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Cook Islands 1. Manaariki PIERRE (GK), 2. Sean IONA, 4. William NAPA, 5. Grafton POTORU (C), 6. Andrew HERMAN, 8. Parau ELLIS, 10. Conroy TIPUTOA, 11. Lee HARMON, 13. Willynn KARIKA, 15. Kimiora NGAMETUA, 17. Daryl AREAI
Substitutes: 3. Avi ENOKA, 7. Geosah GEORGE, 9. Toru MATEARIKI, 12. Teokotai TUPUNA, 14. Teporoa HENRY, 16. Roimata KARIKA, 20. Finlay MUNRO (GK)
Coach: Richard ANDERSON (ENG)
Samoa: 1. Eti FATU (GK), Kitiona NAUER, 3. Joseph MAMEA-HIND, 4. Stanley MAMEA, 6. Osa SAVELIO, 7. Willie SAUILUMA (C), 8. Jackson NAUTU, 9. Lotial MANO, 11. Dilo TUMUA, 12. Julius DUFFY, 14. Falaniko NANUMEA
Substitutes: 5. Stanley SELEMAIA, 10. Jeneum KEPU, 13. Eichard EPA, 15. Paul FELISE, 16. Jefferson FAAMATAU, 17. Jeffrey LEIATAUA, 18. Uilisone GALU, 22. AJ AMOSA (GK), 23. Talita HAFOKA (GK)
Coach: Desmond FAAIUASO (SAM)
Match Officials
Referee: Averii JACQUES (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Gareth SHEEHAN (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Bernard MUTUKERA (SOL)
Fourth Official: Amos ANIO (PNG)
FULL-TIME: Cook Islands 0-2 Samoa
90’+4′ GOAL!!! Cook Islands 0-2 Samoa A late strike from Willie SAULIMA seals the win for Samoa
90’+2′ SUB COK Double sub with Andrew HERMAN replaced by Geosah GEORGE and Parau ELLIS replaced by Teporoa HENRY
Two minutes additional time
90′ GOAL!!! Cook Islands 0-1 Samoa Osa SAVELIO finds the back of the net for Samoa
88′ Cook Islands definitely look like they’re tiring with the midfield staying deep even on attack
88′ Samoa whip in a corner and it’s headed away from goal
86′ The clearance header comes spinning back towards the Cook Islands goal and PIERRE does incredibly well to claim through the masses
85′ Corner goes into the side net for Samoa
83′ FATU punches the corner clear and Samoa have time but make a wild clearance into touch
82′ TIPUTOA goes at goal with four defenders and the keeper to beat, he shoots and wins a corner for Cooks
81′ Over the goal effort after a challenging advance from MANO
81′ MANO with a shot but it’s high across the goal and PIERRE controls with ease
80′ Another curling effort from SAUILUMA
79′ NGAMETUA’s trailing foot is hooked and Cook Islands have a free kick on the half
78′ ELLIS manages to clear a loose ball in the box off an opponent for a goal kick
76′ TIPUTOA goes 1v1 with FITU and attempts to lift the ball over the advancing keeper but has curled it wide
75′ HERMAN misses his clearance allowing SAUILUMA a second chance to go in at goal
73′ Osa SAVELIO goes through on goal, PIERRE comes off his line to watch the ball around the upright
72′ SAULIMA comes off second best in a foot race with HERMAN whosees the ball out
71′ Samoa quick up the other end but struggling to hold get close to goal
70′ TIPUTOA races foward but has few options, he still manages to win a throw for his side and keep the attack going
68′ FATU makes a sweeping run off his line to send Samoa on attack
67′ TIPUTOA can’t go it alone with a wall of Samoans in front of him and Samoa have the throw
66′ SUB SAM Julius DUFFY is replaced by Stanley SELEMAIA
65′ NGAMETUA cuts inside the defender and keeper but lifts his shot up the face of the empty goal
63′ Truly outstanding footwork from SAUILUMA who is the heart of this Samoan side setting up a fantasic chance for his team
62′ Offside from Samoa much to the bench’s disbelief
61′ Big challenge from Stanley MAMEA on HARMON and Cook Isladns have a free kick within range
59′ NGAMATUA is muscled off the ball and somehow it’s not a foul
58′ Another chance for Samoa goes amiss as Cook Islands scramble in the box to clear
56′ Shot flies in at PIERRE but he handles it well despite having SAULIMA coming from his periphery
56′ Well-timed challenge from NAPA to halt SAUILUMA
54′ SAUILUMA makes another decent run at goal but again is blocked from getting near the goal
52′ Offside from Samoa and POTORU smashes the ball upfield
51′ TIPUTOA gets physical up front and Samoa are back in possession
49′ SAUILUMA makes a great run before shooting but it’s blocked at close range
48′ Conroy TIPUTOA makes good inroads into the Samoa half but needs more support to threaten
46′ Samoa head into their opponents half early, they move the ball back and forth before the flag goes up
HALF-TIME SUB COK Sean IONA is replaced by Teokotai TUPUNA
HALF-TIME: Cook Islands 0-0 Samoa
One minute additional time
45′ HARMON can’t keep the ball in play
44′ Free kick for Cook Islands is headed out by SAUILUMA who is all over the park
42′ Pressure on the back of TIPUTOA from MAMEA-HIND as he tries to turn
42′ Foul from HARMON
41′ Daryl AREAI tries to put TIPUTOA through but the ball comes off the back heel of the striker
40′ Cook Islands fail to do anything with the corner and Samoa counter with speed through NANUMEA
39′ TIPUTOA has a chance but it’s blocked away to his dismay
37′ William NAPA makes a steal and goes on a solo run before taking a shot that FATU palms down before securing
35′ Sean IONA can’t keep the ball in after it deflects off a teammate
34′ HARMON does just enough to disrupt the advance from TUMUA bit concedes a corner
33′ Willynn KARIKA puts out as Cooks attempt to regroup at the back
31′ TIPUTOA receives with his back to goal on the half but there’s a lot of pressure on him from Samoa’s defenders
30′ Quick counter as Julius DUFFY receives high putting Cooks on the backfoot as they try to slow his advance
28′ Lee HARMON is in position when a cross comes to him but he doesn’t hit it cleanly
26′ Sustained attack from Samoa but TUMUA is eventually offside
24′ Lotial MANO with the delivery but he’s whacked it over the pack in front of goal
24′ Cook Islands struggle to deal with the speed of TUMUA and hand a corner to Samoa
23′ Sefa MAMEA-HIND goes for goal with a free kick but there’s a fair bit of air between the ball and the target
22′ POTORU hits it well but it drops in behind the cross bar
21′ Free kick for Cook Isladns and Parau ELLIS and Grafton POTORU both behind the ball
20′ NGAMETUA goes spinning in the air in a crunching challenge before hitting the deck
19′ Fantastic from PIERRE to top the ball over the crossbar
18′ Samoa pass their way forward but it’s well read by Andrew HERMAN when they try and pop the ball wide
16′ IONA does well to poke the ball out off an advance from TUMUA
15′ Willie SAUILUMA has plenty of time to hit a sweet ball at goal from distance but it floats over the crossbar
14′ Cook Islands under pressure and struggling to hold onto the ball as Samoa press high on every ball
13′ TIPUTOA goes too early and finds himself offside when he brings the ball down
13′ Kimiora NGAMETUA is fouled and Cook Islands get the advantage
11′ Manaakiri PIERRE makes a great save to deny a decent effort from Falaniko NANUMEA
10′ TUMUA tries to play back to Stanley MAMEA, it’s a poor pass but the defender manages to win back
8′ TIPUTOA tries to put a great corner away but Eti FATU is up to the challenge
6′ Dilo TUMUA caught by the offside trap
5′ Sean IONA misses the ball at the back and Dilo TUMUA tries to capitalise
3′ Cook Islands get a bit lucky when Willie SAUILUMA handles the ball as he tries to control
3′ Long ball over the Cooks defence is picked up but not cleared far enough
1′ The Samoan backline are on the chase early but Conroy TIPUTOA can’t quite get the ball under his control
1′ Cook Islands kick-off in the final match here in Samoa