15’41’ AVOCK tries to flick in a back heel but sends it just wide to the growing crowds’ dismay
26’43’ Eakins tries to turn and shoot at the far past but can’t hit it cleanly
17’42’ Swift counter from Vanuatu, the shot comes flying in but it comes back off the upright!
18’22’ Donald AVOCK does well to put out off Dylan MANIKUM when he finds himself in trouble
19’00’ Vanuatu go for a long ball but Pakoa RAKOM can’t bring it down cleanly
19’12’ New Zealand working the ball well in Vanuatu’s half
20’00’ New Zealand get the match underway against Vanuatu in Vodafone Arena

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