Cook Islands 0-11 New Zealand

See below the play-by-play action.
Cook Islands: 1. Imelda VAKAI (GK), 4. Rai NGANU, 5. Edwina MATENGA, 6. Jennifer AKAVI, 7. Lee MAOATE-COX, 9. Liz HARMON, 10. Mama HENRY, 12. Tepaeru TOKA, 13. Marielle TIARE, 17. Tekura URARII (c), 18. Mii PIRI
Substitutes: 3. Moeroa HARMON, 14. Tayla HETHERINGTON
Injured: 2. Linade UNUKA, 8. Marissa IROA, 11. Dayna NAPA
Coach: Jimmy KATOA [COK]
New Zealand: 21. Rebecca ROLLS (GK), 2. Ria PERCIVAL, 5. Abby ERCEG (c), 6. Rebekah STOTT, 9. Amber HEARN, 12. Betsy HASSETT, 13. Rosie WHITE, 15. Meikayla MOORE, 16. Annalie LONGO, 18. Daisy CLEVERLEY, 20. Helen COLLINS
Substitutes: 1. Erin NAYLER (GK), 4. Katie HOYLE, 7. Ali RILEY, 10. Sarah GREGORIUS, 19. Evie MILLYNN, 24. Jasmine PEREIRA
Coach: Tony READINGS [ENG]
Match officials:
Referee: Finau VULIVULI [FIJ]
Assistant Referee 1: Lonisa DILIONI [FIJ]
Assistant Referee 2: Lata KAUMATULE [TGA]
Fourth Official: Amos ANIO [PNG]
The match kicks off
1′ Amber Hearn with a cross into the box after a blistering advance up the left, earns a corner
2′ Ria Percival is alone out right and screaming for the ball
3′ Helen Collins receives with her back to goal, she’s shut down on the turn by Cook Islands captain Tekura Uraii
4′ Danger on the edge of the Cook Islands box with 10 members of the squad behind the ball as the Football Ferns look for an opening
4′ Rebekah Stott races up the left, spins in a cross but it falls at the near for keeper Imelda Vakai to collect
5′ Rosie White tries to go past Marielle Tiare but is closed down
6′ Hearn with a decent effort just off the top of the box which curls over the crossbar
6′ Cook Islands have adopted a similar set-up to that adopted by Papua New Guinea against the Kiwis on Monday
7′ White is on the end of a chip over the defence, she lobs it over Vakai into the net but the flag has gone up
8′ Percival does well to control a bouncer from Meikayla Moore, she sends in the cross and it deflects for a corner
8′ Abby Erceg comes up from the back for a header at the back post but she sends it wide
9′ Erceg makes a run from the back, excellent vision to predict the run from Collins who crosses but it’s behind the goal
10′ Everyone but Rebecca Rolls is in the Cook Islands half as the Football Ferns try their best to break through a solid defence
11′ There’s bodies in the box as the Kiwis shoot and the Cook Islanders block for a corner
12′ GOAL!!! Cook Islands 0-1 New Zealand Amber Hearn brings the ball down with her toe, lifts it for an arriving Collins who adds a fourth to her tally here in Kokopo
14′ GOAL!!! Cook Islands 0-2 New Zealand Abby Erceg gets on the end of a corner at the far post to add a second goal for the Football Ferns
19′ GOAL!!! Cok Islands 0-3 New Zealand Amber Hearn puts herself back in the Golden Boot running when she heads down past Akavi
17′ Jennifer Akavi sends long for Tepaeru Toka, Erceg leaps over her back fouling in the process
20′ GOAL!!! Cook Islands 0-4 New Zealand Rosie White goes 1v1 with the keeper who knocks the shot down, but Helen Collins comes around to slot behind Vakai
22′ Daisy Cleverley chips the defence but Percival is still making her way back onside and it rolls to the keeper
23′ Toka break but with 3v1 and no support the Ferns easily recover the ball
23′ Collins beats Akavi up the left but the defender does well to recover and force a corner
24′ Percival drives it into the box and Avaki boots clear
25′ Rosie White takes a punt from just outside the box, it deflects up for a corner
26′ Quick play between White, Cleverley and Percival in the corner and the Cooks concede another corner off the block
27′ Collins’ shot is blocked by White, it pops to Cleverley who blasts over the cross bar
29′ Back to Rolls as Cooks hoof a clearance way upfield
30′ Another New Zealand corner with Percival again on the take
30′ Great delivery to the far post just skims away off the head of Maoate-Cox
31′ Percival puts the ball away but the flag is raised on a narrow offside
32′ White sends in a free kick 10m off the top of the box, it’s headed clear by Urarii
35′ Back underway with a shot from New Zealand
36′ A close range effort is smothered by Vakai
37′ Cleverley’s close range effort is denied by the boot of Maoate-Cox, the follow up from Stott falls nicely for Vakai
38′ A low bouncer from Longo is sent just wide of the upright
39′ Mii Piri boots the goalkick upfield and play moves into the Kiwi’s half
40′ Stott shoots just outside the six yard and Vakai does well to palm down the close range effort
42′ Piri knocks White off her feet and New Zealand have a free kick. It’s sent wide for a goal kick
43′ Maoate-Cox clears the ball out of the stadium and the Ferns start another build up
43′ GOAL!!! Cook Islands 0-5 New Zealand Ria Percival shoots from distance and scores between Vakai and her post
45′ Hearn makes a great run into the penalty area, pulls back for White who misses the ball to her dismay
Five minutes additional time
45’+1′ Low ball from Percival after great passing buildup from the Ferns is picked up by Vakai
45’+3′ Moore receives at the back and decides to run it herself beating two before being stopped short by Marielle Tiare
45+4′ GOAL!!!Cook Islands 0-6 New Zealand Percival cuts the ball in from the left this time, Maoate-Cox mis-hits the clearance allowing Rosie White to hit fire into the goal
45’+5′ Mama Henry drops back to take the goal kick firing it all the way to Erceg on the half
45’+ 6′ Percival with a solo effort but her shot is well off target
The first half ends
SUBSTITUTIONS: Rosie White is replaced by Ali Riley and Annalie Longo is replaced by Evie Millynn for New Zealand
The second half kicks off.
46′ Rebekah Stott blasts in a shot and Vakai palms it over the goal
47′ Low corner from Percival who gets another chance, whacking it out the other side
47′ GOAL!!! Cook Islands 0-7 New Zealand Amber Hearn with a low blast past Vakai and in at the back post
48′ Another Ferns effort runs out the back line for a Cook Islands goal kick
49′ Maoate-Cox takes out Hearn on the edge of the box and it’s a dangerous free kick
50′ Percival delivers and Maoate-Cox redeems herself with a header off the line
51′ Ball deliered upfield by Erceg but a little heavy for Stott to reach
52′ Henry clears off the foot of Evie Millynn to prevent a shot in the box
54′ GOAL!!! Cook Islands 0-8 New Zealand Hearn-Percival one-two on the right, it’s flown over to Rebecca Stott on the left who nails her volley past Vakai
56′ GOAL!!! Cook Islands 0-9 New Zealand Amber HEARN recieves from Percival and pops the ball into the back of the net from inside the area
59′ SUBSTITUTION: Jasmine Pereira makes her senior Football Ferns debut replacing Helen Collins for New Zealand.
65′ Pereira leaps to put away the ball but misses allowing it to bounce out for a goal kick
66′ A good string of passes upfield by the Cooks before Percival cut in on Harmon to claim
66′ This second half has seen a shift in the weather with a light drizzle making things interesting on the field
68′ Great save from Vakai who dives and smothers
69′ The ball ricochets to Pereira in the box who blasts a shot just wide
70′ Cook Islands win the ball and boot upfield but everyone is still in their own final third and the Ferns just restart the attack
71′ Hearn with a header, she’s just denied by the palm of Vakai who scrambles to recover the ball
74′ Maoate-Cox with a header to clear ahead of Hearn
74′ Shot off the top from Millynn is sent over the top
75′ GOAL!!! Cook Islands 0-10 New Zealand Hearn and Hassett with a one-two int he box before Betsy HASSETT finishes low
78′ Hassett tries to play long but instead hits straight into the head of Henry< br/>79′ Cross from Riley is booted for a corner by Akavi
80′ Riley shoots from distance, Vakai punches out for a corner
81′ Piri fouls Hassett in the middle and the Ferns have a free kick
82′ Riley comes in to deliver but it’s booted out by the Cook Islanders and goes back to Rolls in goal
86′ GOAL!!! Cook Islands 0-11 New Zealand Amber Hearn in the right place at the right time as she taps in from a play started with a solo effort from Hassett and a great flick on from Millynn
86′ SUBSTITUTION: Rai NGANU is replaced by Tayla HETHERINGTON for Cook Islands
Six minutes additional time
90+2′ Stott plays into the box and in the melee Hearn can’t get a decent shot off
90+3′ Another chance for New Zealand to extend the lead but Percival sends the ball up and over
90’+4′ Riley tries to play Hearn on goal but Maoate-Cox intercepts
The final whistle sounds.

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